Top 10 Best Alternatives to 911 Proxy In 2022

911 Proxy Alternatives

Best and most demanding alternative to 911 proxy will be discussed in this article. We can only conclude at this point that Socks5-only proxy providers have passed their prime because all we hear now is about closing down after shutting down. Hackers attack a service if it is not shut down by the authorities. appears to be the only proxy service in this category that has endured throughout time, and it does not appear that it will disappear very soon.

Then the unimaginable occurred. We visited after reading a thread about it being shut down on a well-known Internet forum, only to discover that it is indeed true.

It is saddening, to put it mildly, considering how crucial the service can be to your company. However, your journey is not over just because has been shut down. As an alternative to the proxies, there are various other proxy services. Most don’t include a proxy client or some of its distinctive characteristics.

That is the only feature you will find challenging to obtain, however you will miss it. Regarding the standard proxy functionality, there are proxy services that can give you all you require.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best proxy vendors on the market from which you can get proxies that work well as an alternative to 911 S5 Proxy.

History of & Reasons for Shutdown

One of the most trustworthy proxy services on the market at the time it was operational was the S5 Proxy. This proxy service, which at the time was the most well-liked for that, provides residential proxies for the SOCKS5 protocol.

It offers proxies with lifetime validity if not used, supports 190 countries, and lets you modify the user agent and referer header. Among other things, you can keep a list of websites to block. Unfortunately, you can no longer access this service, therefore it is history.

Hackers have apparently targeted the, according to information on its website. It has previously been the target of direct assaults. Some mirror sites have also been set up for scams and other fraudulent activities aside from direct attacks.

However, its most recent problem was that hackers corrupted its data on the server, rendering it unrecoverable. They had to permanently shut down as a result of this.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to 911 Proxy In 2022

Top 10 Best Alternatives to 911 Proxy are explained here.

The majority of the alternatives we will suggest are also residential proxies because the S5 Proxy service is a home proxy service. The majority of the alternatives provide SOCKS5 and HTTP(s) proxies.

However, as you are aware, exclusively provides Socks5 proxies. Therefore, if you choose from any of the proxy providers like 911 proxies, be careful to utilise the Socks versions.

1. Bright Data – Best substitute for 911 S5 Proxy.

Bright Data

  • IP Pool Size: More than 72,000,000 IPs
  • Locations: All nations and significant cities on earth
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 1GB and above
  • Price: Starts at $15 per month for 1GB

Perhaps the best substitute for the proxy service is Bright Data. This is due to the fact that it is the market leader and provides some of the best residential proxies with the greatest quality available. Bright Data is a good substitute because it provides support for the Socks protocol.

Bright Data offers geo-targeting options for cities and supports every region of the globe in terms of location support. It is among the largest in the market in terms of the amount of IPs in its pool, which is estimated to be 72 million. Interestingly, this provider is lawful because the proxies come from legitimate sources.

Bright Data’s proxies rotate, however they do give you control over sessions because you can stick with the same IP for a while. Also check Moviewatcher proxy

In terms of dependability, security, speed, and uptime, this supplier performs admirably. Pricing options include their pay-as-you-go option, which costs $15 per GB, or their standard packages, which start at $500 for 40GB.

2. Smartproxy – Best HTTP Proxy Alternative to


  • IP Pool Size: More than 40,000,000 IPs
  • Territories: 195 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 5GB and up

A premium proxy provider, Smartproxy offers proxies under the residential proxy category. Smartproxy does not provide SOCKS5 proxies, in contrast to the 911 S5 Proxy. But you can rely on Smartproxy if you’re seeking for a solid substitute that provides HTTP proxies. It offers some of the greatest residential proxies currently available on the market. This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives.

The service offers top-notch location support for all 50 US states, significant cities, and nations from around the world. The cannot even compete in terms of pool size due to its enormous pool, which contains over 40 million IP addresses that were ethically obtained from users all over the world.

The quickness of the Smartproxy service is one of its main advantages. Its proxies are among the fastest on the market, with reaction times that surpass those of Bright Data’s residential proxies. As you may start using the service for $75 for 5GB, the pricing for it can be deemed to be reasonable.

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3. Soax — Maintain the Proxy Pool (with Socks5 & ISP targeted)


  • IP Pool Size: More than 5,000,000 IPs
  • Locations: More than 100 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 8GB and up

This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives. One of the greatest alternatives for the 911 s5 Proxy is the residential proxy network owned by Soax. Soax provides both HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 proxies, like the majority of the other service providers on this list. The fact that Soax controls one of the market’s cleanest proxy pools is what gives it its strength.

