PowerPoint Alternatives to Create Awesome Presentations

PowerPoint Alternatives to Create Awesome Presentations

In this article, we give you best PowerPoint Alternatives to Create Awesome Presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint is surely a leading software that is used to create presentations for more than a decade. The software is amazing and doesn’t require extra effort while making a presentation. Nevertheless, it sometimes becomes boring to see the same effects and animations for so long. Therefore, if you want something more than PowerPoint has to offer, you can see alternatives to PowerPoint.

Which Is The Best PowerPoint Alternative?

After analyzing many appliances, we have listed some of the programs that are Similar to PowerPoint but can assist you in creating interactive presentations, editing tools, and multiple readymade templates. Considering the majority of required traits, we have compiled here the list of best PowerPoint alternatives:

1. Prezi

PowerPoint Alternatives
Prezi is an alternative to PowerPoint that lets you present content more engagingly and creatively. This is a tool that numerous consumers utilize to create impressive presentations. Also, a novice can try his hand on this wondrous tool to showcase designing creativity, and the resulting presentations can be used for business, education, sales, and marketing purposes.

Prezi is a tool with different price plans ranging from Free to Pro levels with many amazing highlights like privacy support, image editing, mobile support, etc.

2. WPS Presentation

Powerpoint Alternatives

WPS Presentation is still another tool to create, open and edit presentations. This software is cooperative with both PPT and PPTX file formats and enables you to edit slides from other sources too, you can save them in WPS Office. Compared to Microsoft PowerPoint, WPS Presentations also covers everything from font styles, colors, shapes, support from columns and tables, and much more.

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It appears with over 200 fonts, WordArt effects, and dozens of inbuilt templates for faster slide creation.

3. LibreOffice Impress

Powerpoint Alternatives
If you are looking for a great tool to replace Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice can be a good choice. It is obtainable in the market for ages but has lost its popularity. Nevertheless, it has been improvised and is considered one of the best Linux presentation tools. It is an open-source program that can create all kinds of slide-based multimedia presentations and regular editing.
The notable fact is that it supports popular PowerPoint formats, i.e., PPS, PPT, PPTX, and much more.

4. Google Slides

Powerpoint Alternatives
After Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides is a famous choice for years now, and as it’s an online web app, it is more accessible and simple to share. You can access it anytime, everywhere, as it is convenient as mobile applications for both Android and iPhone.

It is a completely free PowerPoint alternative and supports multiple templates. You can showcase your creativity with improved effects and slide transitions.

5. Canva

PowerPoint Alternatives
If we are speaking about the best PowerPoint alternatives, how can we miss listing Canva? Canva comes with many templates that help you create more than just presentations. It is a tool that allows you quickly create presentations with minimalist templates. This tool allows novice designers to create amazing presentations with more than 8000 templates. The software is obtainable in both free and paid versions.
It is obtainable for Windows, Android, iPhone, and more, so users can show their creativity in the more professional-looking slides. While using Canva, you’ll miss some of the PowerPoint features such as transitions, etc.

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Confused, Which One Will You Choose?

Well, now you’ve several PowerPoint alternatives on your list. You can use any of these amazing tools for making presentations. You can both try all or decide which one suits you, then upgrade to the paid version to use enhanced features. We suggest using Google Slides or WPS Presentation (WPS Office), as Google Slides gives accessibility and WPS to get templates. Give a try at these wondrous presentations making tools, and let us know which 1 you like out of these best PowerPoint alternatives.

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