Top 15 Best Element Fleet Services Alternatives in 2022

Element Fleet Services

Best element fleet services alternatives will be explained in this article. Leading fleet management company Element Fleet Services is a major supplier to small and medium-sized businesses. This platform will help you increase productivity and safety by decreasing downtime and optimising scheduling, freeing up your drivers to provide greater customer care. Its offerings include driver scheduling, driver payroll, mobile speed enforcement, driver safety training, manual and automatic mileage reporting, vehicle tracking, fuel management, and more.

You can benefit from its predictive analytics solution, which gives you the knowledge necessary to make decisions that will lower expenses and boost performance. The dashboard enables you to perform all actions from within the programme, including tracking the location of a car, seeing routes and events, and reviewing alerts and history. This may be utilised with any make or model of car and exponentially eliminates paperwork, work hours, and fuel expenses related to transportation monitoring.

Top 15 Best Element Fleet Services Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Element Fleet Services Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Fleetmatics Reveal

Fleetmatics Reveal

A fleet worker management system, Verizon Connect Reveal, formerly known as Fleetmatics Reveal, offers capabilities to help you automate your business and concentrate on what matters. In one location, you may find solutions for mobile tracking, real-time tracking, tracking of repairs, personnel management, maintenance history, etc. It was formed with the intention of increasing fleet tracking management’s effectiveness and openness. You can learn more about your fleet operations and streamline the entire workforce management process for your company with its best-in-class data analytics.

This is another Element Fleet Services. Wherever your fleet travels, you can track your fleet and mobile workers in real-time with the Connect Reveal app. With information on the position, speed, and time spent in various locations of your vehicles, this fleet management solution gives you a clear picture of your mobile workforce. You will be able to immediately spot maintenance concerns, prevent equipment theft, and maintain compliance with local, state, and federal laws. You can submit maintenance concerns from a single platform thanks to maintenance history tracking, which centralises all of your maintenance data in one location.

2. Wialon Hosting

Wialon Hosting

A platform called Wialon Hosting provides cloud-based monitoring, GPS tracking, car and fleet management, as well as other IoT and GPS tracking services. Along with many various modules, including proximity alarms and speed detectors, you can install many trackers at once. For remote monitoring, the service connects with Wialon’s mobile applications for Android and iPhone. You can draw borders around areas where you don’t want your devices to be tracked using the geo-Fencing tool. For instance, you can set up two geofences within a 2-kilometer radius of your current position.

The system will promptly alert you if an object departs from such a region. You may view the locations of each tracker on a map using the Tracker Management tool. Additionally, you may see the tracklog, firmware version, and battery level. This is particularly helpful if the tracker is stolen or lost. In this instance, you may learn what has happened to it and when by looking at the tracklog. The platform is quickly scalable, adaptable, and enables the deployment of various business models.

3. Roadnet


Roadnet is a route monitoring and scheduling software programme that enables you to follow your fleet and plan effective routes. By giving you access to real-time driver and vehicle data, it simplifies the process of planning your daily operations and aids in cost reduction. Because it doesn’t require any specialised scheduling or routing skills, the system is quite simple to use. The software can instantly determine the GPS whereabouts of your vehicles as well as journey durations, distances, and fuel costs. This is another Element Fleet Services.

Since an Internet connection or pricey smartphone integration are not required, Roadnet is designed to operate without one. Because of the solution’s adaptability and scalability, fleet operations of any scale can depend on it. You can always be certain that your best business practises are in place when combined with our round-the-clock customer service. A log that is part of the tracking displays information such as the overall distance travelled and idle time.

4. AVLView


With the use of AVLView’s web-based GPS fleet tracking, monitoring, and management system, fleet managers will be better able to deploy their resources and adapt to the varying demands of 21st-century business. It offers a full range of mobile and web-based reports, as well as programmable alerts, to assist businesses gain control over their fleets and make immediate adjustments to meet unforeseen situations like traffic problems, accidents, or mechanical breakdowns.

Through this platform, you can connect your whole fleet to routing and navigation solutions supported by a real-time map that has a variety of customizable features, including the ability to create custom alerts and display each vehicle’s projected time of arrival. Fuel consumption, travel times, speeds, locations, and driver behaviour are just a few of the performance indicators and data analysis provided by the system for vehicles.

