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Have you ever wished to listen to a lecture on YouTube or another video type when far from home or possibly just offline? If so, Ytmp3 is best for the job. This exceptionally basic online tool permits you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files and download them to your computer system or mobile phone.

What is so great about Ytmp3 is that it does not take a tech- or Internet-savvy person to utilize it. The clutter-free, user-friendly website will have your chosen video converted and downloaded within a few minutes. Here’s a closer look.

Converting YouTube Videos to MP3

Before getting going, you’ll require to discover a video and copy its URL (from the address bar or through the “share” section).

After you have found a video that you wish to convert to MP3, it is just a case of pasting the URL into the “Insert Video Link” bar on Ytmp3. For this example, I’m utilizing Make Tech Easier’s video entitled How to Combine 2 Scanned Documents in OS X together.

When you tap on the “Convert to MP3” button, you will see a progress bar displayed. It takes place so fast, however, that if you turn away, you will maybe miss it.

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That’s it. You are now ready to download your favorite video.

Downloading Audio Files from Ytmp3

When you click the red “Download” button, the video begins to download immediately. Depending upon your web browser settings, it might automatically download and save to a defined place, or you will get a pop-up so that you can choose where you wish to save it.

After you have downloaded the video successfully, you can click on “Convert Another Video” or return to the homepage by clicking the logo design. In any case, you’ll be able to paste in a brand-new URL and go through the very same process.

I appreciate the simple style of the site; everything is above the fold and within quick reach. The conversion and download process is simple and distraction-free (even when my adblocker set to disabled).

Playing Downloaded Audio Files

Keep in mind, you’re downloading the video in MP3 format, not MP4, so you’ll just have the audio and no real video when downloaded.

The audio quality is clear with no static or distortion. Truthfully, I felt like I was enjoying the initial video because it sounded much like it.

What’s a lot more practical is that Ytmp3’s website is responsive and works fantastic on mobile devices, so you can download audio songs and files there and listen them when on the go.

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Final Thoughts

Ytmp3 is a basic tool for converting YouTube videos to MP3 files; the website concentrates on speed, convenience, and making the conversion process easier. Having to be careful about the videos you select to download (pay really close attention to the video’s license), I can not find any cons to use them.

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