7 Tips to Follow for a Healthy Back

7 Tips to Follow for a Healthy Back

Back pain is a very common problem. About 80% of Americans experience it at some point. If not taken care of, it can lead to serious health issues. On the other hand, a healthy back allows for living an active life, so the earlier you start to work on it, the better.

Spine Health

A spine is the foundation of the body that supports all our activities. It is easy to forget about good posture, particularly at a young age when it is more flexible. For example, it is hard to care about your positing when you are slouching over the college paper all night. Students focus on the task that needs to be done, forgetting about the stress they might cause to their spines.

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In the meantime, people need to remember that spine health is one of the top priorities. Severe back pain can significantly reduce the quality of life and even make many activities impossible. In the majority of cases, the pain has mechanical nature. This means that there is some muscular imbalance or weakness.

Backache can be caused by

  • lack of mobility;
  • bad posture;
  • weak core muscles;
  • muscle imbalance;
  • sedentary lifestyle, etc.

And it tends to get worse with time. That’s why it is important to implement healthy habits at a young age.

Main Tips for a Healthy Back

Maintain the Right Posture

One of the main things people forget about is their posture. It is crucial to maintain a comfortable position for the spine, especially if you study or work sitting. It will improve core muscle strength and ensure proper blood flow. Pay attention to your posture when you are walking, standing, and sitting.

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When you sit, try to

  • keep elbows at the sides;
  • put feet flat on the floor;
  • align the back with the chair;
  • sit straight without bending forward, rotating, or slouching;
  • bring shoulders backward and do not round your back;
  • do not cross your legs or sit in an unnatural position.

When you are standing, pay attention to the distribution of body weight. It should be even on both legs. Remember to pull your shoulders back. If you spend a significant amount of time sitting, invest in a good chair with proper spine support.

Sleep in the Correct Position

Many studies show that sleeping on your back is the best position. It helps align your back, neck, and head. But not everyone is used to it. If you cannot remain in this position, try to sleep on the side. The worst option is to lie on your belly.

Not only is it bad for the back, but it also puts pressure on internal organs. Try to keep the spine in a straight position, and make sure your mattress is of good quality.

Exercise Regularly

To strengthen your muscles, you need to keep an active lifestyle. It is good to exercise in general to maintain muscle tonus. Also, incorporate exercises for the back and core. The stronger your muscles are, the easier it is to keep the right posture.

It is beneficial to do swimming, yoga, or pilates. Keep an eye on your body weight. The excess weight puts more pressure on the joints and can result in different aches.

7 Tips to Follow for a Healthy Back

Choose a Comfortable Bag

Backpacks and bags you carry around also matter. The weight needs to be distributed evenly as well. And there should be proper support. Handbags and shoulder bags are not the ideal options if you put too much stuff in them.

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They put all the pressure on one shoulder, which might result in muscle imbalance. Backpacks and rucksacks are much better for the spine. They need to have wide and padded straps. Adjust the straps to your needs so that it sits on the upper back tightly.

The back of the rucksack should also be padded. The waist strap is a great addition to secure the placement and distribute the weight.

Skip on High Heels

It is okay to wear them sometimes, but do not choose high heels for a daily outfit. If you are wearing them permanently, they can lead to foot and knee problems, as well as spine damage. High heels change the body’s center of gravity and put more pressure on the lower back and the knees.

Lift Safely

Whether you are lifting heavy weights in the gym or carrying around heavy objects at home, you need to do it right. Otherwise, there is a high risk of trauma. So, when you are dealing with heavy objects, do it safely.

For instance, if you need to take something from the ground, do not flex back fully. Bend it slightly and also bend your knees and hips. Place an object close to your chest, and do not twist your spine while carrying it.

Go for a Massage

It is not only a feel-good practice. When done right, it helps maintain a healthy spine. That’s why many doctors put it in the prescription to relieve the pain. Massage releases tension and promotes blood flow. You’ll feel more relaxed, positive, and comfortable after.

In Summary

It is important to take proactive measures to ensure the health of your back. Be aware of your posture and incorporate core exercises into your routine. If you have to sit for long periods, balance it with activity afterward. Go for a walk after a long day or take swimming classes. Invest in a good chair and mattress and try to sleep in a comfortable position.

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