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5. Vinity Soft

Vinity Soft

This is another Element Fleet Services. Vinity Soft is a specialised fleet management programme that records all of the fleet’s cars and their repair histories. A wide range of fleets can be managed by the system. It is designed to take into account the particulars of each type of vehicle, the maintenance needed for each, as well as the guidelines and preferences of the user. You can generate reports indicating the number of kilometres driven with fair wear and tear using simple-to-use choices. It contains details about registration, mileage, location, department, driver, and every aspect of the service.

The user may produce all required reports and even arrange them by day, month, and year. If you want to convey your firm an edge over the competition, Vehicle Fleet Manager is a useful tool. The nicest part is that everything business-related can be handled within the programme itself. Whether the fleet consists of a few cars or 100 trucks, all services and associated expenses may be kept track of from a single location.

6. TruckSuvidha


A platform called TruckSuvidha connects drivers, customers, transporters, clients, and other relevant entities by offering solutions for the transportation sector. This lowers the price of using a transportation service by saving money, time, fuel, and labour hours. The company’s offerings go beyond simple matching services and also include load tracking, ensuring that customers are kept up to date on the quality of their shipments.

TruckSuvidha provides services including online truck booking, taxi services, truck tracking, instant messaging, truck insurance, booking and tracking for deliveries, etc. Owner-operators and major fleet managers alike benefit from its ability to stay connected and meet the demand for on-demand deliveries in the trucking sector. Peer-to-peer transport, load sharing, and delivery services are made possible by the software. Overall, TruckSuvidha is a fantastic platform that you should take into account as one of your options.

7. Logistics Management Automation

Logistics Management Automation

Blueprism’s Logistics Management Automation platform uses RPA and AI to offer services including supply chain management, logistics, data management, and operations management. With its automated performance, the AI-powered service handles all management-related tasks for a firm. It optimises the customer service experience, speeds up delivery, and lowers operating expenses for enterprises. Customer loyalty and brand reputation are enhanced by a smooth customer experience from start to finish. This is another Element Fleet Services.

The system automates purchase orders and sales bids, makes orders with suppliers, and transports inventories in real-time. You can use it at any time of day to make informed decisions because it delivers real-time stock information. It delivers everything your business requires, from onboarding and operations management through fulfilment. Overall, Logistics Management Automation is a fantastic platform that you can take into account as one of your options.

8. Speed Freight

Speed Freight

An all-inclusive solution for managing the logistics and transportation process is Speed Freight. Because of the software’s high level of automation, you may concentrate on your main business while also improving the effectiveness of your procedures. It is intended to provide data and analysis that are customised to your needs, as well as all the tools required to monitor the various parts of your organisation. Speed Freight provides a variety of simple-to-use solutions that are intended to make running your business less difficult while addressing some of the major difficulties faced by logistics transportation.

With a complete and user-friendly web backend, Speed Freight will manage your inventory, shipments and delivery, accounting, and customer relations. Features include tracking & tracing, shipment packing/unpacking, transport booking, document management, and digital signature. In addition, you can handle exceptions to your business rules by customising processes using our drag-and-drop workflow designer.

9. Cargo365cloud Transport management software

Cargo365cloud Transport management software

A transport management programme called Cargo365 enables transporters to automate their needs for rising productivity, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and dependability. Truck brokers, agents, and dispatch services may easily manage their transportation enterprises on this integrated platform. The platform is constructed using a strong cloud-based technology design that provides a safe environment for seamless upgrades and connectivity. Additionally, it enables cross-border travel and information sharing.

This is another Element Fleet Services. By reducing the time needed to input data and upload documents and ensuring that all of your business procedures are in place and functioning effectively, it will help you simplify your operations. It enables them to consider the terms and conditions, as well as the resources and materials being used, in order to enhance workflow. The advantage of this transport management solution is that it efficiently decreases the need for human labour and paperwork, saving time, money, and effort.

10. GoodBooks Logistics

GoodBooks Logistics

With the aid of software for process planning, implementation, and management, GoodBooks Logistics enables you to manage every aspect of transportation while operating your business effectively and remotely. It acts as a communication hub for several carriers and storage facilities. On the basis of SAP, the breadth of business fields includes logistics and freight forwarding as well as fleet management, warehouse organisation, process planning, call centre management, and process planning. Goods should be delivered in a timely, secure, and economical manner. Due to poor communication, this is frequently not the case in the actual world.

