Best VisiPics Alternatives What You Can Use in 2021

Looking for Best VisiPics Alternatives? Then this article is for you. VisiPics has been hailed as 1 of the best duplicate remover software for a long time, and quite like many other VisiPics enthusiasts, we too love how it works. Nevertheless, more VisiPics alternatives have emerged in recent times, which offer more functionality, have a more modern outlook, and are speedier. In this blog, we’ll talk about such VisiPics Alternatives.

Most of the Alternatives to VisiPics discussed below are dedicated duplicate photo cleaners. Having stated this, we have included few file cleaners as well. In those ways, not just will you have options to get rid of similar and identical photos on your computer, but you’ll also be able to deal with duplicate files as well.

Why Do I Require a Duplicate Photo Remover For Windows?

Every avid photographer or every general user these days snaps hundreds and thousands of images. Useless to say, the computer or laptop is a prominent place where all these photos are stored. Now, the fact is you usually don’t get a picture clicked right the first time, isn’t it? So what you do, you click some photographs, all of which are almost the same, but some of them may have minute imperfections or glitches on them. And, finally, even these imperfect images make their way into your computer’s storage.

When later you sit-down to zero-down on that last image, even the imperfect ones, images with minute edits, cropped ones, come to the fore. You can not just practically sieve out the right from the wrong when faced with such a huge lot of images. That is when a duplicate photo removal software for Windows can make life simple for you.

Best VisiPics Alternatives What You Can Use in 2021

Let’s make our lives easy and have a look at some of the best VisiPics alternatives –


VisiPics Alternatives
Anti-Twin is not precisely a duplicate photo remover. It scans your computer for duplicate music, texts, and actually, all things duplicate, which can eat up your computer’s space.


  • Customizable comparison methods
  • Check for low-resolution images
  • Preview files
  • Pixel wise image comparison
  • Slightly dated but simple interface
  • You can also select the size of files you want to scan
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VisiPics Alternatives
Amongst several duplicate copies of images, further, lie the ones that have poor resolution. PictureEcho is a Alternative to VisiPics that allows you to find out such duplicates with ease.


  • Scan Adobe Lightroom images as well
  • Move files from within the interface
  • Preview images before performing any action
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Simply remove similar as well as identical images
  • Automark duplicates

Quick Photo Finder

VisiPics Alternatives
Duplicate photos live in every nook and cranny of your PC, and only an able tool can help pick out the right duplicates. That is exactly our next VisiPic Alternative, Quick Photo Finder does. Its aptly named as its scanning speed is pretty impressive.


  • Supports all main photo formats – JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, and more
  • Results are grouped and categorized
  • External devices are supported
  • An intelligent algorithm that you can combine with customizable matching criteria and filter out twin photos
  • Auto-mark functionality eliminates chances of any errors

Webminds Duplicate Photo Remover

VisiPics Alternatives
Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner is 1 of the best VisiPics Alternatives, which gives easy-to-use tools and an efficient algorithm to trace and delete images from your computer.


  • You can customize the tolerance threshold
  • Easy to use and attractive interface
  • Effective algorithm to analyze identical and similar images
  • The app analyzes image data, rather than just file name or size
  • Support all main image formats – PSD and RAW included

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

VisiPics Alternatives
Continuing with our listing of best VisiPics Alternatives, here is a tool that differentiates duplicate photos exactly like a human would. It does not matter if you have edited or resized your pictures or have made any other changes; Duplicate Photo Cleaner will find duplicate photos.


  • Supports all famous and major file formats like TIFF, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, HEIF/ HEIC, and many others
  • You can manually pick the file format you want during scanning
  • Find duplicates photos in Picasa, Lightroom, and PaintShop
  • Similarity threshold is extremely customizable
  • Same subject scan to classify a disheveled library
  • Mix folders and compare them for duplicates

dupeGuru Picture Edition

VisiPics Alternatives
If you’re looking for lunches (which in other cases cannot be found), you are in for a treat. dupeGuru picture edition is 1 of the best free VisiPics Alternatives, which scans your complete computer for duplicate pictures.


  • Preview pictures before deleting them
  • Customizable filter hardness
  • Supports RAW and PSD files apart from the majority of image formats
  • It has a UI which resembles quite like Windows file explorer
  • See the matchness level of duplicates side-by-side
  • Not just delete, but you can also move images
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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

VisiPics Alternatives
A dedicated VisiPics Alternative, Duplicate Photos Fixer, gives it a child’s play to remove duplicate photos from your PC in no time at all.


  • It supports both internal and external devices
  • Set auto-marking priorities
  • Preview files before deleting them
  • Easy to use, modern, and engaging interface
  • Many filters to differentiate photos on various aspects such as location, metadata, time, and many others
  • Drag and drop functionality offered
  • Helps you find exact and identical images
  • Supports all main picture formats
  • Results are neatly grouped and categorized

Duplicate Image Finder

VisiPics Alternatives
Color-correct, rotate, crop, or perform any other edits; if there is an unnecessary duplicate image, Duplicate Image Finder from MindGems will delete it.


  • All major file formats are supported
  • Use auto-marking functionality
  • Preview images before deleting them
  • Export results to CSV and XML
  • Move and delete duplicate photos
  • Open images in their associated programs
  • Scan all mapped, network, and external drives

Duplicate Files Fixer

VisiPics Alternatives
Duplicates Files Fixer does not just help you remove duplicate images from your computer, but if there are any duplicate files, they can not be hidden from the eyes of this potent VisiPics Alternatives.


  • Supports all main file formats
  • This utility too has auto-mark functionality, which gives you zero down on the right duplicate images
  • You can simply drag and drop files
  • Preview scanned files before deleting them
  • See in real time how much space is saved

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

VisiPics Alternatives
Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is 1 of the best free VisiPics Alternatives. Yes! And, just because it’s free, it does not hold back on its features. In no time, it can clean duplicate images out of your gallery.


  • You can set minimum picture size
  • You can also move images
  • All main file formats such as BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF, GIF are supported
  • Also compares edited pictures with black and white images as well
  • Works well with all drives – internal and external
  • Its great algorithm works its magic on both similar as well as identical images
  • Small file size – i.e., 1 MB

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Final Thought:

Let not duplicate images clutter your computer storage or completely overwhelm you at the eleventh hour, when you sit down to get the right image from the wrong or when you sit down for editing. Do give these VisiPics alternatives a spin & let us know which of these would you suggest to other users (especially the beginner photographers).

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