Top 43 Best AI Tools You Should Be Aware Of

AI Tools

Before diving into the different Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools on offer, let’s quickly define what AI tools are. Looking ahead, it’s evident that Artificial Intelligence will play a pivotal role in spearheading progress and revolutionizing current practices. It is poised to become an integral support in every major sector.

Currently, companies should be aware of the potential advantages Artificial Intelligence can provide for their business processes. These instruments are valuable as they are capable of handling preset tasks, leaving the decision-making to human counterparts. These tools not only assist in growth but also play a crucial role in enhancing and streamlining networks and workflows.

What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves designing computational systems capable of undertaking activities normally necessitating human cognitive functions. This includes a diverse array of pursuits such as interpreting human speech, identifying trends within information, finding solutions to difficulties, and adjusting to novel environments.

Consider artificial intelligence to be the set of guidelines that enables computers to replicate the thought processes of human brains. Machines, by adhering to these guidelinescan engage in logical thinking, understand their surroundings, and, crucially, enhance their abilities by learning from their encounters. Through the use of intricate formulas and numerical frameworks, AI allows computers to analyze data, adjust to different situations, and consistently hone their capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time. Before ChatGPT became popular, many of us were already interacting with AI in our daily lives, often without conscious realization. Whether it was making requests to Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, or using Shazam to identify a song, we’ve been engaging with AI technology.

Top 43 Best AI Tools You Should Be Aware Of

Generative AI produces various forms of content, including text, imagery, video, audio, and programming code, in response to prompts provided by users in everyday language. These AI resources are versatile and can be applied across a huge array of industries and businesses, regardless of their scale. A diverse group of professionals, such as attorneys, programmers, actuaries, marketing experts, sales personnel, and human resources specialists, will incorporate some version of generative AI into their routine tasks.

AI Content Creation Tools

AI tools are sophisticated software applications that produce content responding to human prompts. They can also produce things other than text, images, and audio. Using AI-powered tools conserves time and reduces operational costs for a business. This article will discuss various AI tools that can benefit you and your business in numerous ways.


AI Tools

LOVO is a multipurpose AI platform that offers various audio and video solutions, including Text-to-Speech Conversation, Audio Edit Online, AI Art Generator, and AI Script Writing. Over 500,000 professionals from various industries have trusted the platform. To create video content from scratch, LOVO offers a user interface (UI) that is both intuitive and comprehensive.

Some of its benefits include text-to-speech conversion with more than thirty emotions, an online video editing service with AI Voiceovers for precise and high-quality videos, creating stunning AI-generated images or art to enhance your content, producing HQ voiceovers for various content needs with 300+ AI voices and over 100 languages, and quickly composing video scripts.

Whoever desires to create an engaging voice may use this text-to-speech and AI-powered voice generator and tool across various industries, including education, marketing, social media, e-learning, animation, games, and podcasting. According to the organization, individuals can conserve 90% of their time and money. The LOVO tool offers a cost-free, 14-day trial.

2. Bitrix24

AI Tools

Conveniently located throughout the product, such as in Bitrix24 chat, Bitrix24 CoPilot is a potent AI tool integrated into Bitrix24 that assists users with commonplace tasks and fosters innovation. CoPilot, a cutting-edge AI tool, can generate novel concepts in seconds. It retains the context of each conversation within a chat and is accessible around the clock; all required is to enter a comprehensive text prompt. The sales department can allocate Bitrix24 CoPilot to various tasks, including generating innovative concepts for special offers, composing persuasive copy for promotional emails, and transcribing phone conversations. The AI-powered assistant can automatically populate the CRM fields.

As a trusted assistant, CoPilot also facilitates communication within the team. It can write an announcement, create images, respond to comments, and offer constructive criticism. CoPilot can quickly generate a concise and comprehensible task description and offer a task-specific checklist. It is unnecessary to read each comment associated with a specific task; instead, request a task summary from CoPilot. The time-saving benefit of no longer seeking images manually is the ability to use AI-generated content. The tone CoPilot will look after everything else after you enter a subject. CoPilot, as an artificially intelligent software application, demonstrates proficiency in secrecy. The data is promptly deleted from the provider’s server once the CoPilot dialogue is closed in Bitrix24, including chat, tasks, feed, or other areas.

3. ChatInsight

AI Tools

Custom chatbot ChatInsight is an AI-driven system conceptualized and constructed by Sand Studio. It enables businesses to create their knowledge base custom chat for marketing, customer service, employee support, IT helpdesk, etc. Using this cutting-edge platform, users can manage various categories of knowledge from various sources, including markdown files, text, and basic URLs. Without requiring manual adjustments, it comprehends multiple languages and interprets input training data in its native tongue.

