Clarence Thomas’s Son, Jamal Adeen Thomas Biography

Jamal Adeen Thomas

Unlike his famous father, Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court’s longest-serving justice, Jamal Adeen Thomas chose a different career path. According to the Christian Science Monitor, he worked in finance. He has been hired as the Director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde & Associates. He formerly worked at Wells Fargo and BB&T Scott and Stringfellow. In addition, Jamal worked as an options trader for Wachovia Securities. Well, as the sole son of an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, his father was nominated for the position by President George H. W. Bush in 1991.

Regarding Jamal Adeen Thomas

Well, Jamal Adeen Thomas, born on February 15, 1973, in New Haven, Connecticut, will be 49 years old in 2022. He is of African-American descent and American nationality. Clarence Thomas and Kathy Grace Ambush are his parents. He, his father, is one of the most powerful justices in the United States, having touched the lives of countless individuals.

Clarence Thomas As Father

To provide for his family, a father would go to any extent. On the other hand, Clarence made significantly for his son Jamal Adeen Thomas. Clarence had saved up for years to buy a Camaro IROC, a famed sports car, in 1982. When he got his first motorbike, he made a long-held desire. He had to sell his car to pay for his son’s schooling. Clarence put Jamal in a private school to shield him from the bullying that black children experienced in public schools at the time. In terms of education, he went to Bishop Ireton High School from classes 9 to 12. Following that, he attended Fork Union Military Academy, where he graduated in 1992. Jamal earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business from Virginia Military Institute.

Family Life

His mother, Kathy Ambush, married Clarence Thomas from 1971 to 1984. They split up in 1981, although their divorce was not formalized until 1984. At the time, Jamal Adeen Thomas was just 18 years old. Clarence Thomas married his colleague Virginia Lamp in 1987. She works as a lobbyist and the personal assistant to Republican Representative Dick Armey.

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Even after marrying Virginia Lamp, Clarence retained custody of Jamal. He was also preoccupied with raising his son with his second wife. She has a divisive personality due to her conservative ideas and activities. The couple doesn’t have any children together. Instead, they brought in Mark Martin Jr., Thomas’s six-year-old great-nephew who had been living with his mother in 1997. Jamal Adeen Thomas’ Parents’ Golden Years His parents had been married for over a decade. They appear to have met around 1969, while they were both in high school. Clarence Thomas told his friends he loved Kathy within a week of meeting her for the first time.

Before getting married, the couple dated for about a year. In June 1971, a day after his graduation, they married in Worcester. Their same desire for racial equality brought them together. Kathy also participated in several rallies for a variety of social causes. Their only child was born a few years after their honeymoon, and they named him Jamal. Jamal is a Muslim given name. Unfortunately, their relationship deteriorated, and they were forced to divorce because they had no other choice. They are, however, still on good terms.

Personal Life

Jamal Adeen Thomas keeps his personal life private, so little is known about him. Jamal is undeniably a married man. His current wife is Sakina Karima Paige, a lawyer in Richmond, Virginia. The couple also has a child together. His family is quite happy. He prefers to remain low-key and out of the spotlight, though.

Is Jamal Adeen Thomas A Professional Actor?

No, it does not! If you Google ‘Jamal Thomas,’ you will undoubtedly come across several publications that have mistaken him with an actor of the same name. If you watch a lot of TV series or movies, you’ve probably heard of Jamal Thomas, an actor. He has played various characters in popular TV shows, including FBI: Most Wanted and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Actor Jamal Thomas’s Career

Jamal has always wanted to be an actor and has no plans to follow in his father’s footsteps. He instead chose to work in the film business. He chose to pursue a career in Hollywood, appearing in at least 20 films since 2005, some of which you may be familiar with. Following his graduation, Jamal made his acting debut in 2005. On Nickelodeon, he played Bobby in the Miracle’s Boys episode “Who’s to Blame?” Since then, Jamal has been in several films and television shows. Nesting, his debut film, was released in 2012. In it, he played the part of Brian. Here is a list of TV shows in which Jamal Adeen Thomas has appeared:

1 – In 2005, Without a Trace (Terrel Grant)

2 – In 2006, Grey’s Anatomy (Larry The Paramedic)

3 – In 2007, Days of Our Lives (Vegas Cop)

4 – In 2008, Dirty Sexy Money (Reporter #2)

5 – In 2008, Two and a Half Men (Fireman #2)

6 – In 2009, The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS Guard)

7 – In 2010, Entourage (Agent)

8 – In 2010, Law & Order: Los Angeles (Uni Sergeant)

9 – In 2011, True Jackson, VP (Law & Order: Los Angeles)

10 – In 2015, Blue Bloods (Detective Rogers)

11 – In 2016, Full Disclosure (Chris)

12 – In 2018, The Blacklist (Local Officer #2)

13 – In 2018, Billions (Car Guy)

14 – In 2018, The 6th Degree (Derek)

15 – In 2019, The Enemy Within (Congressional Security Officer)

16 – In 2019, Awaken (Tom-Tom)

17 – From 2019 To 2020, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Counselor Morgan Carter/Legal Aid)

18 – In 2020, FBI: Most Wanted (SWAT Leader)

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