13 Best Free Games Similar to Overwatch Must Play

Similar to Overwatch

Have you been an avid Overwatch user and now getting bored of playing the same things repeatedly? Don’t worry if this is the case and you have contemplated getting a better Alternative to Overwatch. We have brought some better replacements to have fun and be equally good at other games. Those who are good at Games Similar to Overwatch can perform well at Games like Overwatch with the chances to reach the top position.  However, before presenting you with better options Similar to Overwatch, let us give you a little background of Overwatch itself. 

So, Overwatch is developed by an entertainment website with the name Blizzard Entertainment. It has been famous for being a spectacular team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. It works with the hero shooter assigning players into six teams and then sets them against each other. The players are instructed to safeguard control points and escort a payload across the map in a specified amount of time. 

Different game modes, along with the fancy player-customizable servers, make the hero shooter fun to play. However, Overwatch now seems to lose its charm, and one of the common factors for it losing its appeal is the arrival of a plethora of challenges. Although specific updates have been introduced to the gaming hub, as several action-packed modes have been added, the website is still strapped to the fire-power to attract those looking for nail-biting battles.

13 Best Free Games Similar to Overwatch Must Play

we have introduced a wide range of Games like Overwatch, even better than it. So, let’s get going.

1. Paladins

Similar to Overwatch

The first Overwatch Alternative in our list of games is Paladins. This game is pretty much Similar to Overwatch as soon as the gameplay is concerned. Like Overwatch, Paladins also renders a first-person shooter experience mingled with MOBA features. However, there are certain dissimilarities, too; for example, Paladins is adamant about focusing more on the customization of each character with the help of a “Card” feature, and this feature is a little befuddling for the beginners. 

Moreover, Paladins offers more diversity in the cast of Champions like sharpshooting humans, mech-riding goblins, mystical elves, and jetpack-clad dragons. Additionally, Unlike Overwatch that likes to keep the maps short, Paladins is perfect for those who want to run and fight around larger maps. 

One slightest setback that the Paladins have over Overwatch is that Paladins has relatively slower gameplay than itand it is more about strategy than simply running and gunning. Hence, making it a perfect choice for those who love to be strategic and like to trap their enemies. 


Similar to Overwatch

Similar to OverwatchBRINK is also a first-person shooter game. Bethesda offers it, and its main focus is on parkour-style movement. This can be called one of the best Alternatives to Overwatch, as it can retain up to 16 players. It also allows users to play either a co-op game or pit against each other. The co-op feature is the one that makes BRINK the perfect alternative. 

BRINK offers four characters classes for you to choose a character: soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Operative. The member of each class possesses unique skills. Moreover, the game lets users customize load-outs and purchase special abilities along with experience points. In short, BRINK has to offer multiple features. Its multiplayer gameplay is just like Overwatch. 

3. Apex Legends

Similar to Overwatch

Apex Legends Respawn Entertainment made an unexpected announcement regarding the introduction of ‘Apex Legends,’ a battle royale new game set in the Titanfall 2 universe, just a few days ago. Yes, Overwatch isn’t a battle royale game, but Apex Legends isn’t just a battle royale game. Instead, it’s about teamwork and coordination that will get you far in the game, and isn’t that what Overwatch is all about?

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You get to pick players from the roster in Apex Legends before being dumped in an area named “King Canyon.” Your objective is to grab the treasure and survive as the last team standing, like in games like PUBG and Fortnite. Yes, Apex Legends is a squad-based game, and you’ll always be playing with your friends or strangers from all over the world.

4. Team Fortress 2

Similar to Overwatch

Team Fortress is one such alternative that is very much Similar to Overwatch. The two resemble each other so much that one can conveniently use both alternatively without facing any problem. Both games have the same gameplay style. In fact, some characters are also similar, and they play in the same manner. Especially, a sniper from Team Fortress 2 is very much like Hanzo from Overwatch. 

The game dramatically counts on coordinated team play and positional strategy to overpower the enemy team. Like Overwatch, in Team Fortress 2, each character has a different playstyle, and you can opt for anyone as per your playstyle.  If you want to work in coordination with a team and want to have some fun, then the Team Fortress is the best choice for you. 

5. Battleborn

Similar to Overwatch

Akin to Overwatch and its Alike, Battleborn is also a first-person shooter game that concentrates significantly on teamwork and team play. With Battleborn, it is possible to opt for a roster of your choice from a wide variety of rosters available. Each character has a unique ability and trait according to their playstyle.

The significant difference between Overwatch and Battleborn is that it is a multiplayer-based FPS with the tinge of MOBA elements. Still, Battleborn can be played in both single-player and multiplayer. Also, Unlike Overwatch, Battleborn has far better MOBA elements. 

