Top 15 Best Amazon PPC Management Software in 2022

Amazon PPC Management Software

Best amazon PPC management software will be described in this article. Amazon is a market leader in eCommerce. Indeed, Amazon’s market share of the US eCommerce retail market is likely to hit 50% this year, according to Statista. Almost 90% of people think they are more likely to buy anything from Amazon than any other website. Of course, Amazon does not limit its sales to its own products. It allows others to sell on their marketplace. Indeed, Amazon currently has roughly 2 million active sellers. An additional 280,000 vendors joined Amazon in the first quarter of 2021, with an additional 1.2 million expected to join during the year.

With so many merchants, you will surely encounter stiff competition unless you have a truly unique product. As a result, Amazon merchants must find a strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition on the marketplace. Any serious vendor must promote their most relevant keyword keywords. This has resulted in an explosion of Amazon PPC management software and solutions available for merchants to make inspired bids and achieve a competitive advantage.

Top 15 Best Amazon PPC Management Software in 2022

Top 15 Best Amazon PPC Management Software are explained here.

1. Helium 10

Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in one platform that provides a plethora of options to Amazon sellers. They provide tools for every stage of the seller journey, from identifying successful products to increasing conversions. Also check proofreading software

Adtomic, their AI-powered Amazon promotion platform designed to improve ROI and minimise wasted time, is one of Helium 10’s solutions. Adtomic provides you with a clear view of your PPC data and includes high-level organic KPIs such as Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). It has advanced optimization automation capabilities as well as the ability to make specific performance decisions based on clear analytics.

Adtomic provides precise keyword bidding recommendations to remove the guesswork and labour from optimization. In seconds, you may find, sort, and view new prospective keywords or negative targets.

Adtomic offers three alternative campaign templates based on your objectives and amount of PPC knowledge.

2. SellerApp


SellerApp integrates your Amazon business’s marketing, sales, and operations into a single platform, ensuring growth and success. SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer is a useful tool. This is another amazon ppc management software.

SellerApp’s Amazon PPC Optimization Tool simplifies and optimises Amazon PPC. It includes cutting-edge machine learning techniques that are designed to enhance your Amazon advertising income. Their platform is built to assure long-term success by providing you with detailed and seamless control over all aspects of your advertising campaigns. Amazon ad automation, negative keyword optimization, one-click keyword harvesting, and advanced analytics are all included.

3. Zon.Tools


Zon. Tools delivers Amazon PPC business management and automation software. It automates best practises for Amazon Sponsored Products and helps you to manage your campaigns. Their intelligent engines are adaptable and can accommodate any Amazon Advertising plan or goal.

They contain a variety of proprietary algorithmic engines. Auto Mate 3.0, KeyWord Miner, Target Miner, Bid Gambler, Term Inator, ASIN-Ator, KeyWord Guardian, KeyWord Recycle, and Bid Nailer are a few examples.

You can set up rules and criteria at the Campaign and Ad Group levels, or you can get as precise as setting up custom thresholds for each individual term.

4. teikametrics


Teikametrics has an AI-powered tool called Flywheel that you can use to optimise and expand your Amazon and eCommerce business. It can be used to create, optimise, and analyse Amazon advertising.

Begin with your product-level business goals, and Flywheel will automatically develop ad groups and campaigns targeted to the appropriate people. Create product-specific campaigns for product launches, sales growth, profitability, and more. To gain new customers and beat the competition, use keywords to target buyers. This is another amazon ppc management software.

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It makes advantage of computational keyword bidding. Teikametrics’ self-learning models use your product margins, lifecycle stage, conversion rates, sales, and pricing adjustments to develop keyword bids that are in line with your objectives.

They are in the process of upgrading their platform to Flywheel 2.0.

5. Pacvue


Pacvue is an enterprise software suite that specialises in eCommerce advertising and intelligence. It blends end-to-end retail data with suggested actions and automation tools to assist brands and sellers of all sizes in growing their business on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Rule-based automation, a collection of if/then logic workflows that offer you control to alter bids, goals, and budget at whichever level you need: keyword, product, ad group, or campaign, can help you optimise and manage your campaigns more efficiently. Pacvue features a set of pre-built rule templates, a Super Wizard for guided setup, and AI campaigns that can optimise for you towards your goals for users who want to get started quickly.

6. Sellics


Sellics primarily provides advertising software for Amazon. The software is intended to put you back in control and allow you to focus on building your business. Their optimization tactics are geared to your individual advertising goals, whether they are to maximise income, optimise ACoS, or both. Also check school management software

You can select between two tracks: “Best-Practice” techniques for simplicity and speed, with maximum time savings, or “Do It Yourself” tactics for complete flexibility and control over everything.

7. PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage

Entourage delivers software to help Amazon sellers develop profitable brands by increasing ad revenue, decreasing ACoS, and increasing profit margins. PPC Entourage is one of their tools. Without the need for sophisticated spreadsheets, you can use this to easily optimise and expand your Amazon ads.

To control bid price, remove search phrases that are wasting your ad spend, and more, you can utilise as much (or as little) automation as you like. Using the bulk optimizer, you can optimise all of your campaigns in minutes rather than hours. Find undiscovered search terms that Amazon buyers are now utilising to buy products like yours. The software collects these sales-generating search terms and converts them into keywords for your campaigns. Each campaign dashboard makes it simple to monitor which goods, targets, search phrases, and ASINs are underperforming in relation to your ACoS targets.