This is made possible by its ongoing pool monitoring, which filters out faulty and inactive IPs to create a pool of high-quality IPs that web services cannot identify as proxies. But Soax is aware that having a clean proxy pool is insufficient. In terms of service quality and uptime, they also make sure their network is private, secure, and dependable.

Given that its cost starts at $99 and includes access to 300 ports and 8GB of bandwidth, this service can be regarded as being reasonably priced for middle-scale proxy users.

4. Proxy-Seller – Best Datacenter Private SOCK5 Proxies


Both Proxy-Sale and its sibling firm are excellent alternatives to

  • Over 65K IPs are in the IP pool.
  • Geographical coverage: over 27 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Unrestricted bandwidth is permitted

All of the aforementioned alternatives are residential proxies, as can be seen by looking at them. What if you prefer datacenter proxies as a substitute? The Proxy-Sale service steps in at this point. Socks5 proxies are available through this private proxy service.

Although the business is not well known, they have been on the market for more than 5 years, and when I used their proxies, I was pleased with their performance. They provide you with lightning-quick service. The clean IPs they employ have low spam scores, making the proxy suitable on websites that by default ban private proxies. This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives.

For a datacenter proxy service, it offers comprehensive location coverage with more than 27 supported countries. Additionally, this business offers proxies for niche use cases including social media management, online gaming, betting, and even e-commerce. Although the prices vary based on the nation from which IPs are required, they can be considered reasonable.

5. Shifter — Support for Unlimited Bandwidth


  • Number of IPs in IP pool: over 31 million
  • Countries: every one is supported
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Unrestricted bandwidth is permitted

Most of the residential proxies mentioned above offer limited bandwidth use if you look at their pricing. Also check LimeTorrents proxy.

This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives. The Shifter service is available if you’re seeking for a substitute that doesn’t place bandwidth restrictions on you. A backconnect proxy service with revolving residential proxies is called Shifter.

You can utilize an infinite amount of bandwidth because they use the number of ports to calculate price instead of bandwidth allocation. With over 31 million IP addresses, Shifter offers one of the largest proxy pools on the market.

Shifter offers support for more than 100 nations in terms of location. Their IPs rotate using a time-based approach rather to a high rotating scheme like those offered by companies like Bright Data. Since the proxies they provide are invisible, a wide range of use cases can benefit from them.

6. Stormproxies – Budget-Friendly Proxies with Unrestricted Bandwidth


  • 40K or so IPs make up the IP pool.
  • Only available in the US and EU
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Unrestricted bandwidth is permitted

Even if Shifter offers limitless bandwidth, you will agree with me that few people will be able to buy it after seeing the pricing listed above. Stormproxies is the service for you if you’re on a tight budget and require residential proxies with unlimited bandwidth support. You may purchase 5 ports for only $50. You can get simply a port for $19 if you wish to afford it. This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives.

This service provides you with working proxies rather than some of the beautiful and sophisticated features that you get from other proxy providers. The proxies are quick and invisible enough for a variety of jobs.

They don’t have nearly as many IPs in their pool as Shifter, which has 31 million IPs, or Bright Data, which has over 72 million IPs, putting them at a disadvantage in terms of pool size. Apart from the US and EU, the service does not have any other IPs, so it is something else to take into account.

7. Geonode – Developer-Friendly Alternative


  • Size of IP Pool: More than 2.5 million IPs
  • Locations: More than 150 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 1GB and above

This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives. Despite what you are told, the proxy service is undoubtedly not developer friendly. The majority of the proxy services mentioned above assist developers and are developer-friendly. If you’re looking for a proxy service with developer-friendly support, though, I’d recommend Geonode over most of the others.

This is due to the fact that it was created with programmers in mind from the ground up, and if you look at their website, you’ll notice that they have a code generator feature that you can use to produce codes for well-known programming languages in order to use their service.

Being developer-focused is not the only issue, though. This proxy server offers a dependable service with quick and invisible proxies. The proxies handle persistent IPs as well as random IP rotation. Pricing for home proxy services is determined on bandwidth, and you may start out with $14 per month for 1GB.

8. Rayobyte – A Superb 911 S5 Proxy Alternative


  • IP Pool Size: More than 10,000,000
  • Countries: numerous nations are sponsored
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 4GB and up
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Rayobyte, formerly Blazing SEO, is one of the leading proxy providers on the market, offering proxies across a wide range of proxy categories. This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives.

