7 Things to Remember When Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone

Your first solo trip can be an exhilarating experience. Traveling alone not only enriches cultural understanding but is also a two-way learning process for you to experience, explore, absorb, react to and share things. This process is intense on a solo trip because you’re essentially on a journey to discover yourself.

Generally we do not find time for ourselves in this fast-paced world. And traveling alone can give us answers. We realize that we are free to be ourselves, and the world is our oyster. We can do whatever we wish to do, wherever and whenever. We can go on a dual adventure and explore ourselves and the destination that lays before.

This might sound magical and inspiring, and it is, but traveling alone has challenges. When you are on the road, you have to be mindful your environment. You’ll need to consider your safety, deal with loneliness and manage your trip. But with a little preparation, an online intinerary planner, common sense, and courage, you can get through the tough spots, save money, and have an incredible time on your trip.

Here are some tips you can remember when you’re traveling alone on a trip:

Traveling Alone

Don’t Mention You Are Traveling Alone

The first rule of traveling alone? Never mention you are traveling alone. Some parts of the world can be unsafe for solo travelers, especially female travelers. And sometimes, people may approach you for companionship. If it does happen, just nonchalantly mention that you have a tour and walk away. Or try walking with purpose, gaze straight, and no eye contact. But whatever you do, don’t mention you are traveling alone! You can also try wearing a wedding band to fend off unwanted admirers.

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Don’t Pack Your Entire Wardrobe

Who do you think has to cart around all the luggage you will pack? That’s right, it’s you! Don’t overpack and make a minimalistic wardrobe with a few formal pieces if you plan to go somewhere really nice. Remember to take a First aid kit, extra charger, and a multiple plug outlet for your devices.

Don’t Venture Out Into The Night Alone

Not to sound like someone old-fashioned, but this can be an issue for a solo traveler. Don’t Travel in the city alone at night. No matter which place you go to, everybody will recommend you do not travel to certain parts of a city after midnight.

You will be carrying valuables, money, and identification with you that can get stolen. This will put a damper on your entire trip. So, be an adventurer but also a responsible traveler.

Don’t Rule Out Hostels

Staying alone in a hotel room can be wonderful, but it can be a little expensive. Hostels can be great if you love being social and meeting new people. It can also be an excellent way to meet people around the globe. You can hang out in the kitchen and cook dishes. This can be light on your pocket because you will be sharing a room with other travelers. But under no circumstances trust them with your money or your valuables. You can get to know them and keep close, but not too close.

Don’t Underdress

Traveling Alone

By not underdressing, it’s meant that you observe what the locals dress like and set that as a benchmark for appropriate dressing in public. You do not want to overdress and attract attention towards your Balenciaga bag or Louis Vuitton shoes. You also don’t want to dress like a Victoria’s Secrets’ fashion model either. Pick a middle ground and blend in. You don’t want to look alike a tourist and be a target of scams throughout your trip.

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Don’t Forget Important Documents

Even though we are all mostly pro-environment and ‘going green’ in this age, it is important to keep a copy of your travel documents with you on paper and online. You can email them to yourself and important friends and family members who will be checking on you during the trip. Paper copies can be useful because technology is not very dependent.

Your phone can run out of batteries, or worse, fall into the pool. You can access your email account from any local internet café and you will have the hardcopy in case you need it for reference or security checkpoints.

Don’t Forget To Inform Your Family Or Friends

Traveling Alone

You need to inform someone in your life that you are going on a solo trip. Unlikely situations can happen, and it’s best to avoid them when you can.

Also, if a criminal realizes that no one knows you are traveling alone and no one will look for you whenever you go missing, then watching crime and investigation shows can clue you in about what happens after. So call your mom, folks!

So, Traveling alone for the first time can be incredibly overwhelming. But you can start small by looking into an online travel itinerary and road trip planner. You can manage your holidays itinerary online or You make group trip plans for your next getaway or an office retreat for your employees. Visit their website for more information on free travel itineraries and also trip planning.

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