Yahoo Answers Alternatives To Quench Your Thirst For Information

The Yahoo Answers Alternatives have every potential to come to the fore, with Yahoo Answers winding down. Yahoo Answers has been a source of knowledge since 2005. In simple words, you can type any query you had, and you would undoubtedly have gotten a relevant reply. But with the change in user requirements and declining popularity on 4 May 2021, Yahoo Answers will forever give its consumers a rejection. So for those of us who look for a shelter, an alternative to Yahoo Answers, here are some of the fantastic platforms that act like Yahoo’s queries.

What is happening now to Yahoo Answers?

Consumers will no longer be able to post questions and answers from 20 April. They will still be able to read them, however. You can also download your questions and answers by tapping the dashboard and downloading them. This choice can be made by 30 June 2021.

Best Alternatives To Yahoo Answers

The search for questions will always live, and these are the platforms you can follow. Here are some fantastic questions from Yahoo and answers to alternatives to all the difficulties you have, the realm – science, technology, art and culture, music, the present. 


Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Twenty years and counting. Yes! You heard us right. For over twenty years, has been answering questions no matter their domain or size. Need to zero down on more trending and relevant questions and answers regarding your topic; you can choose your area of interest too. It has earned the credibility of being 1 of the most relevant answer-providing websites. Therefore, if you are curious about anything that exists in this world, this is the Yahoo Answers Alternatives you should consider paying a visit to.

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2. Quora

Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Quora is yet another program that lets you gain an immense amount of knowledge through question and answer format. The trustworthiness of answers can be adjudged by the number of upvotes and downvotes an answer gets. Even if you’re not able to comprehend the questions properly, you can simply punch in your questions randomly, and you will get an answer. Quora is the Best Yahoo Answers Alternatives.

3. QsAns

Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Aside from quenching the thirst for information through questions and answers, several professionals, content creators, and brands aim to deliver quality searchable content with the aid of which they can even promote their product or service. That is where QsAns comes to being. It has all the tools with the aid of which not only will you be able to receive answers to all your questions but also be able to gain traction by spreading brand awareness. Again, most content is extremely moderated so that the user only stumbles upon relevant, interesting, and quality questions and answers.


Yahoo Answers Alternatives was earlier known as WikiAnswers, but the domain name was later purchased by none other than Bill Gates. Considered a famous Yahoo Answers Alternatives, is yet another question-and-answer program where you can post your questions and get answered by the community. You can comment, ask, answer and react to trending topics and become a part of a like-minded community.

5. Reddit

Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Fifth on our list of Yahoo Answers Alternatives is Reddit, where you can get an answer for almost every question under the sun. The great part is that it is a community-based, question and answer platform, where you can find comprehensive threads concerning the questions that don’t just give you exact answers but even open your mind to analysis. As a contributor, you can earn Redditt coins for exemplary comments or posts as well.

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Technology Specific Alternatives To Yahoo Answers

Technology is an enormous area and an intrinsic part of us. When we put our fingertips on any gadget or embedded platform, questions and doubts will shine. Then, inquisitive brains continuously contemplate the different elements of technology. And here are several applications where you can put your doubts, requests, suggestions or anything else in the form of questions and receive answers.

6. Stack Exchange

Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Suppose you’re a tech-geek, a developer who is constantly on the lookout for answers; how about paving your plan to focus communities driven by skillful individuals. Whether you’re looking to solve complex Fibonacci numbers, possible period of inputs, or seeing for a way to force slow decryption on opened browsers, Stack Exchange is the home for you. There are prizes for good answers, comments, etc. Stack Exchange can moreover direct you to more websites by way of the ‘digest’ option, where individuals have a great authority on a subject such as a language, field of art, etc.

7. Super User

Yahoo Answers Alternatives

Chances are, if you’re a computer enthusiast who constantly juggles with troubleshooting queries, you have possibly been here. A wonderful question and answer-based program, here you can post questions and answers exactly like Yahoo Answers except for the fact that your puzzles should be related to computers. The community votes up the great and the most relevant answers. Are you a seasoned developer? You can also use this platform to bag your dream job.

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Final Thought:

If you have been a Yahoo Answers enthusiast, what kind of questions did you mostly search or post? And, if not Yahoo Answers which was your next go-to question and answer platform?

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