You can have personal conversations with customers or employees around the clock using ChatInsight, just like engaging with a real person. Moreover, the integration between the website and the app is seamless, enabling users to participate in conversations immediately round-the-clock, 365 days a year, with little to no training time required. Without coding expertise or prior experience with “codeless,” anyone can create their bespoke chat assistant using ChatInsight, a revolutionary codeless platform. Ensuring data security and privacy are of utmost importance, as no third-party AI models are trained on it. Access to the data can be limited via passwords, IP addresses, or domain restrictions.

Enterprises prioritize maintaining the secrecy of their most vital business data from the general public and their rivals. ChatInsight gives them complete control over the information they share with the public, allowing them to safeguard their business secrets more effectively. Its application portfolio encompasses customer support, training, sales consultation, and the management of pre-sales and post-sales inquiries. Leveraging the precise accuracy of Large Language Model (LLM) technology, such as ChatGPT, is ideal for any organization needing dependable online support. ChatInsight offers a 14-day free trial and an enterprise edition that can be purchased.

4. Grammarly

AI Tools

Grammarly is an AI writing assistant that provides suggestions for writing enhancement and tests for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Using the prompt, Grammarly’s new feature helps you create content. It is a helpful tool to enhance writing abilities, conserve time, and provide messages through more concise writing. Tone detector, vocabulary enhancement, writing style analysis, grammar checker, spelling checker, punctuation checker, plagiarism checker, and integration with multiple platforms, including Microsoft Word and Google Docs, are some of the most important features of Grammarly.

AI Art Design Tools

Even if you are not artistically inclined, AI art generators can help you create beautiful images and pictures. Use the appropriate prompts to share your thoughts; the subsequent tools will help make those thoughts a reality.

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5. ImgCreator

AI Tools

One of the more sophisticated image generators is Imgcreator. It also provides a prompt writing guide to assist in the creation of the most effective image description. You can subsequently produce convincing images. Popular Image Creator features include a background alter and an image generator. They have AI Image Generator Tools that can achieve your creative vision and tenfold your content production. Text to Images, Selfies to AI Portrait, Wizard Background Changer, and Stock photo variations are a few examples of such tools.

6. DALL·E 2

AI Tools

The most widely used AI art generative platform is DALL.E 2, which can create lifelike images based on a natural language description.

7. Artbreeder

AI Tools

More than ten million users and two hundred and fifty million images have been generated on Artbreeder. Combining an image and a text prompt can generate a mixer image. Additionally, simple shapes and images can be used to create images. That’s not all; their DNA can be edited and combined with images. Additionally, portraits, landscapes, and more can be createdImages can now be expanded. User collaboration, image generation, image modification, video production, and text-to-image conversion are some of Artbreeder’s most prominent features.

8. Deep AI

AI Tools

Deep AI can help you convert your imagination into an image. To create an image, you must write a prompt describing your need. You can converse with your beloved character via an AI chat function provided by Deep AI. AI image generator, AI image editor, AI search, and chat with AI characters (including TV, historical, and anime figures) are some of the most prominent features of Deep AI.

9. Leap AI

AI Tools

Using text prompts, Leap AI helps produce images and audio. It provides over 5,000 app integrations. Images can be edited, and wallpapers, icons, avatars, portraits, and illustrations can be created. Leap is a cutting-edge AI tool that is helpful for logo and icon generation, podcast music generation, license-free AI music, image generation, customization and altering, user collaboration, and sharing.

AI Text to Video Converter

As previously mentioned, generative AI is a tool for converting text into images. Similarly, some platforms and tools help create videos based on prompts.

10. Fliki

AI Tools

In the world of text-based video and voice creation, Fliki is a widely recognized brand. Additionally, Fliki is compatible with more than seventy-five languages and one hundred dialects. The AI speech generator offers more than 1300 ultra-realistic voices, ensuring that you can easily create videos with voiceovers in the language of your choice. Thanks to Voice Cloning AI, Text-to-speech AI, and Text-to-video AI, as well as our ready-to-use templates and ten million+ rich stock media, you can create high-quality videos without design or editing expertise.

11. Synthesia

AI Tools

In the world of text-based video and voice creation, Fliki is a widely recognized brand. Additionally, Fliki is compatible with more than seventy-five languages and one hundred dialects. The AI speech generator offers more than 1300 ultra-realistic voices, ensuring that you can easily create videos with voiceovers in the language of your choice. Thanks to Voice Cloning AI, Text-to-speech AI, and Text-to-video AI, as well as our ready-to-use templates and ten million+ rich stock media, you can create high-quality videos without design or editing expertise.

12. Invideo

AI Tools

Using InVideo’s AI-powered text-to-video editor, you can convert your blog post or article into a video. InVideo provides access to over eight million stock images from iStock and Shutterstock. You can edit your videos with InVideo’s robust features, including trim, crop, transitions, text, decals, and voiceover.

