7 Best Workout Apps for Kids to Keep them Energetic

We recently talked about workout apps that assist you in exercising without any equipment inside your house. Well, best for adults! Kids are stuck at home also, and with the COVID-19 outbreak at its peak, it is not a great idea to send them out. So, to keep them active & occupied, there are various workout apps build specially for kids. Besides, these apps not only make exercising fun but, for the most part, require minimal to no guidance. So here are the top-notch workout apps for your kids.
Best Workout Apps for Kids to Keep Them Moving

I will recommend that, initially, you workout with your children and encourage them. It assists them quickly get into the habit of exercising. Later, it is easy for them to carry out on their own.

1. Exercise for Kids

To start, Exercise for Kids is the most basic and simple kid’s workout app. It contains a total of 15 exercises complemented with an animated video illustration. You begin the exercises by only clicking the start button on the home page. There is a separate exercise section that offers the benefits of specific workouts. Apart from that, a simple BMI calculator and a calendar reflect your child’s progress. There is not much to modify, but you can change each exercise’s difficulty & set an exercise reminder for your children if you like.

What’s good?

In-built BMI calculator
Workout reminder

What’s not?

Very few of exercises

Get Exercise for Kids (Android)

2. Workout for Kids

If your kid likes animation, he probably spends enough time with the app. You can straightaway jump into exercising with the start workout button on the home screen. There’s a countdown timer for each workout, and you can refresh the exercise to start the timer again. Similar to other apps, you can choose an individual exercise. But there are two major downsides I found in this app. The first one being unresponsive buttons, which makes the app lag a lot. And secondly, every time your pause, go back or refresh, you can not go back, so you have to exit most of the time.

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What’s good?

Animated exercises
Rest section with calming background music

What’s not?

Too many ads on every click
Many ghost & unresponsive buttons

3. Yoga for Kids and Family

Do not need to tell you about Yoga’s benefits, but Yoga is beneficial & suitable for every age group. The app is a minimal Yoga app with a too colorful user interface. Talking about the exercises, well, the poses are divided into sections with varying intensity like easy, medium, & hard. If your children love animals, there’s an animal section as well. He can mimic the pose of his best-loved animal. Besides, there are quick nutritional tips, an in-built weight tracker, and a 30-day Yoga challenge that a kid can follow. The only downside is pop-up ads, but those can be removed with a one-time fee of $1.5.

What’s good?

30 day Yoga challenge for kids
Reminder & Weight tracker

What’s not?

Annoying pop-up ads.

Get Yoga for Kids and Family (Android)

4. Yoga For Kids

Unlike the app, as mentioned earlier, Yoga for children has a pretty confusing home page. But it’s quite functional on the inside. As you press start on the home page, it starts the exercise with a countdown & animated illustration of the pose. Alternatively, you can start a pose from the guide section. It contains all the Yoga poses and a clear how-to demonstration of the pose.

Furthermore, if you feel like doing it, just hit the play button to start the timer. Other common features include reminders & an in-built calendar. However, there are ads; it is just restricted to the home screen so that you can enjoy your workout time without any disturbance.

What’s good?

Illustration before every Yoga pose
Guide section with proper How-to

What’s not?


Get Yoga for Kids (Android)

5. Morning exercises for kids

The smaller your child is, the harder it is to maintain their attention span. Morning exercises for kids bring working out in the form of a graphical game. It is colorful and has a piece of peppy music to keep your kid energized. There are not many things in the app; all you can do is hit the play button on the home screen to start the exercises.

Besides, it has an animated kid who performs a combination of exercises along with the instructional voice. It is excellent for kids as it does not require an adult to supervise. The choice of exercises included in this app is relatively simple, like jumping, knees up, head rotations, kicks, etc. After you are done, tap on exit and start again when you are ready. Simple yeah?

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What’s good?

A graphical instructional character with voice support
Just play & exercise is straightforward.

What’s not?

No option to set reminders
No option to choose a specific exercise

Get Morning exercise for Kids (Android | iOS)

6. Super Stretch Yoga

Super Stretch Yoga is another excellent fun Yoga app for kids with a storyline to keep your child engaged. It revolves around a super-hero character called “Super-stretch” also his animal buddies with their Yoga poses. Additionally, there are 12 poses in total, which are taught using animation, music, & video examples. Besides, everything is on the home page, like from breathing exercises to down dog position. Every pose has videos of children performing the pose along with very interactive audio instructions.

I am not sure how willing your kid will be to use this app, but I am sure he will have enough fun with graphics support.

What’s good?

Great animation & graphics
The instructional voice makes it easy to follow.

What’s not?

Restricted to mostly animal poses

Get Super Stretch Yoga (Android)

Kids workout Apps

7. 7 Minute Workouts

Finally, this is an Apple-exclusive workout app, and it does not have any ads whatsoever. The exercises are purely bodyweight, so you do not need any extra equipment or machines. There are 30 different exercises in addition to ten workout plans. If you love, you can create your workout also. Additionally, if your kid engages more with music, it has a massive selection of musical tracks as well. The app costs are $6.99.

What’s good?

All exercises are bodyweight.
Great selection of music

What’s not?

Can not use music from your local library

Get 7 Minute Workouts (iOS)

Closing Remarks

While you are working on yourself, it is equally essential for your kids to maintain a healthy body and mind. These apps are perfect and easy to perform. Hence they save your kids from straining while pushing them to involve themselves in fun ways physically. So here is my list of the top-rated seven kids workout apps you can try right away!

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