Sites Similar to Humble Bundle for Gaming Deals 2020

Humble Bundle is a fantastic website for people interested in playing games, both from indie developers and AAA studios, for a low price.

As the name recommends, the Humble Bundle is a company that concentrates on providing bundles of games at an affordable price.

There are bundles in many different categories, varying from themed games to comic books and even software application bundles.

Alternatives to Humble Bundle 2020

You might decide that you need to go for a different website if Humble Bundle doesn’t pique your interest. Here are ten websites that are similar to Humble Bundle when it comes to gaming deals.

1) Fanatical

Fanatical is a site that focuses quite a bit on gaming bundles at discounted prices. Usually, these bundles are going to have themes. Sometimes, these themes will focus on the category of the game or the subject at hand.

Sometimes, the themes of the bundles will be enjoyable, such as season themed. Fanatical likewise has a choice for you to purchase numerous mystery keys at a low price so that you can get some mystery video games all in a bundle of its own. Fanatical also has offers on comics and can offer news about sales for fun.


2) Indie Gala

As the name suggests, Indie Gala is a site that focuses on supporting indie studios and comparable small game developers. Usually, the bundles on this site are going to be smaller sized but also considerably cheaper. You can typically get 4 to 6 video games at about 95% off, which suggests you can get a considerable variety of little games for a low price.

If you want to support smaller game developers, Indie Gala is a website you must consider. There are even some choices to get certain indie games for complimentary, and there are quizzes that you can consider the chance to earn some cash.


3) Epic Bundle

As the name might suggest, the Epic Bundle is a website that focuses on bundles. However, this website’s bundles will run too quickly, as in hours or even a few days longer.

It means that you will want to keep an eye on the Epic Bundle regularly, just if there is a bundle that catches your interest. This site takes information from other bundle websites, which can be amazingly helpful.

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From sites in this list, such as Fanatical, Epic Bundle is the perfect website to use to find bundles of games to other lesser-known sites.


4) Groupees

Groupees is an incredibly unique game bundle website in a number of ways. For one, you will be able to create your Bundle, and you can pick whatever from the number of games to which games you desire.

With a $1.00 minimum, you can get anywhere from 2 to eight games. A few of the games you can choose can be small, indie video games, whereas there are likewise more massive games.

Groupees also has everything from games to comics to music that you can select from.


5) Lazy Guys Studio

Just like lots of other websites, this is also a website that concentrates on bundles of games. Each bundle you come across will have its theme, like “Feels Like Home.”

Each Bundle will last for a certain time period, and this will typically be a couple of weeks or so. After that, you will need to wait on the next Bundle to appear, which can take a while.

When you purchase bundles, you can even get some amazing offers. Leading contributors will get some extra rewards, and random individuals will be chosen for free stuff.


6) Is There Any Deal

The name of this site tells the sort of game site this will be. On this site, you will have to look at both bundles and games from various sellers varying from Amazon to smaller sellers.

You can likewise take a look at indie games from small developers or take a look at significant AAA studio games.

The main focus of this site is that you can know if there is a sale on the game on any website, whether the game is in a package or bundle, and where the game is going to come from.

This is an exceptional website if you want to keep an eye on a specific game and determine if it will go on sale.


7) Bunch Keys

While many of the sites on this list concentrate on bundles and deals, this site concentrates on keys and even piles of tickets.

In fact, instead of four or six games, or even 10, you can get bundles of Steam keys in numbers varying from 11 tickets to 30 of them.

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Aside from the mystery packages, there are generally themed bundles and normally many various packages going on at the same time.

Even on one bundle, you can also save well over 90% by buying the bundles of keys. Moreover, there are also giveaways that you can go into larger, popular games.


8) Green Man Gaming

Green Guy Gaming is a site that focuses far less on bundles however, rather on selling private games at notably discounted costs.

You can also get games on preorder, some games will be at their original rate, and most video games on Green Man Gaming will be discounted.

You can even get discount rates on some memberships, such as the PS4 Pro. If you are interested in the mystery element, you can even select to acquire a mystery pack of games. In general, this site is among the best websites to look for specific games at a reduced cost.


9) Gamers Gate

This website is relatively similar to Green Man Gaming because it focuses much more on individual games than bundles of fun.

Usually, there will be sales of individual games, both new and old. On some fun, you can get a massively discounted price, even more than 90% off.

No issue if you prefer indie games from small developers or looking for discounted prices on some of the more massive AAA games, you will surely be able to find what you are looking for on Gamer’s Gate.


10) ITCH

Finally, there is an ITCH. This website is almost entirely devoted to supporting small developers by offering many indie games for you to try.

Lots of games are significantly more economical or even complimentary, and the ones that are more costly from the get-go are often on big sales.

You have the option to sort through games by how new they are or how popular the game itself is. If you wish to help support indie developers or the indie game market in general, then this is a website that you should spend some time on.

There are games in all different genres, meaning that you will indeed find whatever you want to play.

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