AI Coding Tools

Ai’s capacity for generation extends beyond the realms of text and images. It is also possible to write codes using this technology. Numerous AI-powered platforms, including those listed below, are currently available, which can auto-complete the codes and reduce your burden.

13. AskCodi

AI Tools

AskCodi is a highly effective tool that generates text, handles front-end syntax, and manages databases.

14. Tabnine

AI Tools

Tabnine is a code completion aide that supports all languages and continuously learns your team’s preferences and codes as you use it.

15. DeepCode

AI Tools

DeepCode assists programmers in writing cleaner code and performs real-time semantic code analysis using AI technology.

16. GitHub Copilot

AI Tools

GitHub Copilot, an open-source code completion platform, can offer recommendations based on its knowledge of billions of coding lines.

17. Jedi

AI Tools

Jedi is a Python interpreter REPL autocompletion library designed to simplify developers’ lives.

AI Search Engines

Additionally, contemporary search engines employ AI to produce accurate and customized results. These are among the most effective AI search engines available.

18. Andi

AI Tools

Andi is an AI chatbot that prioritizes privacy and shares factually accurate responses to user inquiries.


AI Tools is an additional search engine that uses trusted sources to provide personalized results.

AI Voice Generator

AI voice generator tools also provide a library of voices in various languages from which to choose.


AI Tools

With over 570 AI voices in 80 languages, enables the generation of text-to-speech AI voices.

AI Presentation Maker

Presentations have evolved into an indispensable component of our daily lives. Students, freelancers, business executives, researchers, and individuals from various other professions routinely use them. AI presentation tools such as those listed below can substantially reduce the time required to create a presentation.

21. Wonderslide

AI Tools

Wonderslide can generate presentation designs with the required customization to make a presentation quickly.

22. employs the capabilities of generative AI to create expert-quality presentations that include charts, images, and content.

23. Wepik

Another platform that can generate presentations within a minute using your chosen subject matter and templates is Wepik.

AI Music Generator

Use an AI music generator if you encounter challenges selecting royalty-free recordings and music for your video, film, advertisement, or other project. These AI tools simplify the process of producing music of one’s preference.

24., a tool that lets you choose the genre and mood before composing, makes it simple to compose music based on a specific mood.

25. Voicemod

You can add text to Voicemod, a browser-based tool, and it will create a composition from it.

26. Soundful

Soundful is an AI music generator that provides videos, podcasts, and streams with royalty-free background music.

AI Chatbot Builder

Additionally, chatbots that can generate automatic responses for websites and social media channels are being developed using AI. Facebook chatbots capable of autonomously responding to user inquiries can also be created using AI tools.

27. Chatfuel Lite

With the chatfuel lite chatbot platform, training your chatbot involves only a few straightforward steps. It is most effective when applied to product recommendations, frequently asked questions and initial communication automation. It is one of the most dependable and practical platforms for Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. For lead generation, e-commerce, and customer service, Chatfuel offers a variety of templates that you can train and use. Your product, website, or iOS and Web mobile apps can all be connected to it.

28. BotStar

BotStar is a platform that allows you to create scalable and multilingual chat programs that can handle user inquiries without any issues.

29. Tidio

Tidio is among the most effective AI tools for developing chatbots. Tidio’s chatbots respond to client communications with human-sounding conversational AI. Its usage spans across more than three million domains. There are over thirty-five templates available. Additionally, Tidio rapidly integrates with a multitude of e-commerce platforms and tools. Live chat for communication, background tasks automation, chatbot creation, responding when other operators are occupied, data collection from clients, pop-up message transmission, and feedback collection from customers following a chat are some of the most important features of Tidio.

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30. Dialogflow

Dialogflow from Google Cloud accurately discerns intent and context using natural language understanding (NLU) models based on BERT.

AI Voice Cloning

AI voice replication tools can also replicate a voice from sample audio and make it read the script you provided. These can be used for voiceover purposes in personal endeavors, where financial constraints are an issue, or when the necessary instruments for a professional voice recording are lacking. Prominent AI voice replication software consists of such applications.


By employing deep learning technology, can generate lifelike AI voice clones of your preferred celebrity.

32. Overdub

On Overdub, you can use your voice as a model for the text-to-speech procedure or choose from its ultra-realistic stock voice collection.

33. Veritone Voice

Using consent-driven cloned custom voice models, Veritone Voice creates AI-generated sound.

AI Accounting Tools

Accountancy is a critical component of any business. It provides accurate and current financial data regarding a business, including income, profit, expenses, and assets. Additionally, it benefits budgeting, pricing, investment, and cost management decisions. The majority of accounting work, however, takes time and effort. Automate these tasks, including data entry, voice processing, and reconciliation. AI tools have the potential to be beneficial. An additional benefit of AI tools is that their algorithms can increase efficiency and detect fraudulent transactions. Presented below are several practical AI accounting tools.

