Top 7 Best Home Office CrashPlan Alternatives In 2022

crashplan alternatives

Best home office crashPlan alternatives will be discussed in this article. What Exactly Happened to CrashPlan? The free CrashPlan for Home edition was withdrawn in the latter part of 2018. Permanently. That won’t surprise you if you used the service because they started sending reminders and giving plenty of warning more than a year in ahead.

All subscriptions were honoured by the corporation up until the expiration date, and users were given an additional 60 days to switch to another cloud provider. After the cutoff, those whose subscriptions were about to expire were automatically transferred to business accounts until the end of their plans.

Your plan probably expired in the most recent few months, thus the moment is now to figure out what to do next.

Is CrashPlan Facing Financial Failure?

No, CrashPlan will keep providing their corporate clients with services. The only ones who are left out are the home users.  The business believed that because home users’ and enterprises’ needs for online backup were diverging, they couldn’t effectively cater to both. They made the decision to concentrate their efforts on consumers in the enterprise and small company sectors.

A business plan provides unlimited storage for a fixed monthly fee of $10 per machine (Windows, Mac, or Linux). That comes up to $120 annually times the quantity of PCs you need to back up.

Do I simply need to change to a business account?

That is undoubtedly a choice. You are free to do that if $10 a month sounds reasonable and you are satisfied with the company. But we believe that an alternative would be more beneficial for the majority of home office customers.

Top 7 Best Home office CrashPlan Alternatives in 2022

Top 7 Best Home office CrashPlan Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

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1. Backblaze


When backing up only one computer, Backblaze Unlimited Backup costs only $50 per year for unlimited storage. It’s the most affordable and user-friendly choice for backing up a single computer. The programme makes the majority of decisions for you intelligently after a fast initial setup. Continuous, automatic backups take place—”set it’s and forget.” This is another crashplan alternative.

2. IDrive


IDrive charges $52.12 a year to back up an unlimited number of Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices. There is 2TB of storage available. The app requires a little bit more time to set up initially than Backblaze because it provides more customizable choices. Backups are continuous and automatic, just like Backblaze. For $74.62 per year, a 5TB plan is offered if you require extra storage.

Our complete IDrive review is available here.

3. SpiderOak


For $129 per year, SpiderOak One Backup allows for unlimited device backups. There is 2TB of storage available. Although that might seem more expensive than CrashPlan, keep in mind that it includes numerous machines. It provides outstanding security and delivers end-to-end encryption even when restoring your data. For $320 a year, a 5TB package is offered if you require extra storage. This is another crashplan alternative.

4. Carbonite


When backing up a single machine, Carbonite Safe Basic costs $71.99/year for unlimited storage. The software can be customised more than Backblaze but not as much as iDrive. PC recommended; Mac version has considerable restrictions.

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5. LiveDrive


When backing up a single computer, LiveDrive Personal Backup costs about $78/year (5GBP/month) and offers unlimited storage. Sadly, no continuous or scheduled backups are available. This is another crashplan alternative.

6. Acronis


An infinite number of PCs can be backed up with Acronis True Image for $99.99 per year. Storage space of 1TB is included. It provides complete end-to-end encryption, much like SpiderOak. Additionally, it has the ability to create local disc image backups and sync your data between PCs. For $159.96/year, a 5TB plan is offered if you require extra storage.

7. OpenDrive


OpenDrive Personal Unlimited has unlimited capacity for one user and costs $99 per year. It is an all-in-one storage solution that supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android and provides file sharing and collaboration, notes, and tasks. But it lacks several of its rivals’ features, such as continuous backup and ease of use. This is another crashplan alternative.

So what do I do now?

Consider switching to a business subscription if you’re pleased with CrashPlan’s home backup service’s performance and usability. After all, you are already set up and accustomed with the software. However, $120 per year for each computer is more than you were previously paying as well as what the competition charges.

We advise you to change to a different option. That will require starting again with your data backups, but you’ll be helping a business that caters to home office customers’ requirements and saving money in the process. If you want to back up better than one device, we suggest iDrive rather than Backblaze if you only have one computer.

Before you decide, do you want further details? Check out our comprehensive list of the top cloud/online backup services.

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