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The logistics software from GoodBooks allows for the modelling, testing, and execution of these processes. The programme makes it possible to handle the complete procedure, from taking the order to making it to the ultimate customer. The software is appropriate for businesses that engage in the land, rail, or maritime transportation of commodities and can be used either independently or as a strong complement to already-existing ERP programmes. Regardless of the quantity, GoodBooks logistics can handle all administrative tasks related to transport orders.



LOZICS is a straightforward and user-friendly, yet effective, set of business-process-streamlining and logistics operation, fleet, warehousing, marketing, etc. automation software. The system is made to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks and to increase the effectiveness of corporate management. It helps you find and take advantage of business possibilities more quickly and effectively than ever before, maximising your earnings. This is another Element Fleet Services.

With great reporting and analytics capabilities, it is a completely integrated system that covers all functionalities, from fleet operations and marketing to transportation and warehouse management. Advanced managing systems for road, rail, and sea transportation companies, shipment and fleet management, an integrated business intelligence dashboard, an advanced warehouse management system, address validation and map tracking, a multilingual customer portal, multi-company shipping, and a multi-CSV processing database are all included in this solution. Overall, LOZICS is a fantastic platform that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

12. Matrix Fleet Leasing System

Matrix Fleet Leasing System

ACG Infotech’s Matrix software is a fleet leasing management system for the car rental and leasing industry. The software is user-friendly and includes a library of pre-built standard reports and charts that may be altered to meet your needs. It lets you accurately manage all of your fleet vehicles and invoices, and you may generate reports at any moment for review. It has a number of modules that make it easier to properly manage the fleet and consumers. The Matrix Fleet Leasing system is made to keep track of every aspect of the consumer.

License management, duty-slip administration exception reporting, fuel purchase management, supervision work management, accident management, and client billing are some of the management modules in this system. Customers may manage their fleets online and in real-time thanks to the software. Small, medium, and big businesses are the focus of the Matrix Fleet Management System. Following delivery of fuel to the fueling station, it keeps track of the quantity supplied, determines the amount of excise responsibility (if any), and provides a thorough report on fuel delivery.

13. TranWare


With the help of TranWare, several industries, including shuttle, taxi, paratransit, and other ground transportation fleets, can easily manage their maintenance, scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing operations. Automated call handling, payment processing, driver cashiering, vehicle tracking, customer account billing, scheduling and dispatching, mobile applications, and route optimization are some of the services offered.

This is another Element Fleet Services. The business also provides a variety of add-on modules to personalise and enhance the operation of the system. As a result, TranWare Enterprise Cloud is one of the most adaptable SaaS products available. Additionally, you can request custom backend solutions for every circumstance. Using the API that allows for the real-time addition, modification, and cancellation of trips, businesses can combine the service with other systems. Modern APIs will notify third-party systems the moment an update occurs in the case of active trips. Trip Importers and Exporters, Hours of Service Tracking, Custom Reporting, and Airport Location Queue Management are further features in the Custom Solution category.

14. Odessa Platform

Odessa Platform

Popular leasing platform Odessa Platform makes full use of the cross-platform process made possible by APIs and interfaces. Many asset finance customers throughout the world use this single unified platform solution. To improve performance, it brings together extensibility, asset-based functionality, and data intelligence in one location.

With its aid, you can effortlessly automate all business operations, create the greatest partner experiences from anywhere at any time, gain analytical insights into your lease operations and other areas of the company, and add, build, and test features using developer tools. Odessa Platform was created with the idea of being deployed in the cloud in mind, making it excellent for hosting on servers as well. Additionally, you may link the Platform to crucial business applications to facilitate cross-platform workflow. These tools include Vertex, Salesforce, DocuSign, and GreatPlains.

15. AdvantageTMS


AdvantageTMS is a powerful transportation management system that includes a variety of capabilities to make it easier for small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses and wholesale distributors to manage their business operations. It offers functions for selecting vendors, distribution management, industry benchmarking, full and less than truckload shipments, and reporting. It is cloud-based. This is another Element Fleet Services.

Both domestic and international shipments are supported by the vendor freight management service. It makes it possible for everyone to combine the present ERP system with mode and route management systems. You can look up and pick the least expensive carrier and the best routes to handle LTL shipments from different partners. The best feature is optimised benchmark analysis, which enables service providers to quickly assess their position in the market and compare their performance to that of their rivals.

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