Best 12 Digital Rights Management Software in 2022

digital right management software

Best digital Rights management software will be discussed in this article. Authorized access to your data is managed by digital rights management (DRM). These files can range in length from a 3-minute piece of music to a 30-hour course. DRM has been a big problem for the majority of businesses and online merchants since the beginning of the internet.

In this post, we’ll explain why privacy is important, define DRM software, explain how it works, and talk about some of the best DRM solutions available.

How Important Is Privacy In This Digital Age?

Humans hold the right to privacy in high regard. However, our id thinks that privacy is a fallacy. It is difficult to think that you still control your privacy in the digital age, where every device you use captures data about you in some way.

Additionally, this technical development has increased conflict and incompatibility on a worldwide scale. Piracy is a serious danger to companies who sell digital assets in the virtual world. As implied by the name, piracy involves stealing.

Piracy is the practise of illegally downloading and disseminating copyrighted media, such as software, music, and videos. US visitors to piracy websites were 12.5 billion in 2020.

What then fuels the rise in piracy?

Online piracy has become an increasing problem for copyrighted content as a result of the emergence of peer-to-peer file exchange networks. These days, torrent sites provide everything — cracker software, the newest movies, courses, you name it. Accessing pirated content has become simple with the advent of applications and websites.

To prevent this copyright infringement, numerous laws are in effect. However, there is a way out because these restrictions are so strict. In these difficult times, DRM software has been a glimmer of hope for businesses and organisations selling digital assets.

Let’s learn more about DRM software and how it works to stop erroneous downloads like these.

What Does DRM Software Do and What Is It?

It’s challenging for a single gatekeeper to keep up with the millions of pieces of new content that are uploaded to the internet every minute. Businesses use DRM technologies and software to monitor their digital content across platforms. The strategic application of technology and systems known as digital rights management (DRM) is used to stop copyrighted information from being used illegally anyplace. It should be noted that DRM methods are ineffective against pirates. Instead, they prevent people from even beginning to copy or spread the content.

Digital rights management gives content producers some degree of control over what paying customers can do with their creations. DRM solutions can aid businesses in preventing the duplicate or unapproved transfer of their digital content. Let’s examine how and when we can apply DRM technologies going forward.

DRM systems use encrypted codes to prevent copying and place restrictions on how long you can access a product and how many devices you may use.

Creators of content can restrict or limit what consumers can do with their works and only permit those who have the decryption key to access them.

If we enumerate what DRM actually accomplishes, you can:

  • Limit or stop people from changing, distributing, or printing your content.
  • Discourage users from screenshotting your content
  • Add a custom end date to your document or media so that it no longer remains available after that time.
  • Restricts access to content to only certain IP addresses, regions, or gadgets
  • Add dynamic watermarks to documents and artwork to prove ownership

Let’s look at some of the best DRM software to safeguard your digital assets now that you are aware of the and how of DRM software.

Best 12 Digital Rights Management Software in 2022

Best 12 Digital Rights Management Software in 2022 are explained here.

1. Digify


Digify is a user-friendly DRM software that assists you in managing the legal distribution of your material and preventing infringements.

You may streamline your workflow and make data-driven decisions with full insights thanks to it.


  • Access Control: Allow or deny access to users, manage how they can access your content, and establish a custom expiration to prolong access.
  • Controlled Distribution: Select who may access, print, and download your files, and watermark all of your paperwork automatically to thwart fraud.
  • Tracking & Analytics: Get thorough reports on who accessed your files when, when, and how.

Get email and mobile information whenever someone accesses your files in real-time.

Companies like LinkedIn, WeWork, and BCG trust Digify. It is used by more than 350,000 professionals in 138 countries.

2. PallyCon


PallyCon is a multi-DRM solution that provides 360-degree protection for content for both people and businesses.

End-to-end encryption that is cloud-based allows you to swiftly and easily secure your digital assets.


  • Club-Based SaaS: AWS (Amazon Web Services) was used to build the Multi-DRM service, which is pre-integrated with Elemental Media Services via the SPEKE API.
  • Wide Reach: Regionally-specific service architecture for improved responsiveness and dependability across global content services
  • Forensic Watermarking: Easily incorporate a watermark and Multi-DRM into your content for the highest level of security.
  • Simple to Use: Secure your web content services with Multi-DRM by integrating it with a variety of HTML5 players.

PallyCon offers a tempting selection of services with a risk-free trial. The platform can be used for as little as $300 per month.

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3. Widevine DRM

Widevine DRM

Alphabet has provided you with Widewine, a DRM licencing and encryption technology. It is commonly utilised as a content protection mechanism by Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and many others.

It safeguards material on Android devices, Android TV, and Chromecast in addition to desktops.


  • Content Protection: Pre-integrated content protection solutions and broader consumer device coverage for flexibility
  • Video Playback: High-quality streaming, QoS, and accessibility across numerous devices are all features of an advanced HTML5 video player.
  • One-Time Encryption: Use Widevine DRM to encrypt your content once, then transmit it using reliable video formats like MP4 and WebM.
  • Device Security: Pre-configured key boxes for secure decryption and premium content security

Widevine is used by OTT platforms and content producers to prevent illicit content distribution, such as video piracy, and assure continuous income flow.