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Similar to Overwatch

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a fantastic multiplayer shooter that can easily compete with Overwatch. Two teams are pitted against one other in the fourth episode of the Counter-Strike franchise. One team is known as the Terrorists, while the other is known as the Counter-Terrorists.

So, Both teams are tasked with eliminating each other to win. Though the gameplay and objectives of CS: differ from those of Overwatch, there are specific components, such as teamwork, that appear to be similar. It, like Overwatch, has distinct objectives that go a long way toward preventing monotony.

Furthermore, CS: GO includes nine game types, including a battle royale mode and the danger zone, testing even the most experienced shooters. Not only that, but the program also allows users to create their servers with custom maps and game formats. This intriguing option should be kept in mind if you like more control. Overall, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a capable substitute for Overwatch.

7. WarFrame

Similar to Overwatch

WaeFrame has a very jittery story, as the devastating war destroys the homeland and the Tennos soldiers try to bring tranquility at any cost. The future of the homeland is solely dependent on these soldiers, and now you are supposed to assist these soldiers in achieving peace. 

In comparison to Overwatch, this game has a gritty look and not so vibrant colors. However, it offers a great experience for providing team play and coordination amongst team members. This game is perfect for those looking for some adventures and is a sucker for war games. 

8. Blacklight: Retribution

Similar to Overwatch

Blacklight: Retribution is set in a weary futuristic world that renders various customization options for characters. The users get to experience new weapons, and they are free to opt for any weapon of their choice and according to the preferable lead out. 

The game is a Great Replacement for Overwatch and renders various features that make it outshine other fps. However, one should be mindful that the switching options may be easy, but handling problems that come along with switching playstyle is immense. Hence, it is recommended that one stick to one playstyle and not choose multiple playstyles until one does not become an expert in the relevant field. \

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9. Dirty Bomb

Similar to Overwatch

Dirty Bomb is yet another alternative that offers class-based First-person shooter. It is pretty much the same as Overwatch as long as the gameplay and style are concerned. The game focuses on completing objectives and accomplishing tight team play, as it is not possible to do everything on your own in multiplayer.  The characters in Dirty Bomb are referred to as Mercs. You can select from a variety of rosters from different Mercs. This is the Best Online Games for PC. Each Mercs has unique quality and ability.  As far as the comparison between the two games is concerned, Dirt Bomb seems to be leading and proves to be a better Alternativeas it uses a better theme and mature language, and its pace is slower.

10. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Similar to Overwatch

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare2 is perfect for those looking for cartoony graphics mingled with light action. The game offers everything expected of an arena shooter and also renders immense fun. Moreover, you can choose your side in this game: you can either select the plant force or the zombie force. No matter which force you join, each force has unique soldiers having unique qualities. 

11. Gotham City Impostors

Similar to Overwatch

Have you ever wondered about playing a batman game without having Batman in it? Sounds weird, right? Well, it’s true. With Gotham City imposters, the Batman fans are tooth and nail with the Joker fans, without having any Batman’s sidekicks. Despite lacking the main features, the game is still fun to play. 

Gotham City Imposters also focuses greatly on movement and maneuvering, like the game it is working as an alternative for. Each character is wise enough to use vile tricks to defeat enemies. Moreover, a wide variety of weapons are also available. In short, the game is perfect for anyone who loves seeing an obese guy masquerading as Batman. 

12. Tribes Ascend

Similar to Overwatch

This last Alternative in our list of best Overwatch Alternatives is Tribes Ascend. This game renders a deep class system that promises a plethora of options. The best part about Tribes Ascend is that the game’s setting is in the futuristic world and is reminiscent of Halo as far as the aesthetics are concerned. 

The game is pretty fast-paced, and you are supposed to be agile enough lest defeat awaits you. Moreover, owing to the armor system, the game proves to be best from a durability perspective. 

13. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Similar to Overwatch

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is the sequel of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. PopCap developed it. The third-person shooter game features 20 different customizable gameplay classes divided into three categories: attackers, defenders, and supporters.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, like Overwatch, has intriguing multiplayer options where players may battle against one another to show off their bravery. Turf Takeover, an objective-based mode, and Team Vanquish, a team deathmatch variant, are the most enjoyable multiplayer variants.

A multitude of player-versus-environment open zones is another aspect that makes Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville a viable alternative to Overwatch. Players can explore the stunning environments, find treasures, and complete tasks to win a variety of rewards in addition to engaging in hard-fought fights. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is one of the best PC games currently available to cut a long tale short. 


With these Games Similar to Overwatch, we hope you won’t have to search for other options. All these games included in the list are like Overwatch, even better than it. Moreover, these Online Games are free, and you don’t have to buy them. So, what are you waiting for? Download a game, pick a fight, and get started. 

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