One of the greatest alternatives to the service provided by is its residential proxy network, which it possesses.

This network’s pool of IP addresses totals over 10 million and was ethically gathered from all nations and the majority of towns worldwide. They accomplish not have complete control over the IPs because they are obtained via P2P networks, which is one of the main reasons they only provide rotating proxies.

They do still support sticky ports, though. This service offers geotargeting, which allows you to select the specific nation or city from which you want proxies.

This service’s other features include limitless thread support, no minimum bandwidth requirement, reliability, and speed, among others.

9. Hydraproxy — Support for Proxy-List Generation


  • IP Pool Size: More than 5,000,000 IPs
  • Locations: More than 100 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 1GB and above

This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives. One of the top home proxy services available at the moment is Hydraproxy. One of the better alternatives for the proxy service is this one. This service’s support for proxy list generation, which gives you access to an unlimited proxy list to employ for your tasks, is one of the features you’ll grow to appreciate.

Only rotating proxies are available using Hydraproxy, although sticky port options are supported. As a user, you get access to every IP in our service’s pool of more than 5 million, provided they are all up and active.

The cost is determined by bandwidth utilisation. Interestingly, Hydraproxy does not need you to purchase a minimum commitment like the majority of other home proxy services do. Just 1GB will get you going for $5. However, the cost per GB decreases the more bandwidth you purchase.

10. ASocks — Lowest Price’s SOCKS5 Proxy Alternative


  • Size of IP Pool: Over 70KIPs
  • Locations: More than 120 nations
  • Unrestricted concurrency is permitted
  • Bandwidth Allowed: 20GB and up

As previously mentioned, it appears like all of the proxy companies who solely provide SOCKS5 proxies are about to leave the market. While some of the leading options on the market include, VIP72, and Luxsocks, there are smaller and even newer providers that appear to be off to a promising start. The ASocks proxy service is just one example. This is another 911 Proxy Alternatives.

HTTPS proxies are also available through this proxy service. However, it focuses more on SOCKS proxies than, making it a good substitute. However, the service is still rather new and little known. Its limited proxy pool can deter other users from wishing to use it. It includes an API and supports more than 100 locations.

Pricing is this provider’s main competitive advantage. Given that it only has a little over 70K IPs and that not all nations are served by the service, ASocks is a reasonably priced supplier. Additionally unpopular, it is only now beginning to establish itself in the market.

FAQs regarding

Do I Have Access to

The deactivation of the proxy will begin on July 28, 2022. This implies that no one can use it, not even those with active subscriptions. It is particularly regrettable that this suspension is a permanent one, as stated on their website. Therefore, it is time to move on if you have any kind of significant ties to the service because will no longer serve as your proxy service.

There is no doubt that 911 mirror sites will emerge disguising themselves as 911 S5 Proxy given its prominence in the industry. Dissociate yourself from any service that purports to be since it is likely a fake in order to prevent falling for online scams and fraudulent conduct.

Do Valuable Alternatives Exist on the Market?

The majority of well-known proxy services that provided the same functionality as proxy are no longer in business. VIP72,, and similar websites are well known for offering a proxy client through which you can access the service.

They come with advanced capabilities like port forwarding and permit the modification of headers, including user agents.

Another factor is the pricing structure, which does not expire. However, the majority of the time, the average proxy user does not care about any of these characteristics.

The proxy services mentioned in the article are respectable alternatives, and some of them are even superior to when it was still in operation.

Why are Socks5 Proxy Providers closing down, I hear you ask?

You will notice the trend of Socks5 proxy services ceasing operations if you are familiar with the market. Being hacked is what led to the service being shut down.

It has been a primary target of hacker activity, and regrettably, they ultimately prevailed, causing data loss that will put an end to the service. Other similar services have their own justifications, some weren’t profitable enough.

Others, such as the Rsocks service, were the subject of an inquiry and were seized. Usually, it’s either hackers, not money, or being forcibly shut down by the government for nefarious activity.


Without a certain, there is no reason to feel sad about the service because it has permanently ended. Due to the distinctive characteristics it offers, it was a favourite among some Internet marketers while it existed. Even though it has gone down, you might still utilise proxies in the future.

Actually, you might find it interesting to know that there are superior service providers available for you to use, so you are not really missing out on much in terms of the market. You can utilise the proxy services mentioned above as some of the top alternatives for the proxy service available on the market for your Internet marketing endeavours.

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