Top 10 Best Estimation Software in Construction Industry 2022

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Best Estimation software in construction industry will be discussed in this article. A precise and accurate estimate is the fundamental criterion for creating a quality bid. Hand preparation would not only be time-consuming but also prone to mistakes.

One shouldn’t be reluctant to use the tools and software it has to offer given the building industry’s fast digitization. Companies now have easy access to bid software and other assisting technologies, therefore one should take full advantage of them. One would undoubtedly need to use these tools in order to maintain their competitiveness in the industry.

These tools give you a platform from which to manage and help with a wealth of data so that you can create an extremely accurate estimate. Their services range from quick cost calculations for supplies, machinery, and labour to fair profit reviews, instant takeoffs, the capacity to read CAD and BIM files, specialised project owner coordination, and much more.

Top 10 Best Estimation Software in Construction Industry 2022

Top 10 Best Estimation Software in Construction Industry 2022 are explained here.

1. Candy


The construction and engineering industries are the focus of this excellent construction project management software. It focuses on the needs of the contractor, including quantity take-off, project pricing and planning, site-level control, analytical estimations, critical path planning, dynamic forecasting, project cash flow, and final certificate.

In one outstanding construction project management solution, Candy offers a dynamic connection between the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and the construction programme or schedule of work.

2. CostX


The fastest way to swiftly take precise measurements from scanned, PDF, and CAD drawings is using the CostX estimating software, which also generates automatic BIM values from 3D/BIM models. This is another estimation software.

To establish an estimating build up with linkages to user-defined rate libraries, employ live-linked hierarchical workbooks.

Additionally, you can design unique reports.

It is among the methods for takeoff and estimation that are quicker, wiser, and more precise.

3. Sage Estimating

Sage Estimating

Construction companies of all sizes may greatly speed up the estimating process with the power and flexibility offered by Sage Estimating software.

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Sage Estimating operates in a manner similar to your own, assisting you in creating bids more quickly, precisely, and with confidence. It also offers takeoff and cost databases.

Afterward, once the work has been awarded, estimate information is immediately sent into Sage business management software, preventing duplication of effort and mistakes during data entry.

In order to help contractors create exact and accurate quotes, Sage Estimating also aids in projecting the prices of labour, raw materials, and other overhead expenses.

4. B2W Estimate

B2W Estimate

This is another estimation software. B2W Estimate is an application for estimating and bidding big civil construction projects. The solution allows for the creation of detailed cost databases that can be pre-populated with crew and pay item default templates.

Even when they are not related to the office server, estimators can still operate and have access to resources and objects. Reconnect, and the server will now include the new estimates or adjustments.

For businesses who desire the freedom to operate remotely from the job site or download a bid locally for closing on bid day, this is a significant advantage.

5. HCSS Heavy bid

HCSS Heavy bid

The makers of HCSS HeavyBid’s main goal is to assist users in creating estimates and managing daily bids.

Based on tracking data from numerous sources, including past estimations, standardised libraries, historical expenses, performance statistics, and integrated RSMeans, the software assists in automating repetitive processes.

Users can create estimates fast, analyse them, and make changes. Automatic price computations can also be used to spot mistakes.

Users of HeavyBid can divide complicated work into more manageable chunks and arrange estimates according to the requirements of the company.

Users can also examine quotes from suppliers and subcontractors.

6. ProEst Estimating software

ProEst Estimating software

ProEst is a cloud-based building estimating software that provides automated capabilities for firms of all sizes in the building industry.

It enables construction teams to keep an eye on and manage centralised estimates, takeoffs, reports, and contracts. All information is accessible and shareable around-the-clock from any mobile device with an internet connection. This is another estimation software.

Construction databases offer up-to-date costing and productivity information, and users may assess, evaluate, and regulate company performance throughout the project lifecycle.

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By monitoring ongoing projects, updating estimate pipelines, and producing precise short- and long-term business forecasts, ProEst also provides insight into the future.

7. Stack


Users can create bids with user-defined price using STACK Estimating, which enables them to more precisely estimate expenses.

The programme allows users to carry out their own takeoffs, or they may use the STACK To-Go feature to ask the STACK team to perform the task for them with just one click.

Additionally, STACK Estimating offers pre-built catalogues for a few trades that feature comprehensive descriptions of the tools, labour, and supplies users require based on customizable prior experience.

8. On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff

This is another estimation software. On-Screen Takeoff facilitates the precise generation and completion of additional bids. The solution provides features for project visibility, bid management, and estimation. New users are guided through every dialogue while establishing a new bid by a bid wizard. The application provides 2D takeoff, file integration (CAD, PDF, etc.), and digitizer integration. The application for estimating comes with an electronic quote system, trade-specific cost databases, and accounting connectivity.

The solution works with tablet technology, which gives project data access on the go for cost and labour management.

9. eSub


Paperless projects are created by eSUB using a single central repository for all project data, images, drawings, PDFs, and other materials that the entire team can access instantly.

The project management module of eSUB enables subcontractors to produce, log, and track crucial documents like requests for information (RFIs), change orders, and more by logging in through a secure internet interface.

The timecard module of eSUB keeps track of the labour hours and expenditures of subcontractors, which may be sent from the field to accounting software.

eSUB automates labour tracking and communication while doing away with tedious project tracking processes.

10. Clear Estimates

Clear Estimates

For remodelers and contractors, Clear Estimates is a cloud-based construction estimating system that enables them to prepare bid requests, draught proposals, manage customers, and more. This is another estimation software.

The system may be tailored to accommodate the demands of most trades, including homebuilders, design/build companies, finishing contractors, roofing and siding contractors, and other specialty contractors, even though it was originally designed for remodelers.

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