Top 8 Best IP Address Grabbers To Try

IP Address Grabbers

IP Address Grabbers allow you to gather a specific IP address by clicking on a link. Typically, individuals use these tools to log in and collect data about a website. An IP address grabber may acquire information about any internet IP address. The best IP Address Grabbers are discussed in greater detail below. Using IP Address, Grabbers offers you or your network very little danger. An IP address cannot be used to determine a specific person or location. So, using an IP address grammatically has no danger. However, if someone obtains your IP address, they may send you spam emails or limit your access to certain services.

What Are IP Address Grabbers?

IP Address Trackers, IP Address Grabbers, and IP Loggers were all the same; they only had various names. IP address grabbers are internet services that enable you to generate completely trackable URLs. You must email someone the link and have them click on it. Once they click the link, you will get the person’s IP address. These services are often used to get a person’s IP address or location without their knowledge. Few IP Tracker services employ modern technology to determine the device’s exact location where the link was clicked. In addition to their beneficial apps, IP loggers were often misused.

Top 8 Best IP Address Grabbers To Try

1. Grabify

IP Address Grabbers


Grabify is the most common IP logger on this list. It allows individuals to locate and monitor a person’s IP address by following a few easy steps. Using Grabify, you may shorten a lengthy link, share it with another person, and capture the IP address when the user clicks on it. It provides comprehensive statistics data for any links that are clicked. This IP address grabber lets you get information about a user’s IP address. The tool is meant to be highly user-friendly. One of the best IP Address Grabbers is Grabify.

2. SoftPerfect Network Scanner

IP Address Grabbers

Well, SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a great tool for managing and maintaining your computer network more effectively. It can scan IPv4 and IPv6 networks and has a variety of capabilities to make network support easier. SoftPerfect Network Scanner allows you to identify devices connected to your network by executing a ping sweep, which verifies whether the devices are online and displays them in real-time. The scanner can also identify the hardware Mac addresses of devices, even if they’re situated across routers. This enables you to identify and monitor devices using their physical addresses.

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3. IP Logger

IP Address Grabbers

IP Logger is an address collection tool that employs sophisticated analytics to track traffic via links and website visitors. This tool allows you to securely track the precise position of any gadget. It delivers the most precise data for each click on the established link. It also provides various alternatives for collecting precise statistics and tracking IP addresses, including short links, invisible pixels, and a geo-logging service. This tool detects URL redirection without revealing your IP address.

4. Blasze IP Logger

IP Address Grabbers

On our list of IP Address Grabbers, it is simple to use and free. It doesn’t have any additional features but can do your tasks swiftly. The website could be more reliable since it experiences frequent outages. The main problem with Blasze is that there are no customization possibilities. So, it is not recommended for use in terms of privacy. However, it is one of the best options if it does not affect you. Blasze IP Logger is among the best IP Address Grabbers.

5. is one of the best IP address grabber and URL shortening services. It’s created with sophisticated tools. However, doing advanced analysis requires a premium program. is the best solution for marketers looking for nothing more than a person’s IP address. It has her built-in data export tool, which helps you to get deeper insights. This tool’s user interface is simple, making it accessible to users of all ages.

6. IP Logger

This is the best IP logging tool on our list. All the tools above have unique qualities, but this one does not. It just collects the user’s IP address who clicks on the link. enables you to trace IP addresses rapidly. You may use this tool to shorten your IP logging link. It is not advised from a security perspective. However, it leverages high-end databases to deliver precise location data, making it a better option.

7. Advanced IP Scanner

Advanced IP Scanner is a robust tool created exclusively for Windows systems that enables you to monitor and control IP addresses on your local network. It is extensively used and popular among network managers. Advanced IP Scanner does a network scan to find devices within your range. It collects information about each device, including IP addresses, network interface vendors, device manufacturers, Mac addresses, and host names. Administrators may use this information to better understand and manage the network devices.

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8. SpyLink

SpyLink may not be the most popular choice, but it stays one of the best IP address grabbers available today. On this website, you must generate a spy link and email it to the person you want to spy on. When someone clicks the link, you will instantly have their personal information in your inbox. SpyLink collects your IP address and the device’s location when you click on a link. The best IP Address Grabbers are SpyLink.


Is It Illegal To Use An IP Grabber?

If not used for illicit purposes, IP Grabbers are lawful. Tracing IP addresses and using IP Grabbers are not unlawful. So, as long as you avoid unlawful activities, you will be protected.

How To Grab An IP Address?

IP Address Grabbers are the services that create completely trackable URLs. If you desire to know someone’s IP address and location, create a trackable URL and deliver it to them. Once clicked, the link will get the IP address.

What If I Clicked On Grabify?

If you click on the tracking link provided by Grabify, your IP address will be communicated to the person who gave you the link. However, geographical facts often need to be more accurate.

Which Is The Best IP Tracker Service?

Grabify and IP Logger are among the most popular IP tracker services. Both services may extract an IP address from a URL and provide the user’s IP address, location, browser information, operating system, device type, user agent, etc.

How To Change IP Address?

The best and simplest approach to changing IP addresses is to use a VPN service. VPN programs are available for almost every operating system. You may use NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, or ProtonVPN to change your IP address.

Consider The Following:

Final Thoughts:

These IP Address Grabbers were the best. All the tools discussed above will assist you in obtaining the correct data for your analytics requirements. Grabify and IP Logger are the two most trusted options, but the others are equally distinctive in their own right. Please let us know which of the options above you will use.

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