4. Seclore


Enterprise Digital Right Management (EDRM) solutions are what Seclore specialises in. Its DRM architecture is designed to control high-level content security systems for businesses.

Micro digital rights are automatically added to files and material by Seclore’s EDRM as they are downloaded, transferred, or utilised elsewhere.


  • Simple Management: The command-and-control centre gives you access to a single dashboard where you can easily manage usage policies, user permissions, protected files, and activity logs.
  • One-Click Protection: With a single click, you can automate or manually protect your files.
  • Simple Authentication: Using SSO, social media, and web directories, the Integrated Identity Federation system enables users to rapidly authenticate.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems: Pre-integrated DLP Systems that automatically safeguard files found by DLP
  • Data-Centric Security: At the time of download, Seclore’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems automatically integrate data-centric security.

Enterprise-level companies can get EDRM services from Seclore at reasonable prices. Numerous Global 2000 corporations throughout the world depend on its premium services.

5. RedPoints


The most popular digital revenue recovery platform, RedPoints, is situated in Barcelona.

It automatically detects and eliminates content that is being offered online illegally or illegally.


  • AI-Powered Search: DRM tools continuously monitor marketplaces using cutting-edge photo analysis software to spot any infractions and guarantee accuracy.
  • Test Purchases: Make several test purchases to see if your products are being offered elsewhere without your permission.
  • Automatic Enforcement: Launch takedown procedure as soon as a fake product activation key is discovered.
  • Analytics & Reports: Gather data to gauge the success of your data security initiatives and use it to inform decision-making.

RedPoints is a scalable, economical DRM software. RedPoints is used by over 1,000 businesses to stop piracy, unlicensed content distribution, and income theft.

6. CapLinked


CapLinked is a platform for management and sharing documents in the cloud. It supports firms in handling contract discussions, managing merger & acquisition activity, and securely sharing private documents.

FileProtect is a proprietary DRM product provided by CapLinked for managing access to your most crucial documents.


  • Complete Access Control: You can easily revoke or restrict access to your files and have complete control over who may view, print, and download them.
  • Activity Tracking: By monitoring regular behaviours in the browser in real-time, you may streamline your workflow and make data-driven decisions.
  • Custom Integrations: FileProtect’s enterprise-grade security will protect your papers from leaks and ensure that you maintain compliance.

Your private information is encrypted by CapLinked using the strongest block cyphers available. Additionally, you are given a free trial to the top virtual data room in the sector.

7. VdoCipher


VdoChiper is a safe video hosting service that was created especially for media websites, apps, and e-learning platforms.

It assists companies in preventing unauthorised video downloading and boosting income from licenced resellers.


  • DRM Encrypted Videos: This technology makes sure that no hacker, plugin, or downloader may download your videos without your permission.
  • Dynamic Watermarking: Adaptable watermarks that deter screen capture on websites and mobile applications
  • Easily Embed Videos: You can quickly import or post videos to your website or app, where consumers may safely download them.
  • Committed Support: 90 percent of inquiries are answered within 24 hours by dependable, trustworthy customer support services.

Hollywood-certified DRMs are provided by VdoChiper using a combination of AWS servers and CDN infrastructure, which has made it rather well-known. It serves more than 2000 businesses in more than 40 nations.

8. Axinom


Axinom is a potent multi-DRM software that may meet all of your needs for content protection. This DRM service supports the security of 4K videos and is likened to Hollywood-grade DRMs.

One version of Axinom DRM is designed for online contexts, and the other is for disconnected ones.


  • Supports many key encryptions with varying degrees of security to provide top-notch content protection.
  • A 99.99 percent SLA and extensive global outreach to prevent licence generation delays
  • Highly adjustable access control to accommodate various security levels across many devices
  • Supports SPEKE 2.0 and provides streamlined system, programmer, and package integrations
  • Disconnected DRM to meet onboard users’ security needs

The foundational elements of content-oriented workflows and strategies are offered by Axinom. It is a capable DRM software to try out.

9. EditionGuard


The preferred eBook DRM in the industry is EditionGuard. You can use it to securely sell and complete eBook orders and manage how your ebook material is distributed online.

You have three eBook DRM options with EditionGuard: Adobe, Readium LCP, and Social.


  • Display Permission: Easily specify referenced display expiration dates and limit how long content may be viewed after downloading.
  • Copy Permission: You can manually choose the amount of pages, how often to copy anything, and when it expires.
  • Printing Protection: Select who can download your e-book, how many copies can be downloaded, and how long the restriction will be in effect.
  • Simple Setup: Real-time customer assistance, simple setup, and integration into your website or third-party software

The most favoured eBook DRM software by publishers, authors, and organisations is EditionGuard. One million eBooks have been protected, and many more will soon join the list.