34. VIC AI

The AI tool known as VIC AI has been purpose-built to operate within the domains of accountancy and finance. Eliminating data from invoices, processing invoices, managing expenses, and providing businesses with financial data insights to help them identify trends, anomalies, and cost-saving opportunities are some of the most important functions of VIC AI. A thorough view of financial transactions, CPA firms (Enable accounting firms to automate their processes and increase efficiency), invoicing and invoices, and offer accounts payable process are some of the functionalities provided by VIC AI.

35. Docyt

Docyt uses AI to study your business. Back office and administrative tasks are automated. Real-time financial insights will enable you to make more informed decisions. Docyt helps maintain transaction logs, journal entries, and bank and credit edit/debit card reconciliation. Docyt provides a variety of tools for managing business finances. Among the most important features are real-time visibility into your expenses, revenue, and profit and real-time bookkeeping. Nothing but that! Key Docyt features include payment monitoring, task management, project management, the creation, transmission, and tracking of invoices, contract management, and the automation of mundane tasks.

36. Indy

Indy is a helpful cloud-based software for managing income and expenses, managing accounting processes, and viewing transactions. It does not provide a tool per se but various tools for managing accounting procedures. It is intended for sole proprietors and freelancers. Also, it offers tools for project management, time monitoring, and billing. Indy offers several features, including project management, contract management, proposal management, communication tools, time monitoring, billing, and payment tracking.

AI for Teachers

Teachers can use AI to create personalized lessons, provide grades and feedback, create presentations and animations to clarify chapters, create assessments, and assess students. All of this is achievable with AI tools. The following are some AI tools that teachers may find beneficial.

37. Gradescope

Suppose you are an educator who teaches a class of over one hundred students. It is conceivable to administer assignments to the students and assess and assign grades using traditional pen and paper methods. Excessively exhausting! Do not worry; a specialized platform for grading assignments, Gradescope, already exists. Over 2600 universities have entrusted it and have graded over 700 million questions. Paper-based assignments, problem sets, projects, examinations, bubble sheets, examples, programming assignments and exams, and other forms of assignments are all supported by Gradescope. It comprises economics, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

AI Tools for Summarization

Imagine you need more time to work with many texts or publications. These AI tools can summarize extensive and tiresome text, converting it into concise and informative points.

38. TLDR This

TLDR: By supplying the URL of that particular page, you can summarize the text and the website. Thanks to this, users can paraphrase text in various tones and styles. In addition, significant keywords and summaries of the provided documents or texts may be generated. It can provide a summary organized by section. You will be provided with a complimentary experience.

39. Unriddle

With the aid of AI, Unriddle is a helpful tool that helps you write, read, and learn quickly. It helps you make sense of difficult subjects, locate information, pose questions, and receive prompt responses. It can superimpose an AI assistant onto any document, allowing you to rapidly locate, summarize, and comprehend information. Additionally, generate text using AI autocomplete and emphasize to summarize and explain. One of the best ways to chat with your documents is through this.

AI Tools for Team

40. Xembly

Xemply helps you organize your meetings, appointments, and calendar reminders by sending a prompt on Slack or Notion. It summarizes the key points and actionable plans deliberated during meetings, functioning as a personal or virtual assistant. One may enroll in the Xemply waitlist for early access to this tool.

41. Magical

Magical’s calendar tool operates in Windows within your browser and syncs meeting notes with Notion. Magical assists with meeting planning by helping you create an event agenda. You can use Magical’s built-in AI meeting suggestion feature to schedule your meetings and worry less about scheduling conflicts. The Plus plan for Magical costs $15 per month, while the Believer plan costs $17. Additionally, Magical offers a complimentary plan with a few features for individuals.

42. Taskade

Taskade is a comprehensive product and tool for managing teams. Its AI Productivity is your assistant, ensuring you pay attention to a meeting or assigned task. It includes AI tools that can aid project managers in creating product tasks, mind maps, workflows, and outlines. With version control ensuring that your work is always accessible, Taskade facilitates collaboration and provides a comprehensive overview of the progress made on a given method. Taskade offers two pricing tiers: Individuals and families, teams and organizations. The complementary plan of the Personal & Family program includes 250MB of storage and 1,000 AI monthly credits for up to three users.

43. Loopin

Loopin, an AI tool, documents meetings and generates conversational chats to determine what was discussed. Users are not required to read the meeting minutes to comprehend the discussion. You can pose questions to Loopin AI and receive responses. Loopin offers three subscription tiers: Loopin+pro for $12 per month, Loopin+AI for $16 per month, and Loopin enterprise for team-negotiated pricing.

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AI can benefit your personal and professional life in numerous ways. It can make your life simpler and make you smarter.

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