PPC SCOPE is an optimization procedure that can be used to consistently develop profitable campaigns. PPC SCOPE is used by sellers and PPC management organisations all around the world. This is another amazon ppc management software.

PPC SCOPE has pre-set optimization filters that you may use to improve your campaigns. It notifies you of underperforming advertising and offers so you can take action promptly to save money.

View all of your essential performance metrics in one place and simply understand which campaigns, ad groups, and keywords are driving your success. Unlike Amazon’s Campaign Manager, your data history expands as you use PPC SCOPE. Use your data to your advantage and take the guessing out of campaign optimization.

Your PPC SCOPE subscription includes both Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads self-service PPC tools and dashboards. It is compatible with seven different Amazon marketplaces.

8. Ad Badger

Ad Badger

Ad Badger comes with a robust toolkit for managing, automating, and monitoring your Amazon ads around the clock. Their Amazon PPC Software Tool assures that you always have the correct bid, regardless of what is going on in the market. With the appropriate strategy, their software enables you to better manage keywords, bids, and campaigns. There is no prior PPC expertise required.

Account navigator, bid optimizer, negative keyword finder, negative keyword automation, and positive keyword finder are among their tools. Ad Badger’s Amazon PPC Software Tool guarantees that you always have the correct bid, regardless of market conditions.

9. Perpetua


This is another amazon ppc management software. Perpetua provides eCommerce advertising optimization and analytics software to help businesses profitably scale their growth on Amazon, Instacart, and other marketplaces. It is a unified platform for accelerating your growth.

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With automated campaign creation, execution, and optimization, you can save time and money. Input your strategic goals (growth, profitability, brand defence, and awareness) and let Perpetua’s ad engine handle tactical execution. The customisable, AI-powered smart recommendations and contextual, conversion-based bidding algorithms of Perpetua are designed to maximise the efficiency of your ad expenditure.

10. Downstream


Downstream consolidates your Amazon advertising and eCommerce data into a single location. Its AI-powered automation works around the clock to meet your goals, making your ad budget more intelligent and competitive. Downstream’s channel insights and configurable dashboards transform raw data into knowledge, allowing you to be confident in your channel strategy and focus your effort where it matters.

Shelf Intellect allows you to track your market position, acquire insight into the competition landscape, and see trends in search activity. Downstream’s recommendation engine makes clever campaign changes to help you get the most out of your channel efforts.

11. RevenueWise


Amazon Campaign Manager is available from RevenueWize for PPC optimization. It allows you to quickly manage Amazon PPC, cut ACoS, and enhance sales. This is another amazon ppc management software.

Their Ads Management Tool employs AI-powered algorithms to offer the best bid to reach your desired ACoS. The algorithms use your Target ACOS and history to determine the best bid. You can adopt them individually or in masse.

PPC Analytics for Amazon provides you with comprehensive dashboards that allow you to see exactly how each dollar of your Amazon budget is spent. It shows the areas that require your attention in order to achieve the best results.

12. Sellozo


Sellozo is an Amazon PPC advertising platform that automates and optimises your Amazon PPC advertising for growth. It claims to be the only bonus Amazon advertising software that charges a flat cost rather than a portion of ad sales.

It employs artificial intelligence to assist Amazon sellers in increasing sales, decreasing ACoS, automating campaign optimization, and increasing profits. Also check Software Development Companies in Colombia

With Sellozo’s Amazon PPC Ad Automation technology, you can ensure that your ads are optimised to operate optimally, with the help of specialists. Bid optimization, keyword discovery, campaign and ad launch automation, negative keyword automation, and more capabilities are available.

You may create, develop, and optimise your next promotional strategy with Sellozo’s Campaign Studio feature, which includes visually-driven tools designed specifically for Amazon sellers. It provides visually based campaign modelling tools, custom and pre-made campaign templates, search term/keyword research tools based on algorithms and machine learning, and simple keyword management and cross-campaign implementation.

13. Trendy


This is another amazon ppc management software. Trendle assists Amazon sellers of all sizes throughout the world in launching and scaling their Amazon businesses. It provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for launching, automating, and growing your Amazon sales and profits. It has reverse ASIN, automatic emails, profitability, automated PPC, review notifications, FBA reimbursements, and many more features.

It can help you automate your PPC ads. Create the conditions for your campaign’s performance and let Trendle make the changes on your behalf to ensure your campaigns remain lucrative.

14. BidX


BidX allows you to master Amazon Ads on autopilot. Their web application employs machine-learning algorithms to continuously monitor the effectiveness of your adverts in order to increase their profitability through bid and keyword modifications.

Their software may help you with keyword research, campaign creation, campaign optimization, and performance review. You can also work with BidX’s professionals to review your ad performance and obtain the best results possible.

15. Amazooka


Amazooka provides an all-in-one dashboard for managing all of your brands and goods. It has a product launcher, product and keyword monitor, customer exporter, multiple seller accounts, and automatic reporting. It also has a PPC ad tracker. This is another amazon ppc management software.

With Ad Tracker, you can effectively leverage the power of Amazon Pay-Per-Click campaigns and get real-time statistics on your paid ads.

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