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10. CastLabs


Cloud-based DRM licencing services are offered by CaseLabs for digital video material from all around the world. Every month, its DRM service, DRMToday, distributes billions of licences to millions of devices.

With Castlabs, you receive a top-notch team of security experts working for you around the clock.


  • International Reach: Highly scalable, low-latency, multi-regional AWS servers
  • Quick Licensing: You may reduce the time it takes for consumers anywhere in the world to receive a standard licence by using DRMtoday’s fast network.
  • Online Dashboard: A user-friendly frontend dashboard for managing and keeping track of licence operations

Convenient features of the video player include pre-integration with CastLabs’ line of smart PRESTOplay playback SDKs and compatibility with third-party programmes.

Leading technologies like as Microsoft Azure, Fastly, Harmonic, etc. are easily compatible with DRMToday. To get it started, you only need to integrate one API.

11. LockLizard


In order to safeguard your papers, LockLizard offers a strong document copy protection framework that makes use of public key technology and encryption that is as strong as that used by the US government.

Without the need of plugins, passwords, or any other security-compromising measures, it assists you in protecting files and safeguards PDFs from dangers of piracy.


  • Copy Proof: To prevent your document from being shared without your permission, document copy protection instantly disables editing and sharing options on user devices.
  • Self-Destruct Mechanism: Expire document access automatically after a certain number of views, prints, days, or a set date.
  • Dynamic Watermarks: Add editable watermarks to your document to guard against changes even when unauthorised users access it.
  • Location Locking: Utilize LockLizard’s region-specific place locker to manage BYOD and the location where documents are utilised.
  • Prevent Screenshots: Disallow PrintScreen and other outside screen-capture programmes from taking unauthorised pictures of your document.

A strong DRM tool for distributing private papers inside or outside the organisation is LockLizard. Before investing, you can use the platform for a 15-day trial period.

12. DRM-X


The industry’s top copy protection platform is DRM-X. Its DRM-X 4.0 uses a special security architecture to encrypt and safeguard all of your digital content.

On the DRM-X platform are:

  • File encoding
  • Audio and video encoding
  • Encrypting VR Panoramic Video
  • Encrypting PDF
  • Website (HTML DRM Encryption)

Encryption for dynamic websites

The HHMeet (Zoom video conference protection)


  • Highly Secured Architecture: Xvast packager and specially developed DRM-X 4.0 securely batch encrypt digital files.
  • Flexible Digital Watermark: An enduring dynamic digital watermark that makes it impossible for outside devices to alter or record your content.
  • Stop Screen Recording: Haihaisoft Smart blocks third-party screen recording software from automatically detecting it and stopping it from recording your material.
  • Seamless Integration: The DRM-X 4.0 XML service interface makes it simple to connect your website to the DRM-X platform.

You may get rid of all the issues with content sales without piracy with DRM-X 4.0. DRM-X might be the all-in-one DRM software you’re looking for!

Examples of DRM Software in Use

For enterprises and content producers working with digital assets, digital rights management is becoming increasingly important. Let’s look at a few typical DRM technology usages.

1. Restrict File Access

Authors, filmmakers, singers, and other content producers can restrict unlawful usage of their work with the aid of DRM technology. It safeguards their financial position and makes sure that their products are distributed properly.

Apple iTunes is a prime illustration of this situation. The number of devices that can play purchased audio files is restricted by DRM software in the iTunes store. Let’s say you got a song from the iTunes music library. The shop gathers information such as your purchase history, usage patterns, the device being used, etc. Preventing you from using any other unapproved devices to listen to music from iTunes.

2. Keep Your Digital Work Unaltered

Content’s originality is what gives it its true value. Because of this, content producers take steps to prevent any sort of disruption to their job. DRM technology makes guarantee that the content’s originality is preserved. Additionally, its use fits the creator’s stated goal.

For instance, viewing expensive stock video, audio, or photographs also includes licencing and usage rights. These rights enable content creators to publish their works online without worrying about them being changed or used by others before being purchased.

3. Prevent Confidential Information from Spilling Out

Organizations can protect important documents from being altered, disclosed, or improperly handled by using DRM technologies. DRMs give businesses the ability to manage who has access to their files, who can view them, and who can use them.

If, by chance, any private information is disclosed. DRM tools can look into the leak’s cause and perpetrator.

4. Prevent Software tampering

DRM technology stops your software from executing on a device that is already running third-party software. To stop other software from accessing the content of your software, this is crucial.

Microsoft’s Play Ready DRM mechanism is present in software like windows and office products. This method forbids Windows from running on a software when other programmes are already installed, prohibiting any unauthorised user or crawler from accessing the content of its software.

5. Produce Content Safely

Each piece of content has a tracking ID included by DRM software to track usage and compile all the data onto a dashboard.

DRM software can gather and manage contracts and agreements when developing marketing campaigns to gain a better understanding of the terms of usage and produce content without running afoul of the law.


Even though we’ve listed some of the top DRM tools below, you should always pick the one that works the best for your organisation. We’ve divided the aforementioned tools into categories based on their “Best For” uses to make your

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