How to Choose a Humidifier for Comfortable Living: Basics Beginners Must Know

How to Choose a Humidifier for Comfortable Living: Basics Beginners Must Know

Among a huge number of new and not always clear (in terms of purpose) devices appearing on the shelves of our stores, humidifiers are in no small demand.

A humidifier is a household appliance, easy enough to use, designed to create and maintain optimal humidity in the room.

A special tank is cost-efficient, letting people get both: play online slots and buy such a great device. It’s filled with water and the device is connected to the mains – that is all the wisdom of its use. Moreover, when the water runs out, the humidifier automatically turns off.

How to Choose a Humidifier, and What It’s Needed for

The question arises, but should you really humidify the air? Unfortunately, yes. This is something like this: normal humidity for humans is 50-60%, and in apartments during the heating season it drops to 25%. Moreover, the air humidity is reduced by household appliances, air conditioners.

But this humidity is terrible for a man! When a person breathes in such air, the mucous membranes dry out, thereby increasing the risk of catching infectious diseases.

Besides, you should remember that human skin consists of 15% of water, and if there is not enough moisture in the air, it will take moisture from the skin, and as a result the skin loses its elasticity, cracks, becomes dry and flaky. On top of everything else, not enough moist air affects the hair and nails.

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How to Choose a Humidifier

Young parents to note: the lack of humidity in the room in the first place affects the kids. Insufficiently humid air dries the skin of the baby, reduces its immunity and creates general discomfort for the child.

Here are just some of the consequences of dry air in a child’s room:

  • A stuffy nose.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Dry mouth.

The last factor has even more sad consequences: if the child’s mouth is dry, it will be very uncomfortable to suckle the breast or pacifier, he will not be nourished and because of this may be capricious and sleep badly. Also, not enough moist air can cause colic in a baby, and even constipation.

First, you need to consider the volume of the room in which the device will work. You should also be aware that different humidifiers have different noise levels, and the one that you can put in the living room is unlikely to be suitable for the nursery or bedroom. If you take it seriously, you should pay attention to models that have a special night mode (working with reduced noise level).

All humidifiers can be divided into two main groups – ultrasonic and steam. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Steam Humidifier

The advantages of steam humidifiers include high performance and, if necessary, the ability to humidify up to 60% of the air, which is necessary in the presence of a large number of indoor plants. The disadvantages are high power consumption and the danger of getting burnt by steam, the temperature of which is quite high. That is why it is undesirable to use a steam humidifier in the room where there are children.

Ultrasonic Humidifier

As for the ultrasonic humidifiers, they are economical in power consumption, and also have a number of additional features: the intensity of humidification, automatic switching on and off, depending on the set level of humidity, as well as an indicator that shows the level of humidity in the room at the moment.

Regardless of the type, and even more so regardless of its cost or appearance, try to choose a humidifier that performs its direct function – creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for the occupants.

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