Joey King’s Age, Height, Weight, Biography

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Most amazing and complete biography of Joey King will be described in this article. Since playing the title character in The Kissing Booth and its two sequels, American actress Joey Lynn King, 22, has won fans’ hearts. Her three main assets—a pleasant smile, stunning beauty, and an amazing personality—have fueled her career in Hollywood.

King is the most well-known young performer in the US entertainment sector. The discussion that will follow on this account will centre on her achievements, diet and exercise plans, love life, and other topics.

Joey King’s Age, Height, Weight, Biography

In this article, you can know about joey king Biography here are the details below;

1. Joey King’s Success Story


Joey King’s first task was to work on a Life Cereal advertisement, which set the tone for his career. Later, she was hired for further ads, including those for AT&T, Eggo, and Kay Jewelers. After earning appearances in a number of plays and theatrical productions, Joey made her Hollywood debut in 2007 with the film “Reign Over Me.”

In the TV series Quarantine (2008), Ghost Whisperer (2010), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Life in Pieces, she had many appearances between 2007 and 2010.

However, Joey King experienced a career breakthrough in 2010 when she was cast as the main character in Ramona and Beezus. After appearing in the well-known teen romantic comedy of the decade, The Kissing Booth, Joey King gained notoriety.

King proceeded to play the lead female in the following two series, The Kissing Booth 2 (2020) and The Kissing Booth 3 (2020), following her success in the first episode of the series (2021). These three films have established themselves as major turning points in her life and brought her much popularity and attention in the business. Her fan base has substantially expanded since the third installment’s release.

2. Joey King Height and weight

Joey King has always had a fantastic physique, with all the curves falling just so. She is typically 5 feet 4 inches tall, or 1.63 metres, and weighs 53 kilogrammes, or 117 pounds.

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King says that eating well is more important to her than having a supermodel body. She does keep a really healthy and profitable diet. But when she desires something, she doesn’t hold herself before. Joey suspends her diet with a proper exercise regime also where she values to run and practise boxing.

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She is a talented youthful actress, and she knows she has an idea of living up to somewhere serious in her heart. That’s why she keeps both her material and mental health active and revitalised.

Joey King at Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA Los Angeles Premier\sImage: DFree/

3. Joey King’s Dating History

Joey King’s Dating History

Like any other player or actress in the Hollywood drive, Joey King has also faced several rumours about her love life. Being a young, aspiring, and gorgeous actress, King has received a fair share of awareness and admiration from the opposite gender. But, unfortunately, her romantic life has lived a little confusing for her fans.

But thanks to her sociable media life and her few interviews, everyone is convinced of the two central associations she has to date. While filming for The Kissing Booth in 2017, King was paired with Jacob Elordi- a “Cute and tall guy” as noted by Joey herself. They both started as friends. But slowly, they got together and became better relaxed in each other’s presence.

They dated for around a year and a half during which time they made several public appearances together.

She is currently dating “The Act” producer Steven Piet. She met him on the set of the movie and they hit it off right away.

They were both seen cuddling up while watching a movie together in Los Angeles. Joey and Steven didn’t make their romance public until 2020, though. King highlighted some of their sweetest moments, making it abundantly evident how content and content with Steven Piet she is right now.

  • Joey King at the Los Angeles BAFTAs
  • Image:
  • Full name at birth: Joey Lynn King
  • Known as: Joey
  • Actress by trade; Jewish and Christian religions
  • Birthdate: July 30, 1999
  • Los Angeles, California, is the birthplace.
  • Zodiac Symbol: Leo
  • Terry King is the father.
  • Jamie King’s mother’s name
  • Names of siblings: Hunter King and Kelli King (sisters) 1 Partner: None
  • Little ones: none

4. Joey King Body Measurements

Joey King Body Measurements


Joey King has always had a stunning physique with perfectly defined curves. Joey has held a figure of 34-24-35 inches or 87-61-89 centimetres through a healthy diet and training regimen.

Her lifestyle includes eating well and exercising frequently. To stay motivated and concentrated, Joey normally exercises for four to five days.

Her workouts emphasise jogging and boxing, two of the most popular exercise genres. She also practises yoga in addition to other core exercises like crunches, side planks, leg raises, and others.

5. Joey King’s Ample Bosom

One of the most attractive and appealing young actresses in the business is Joey King. She has maintained her figure impressively with a carefully thought-out diet and training regimen. She never hesitates to display her charm and is proud of her body. Her bra size is 32B with a B cup size, and she has 34-inch breasts. Also check gemmachan biography

King has impressed a lot of people with her breathtaking appearances on red carpets, red promotional events, and other public events. But whether she is wearing stunning evening gowns or knee-length outfits, she is a true diva.

  • 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) in height (1.63 m)
  • 53 kg or 117 pounds in weight
  • 34-inch breast size
  • 32B cup size in a bra
  • Body Dimensions
  • 87-61-89 cm or 34-24-35 inches
  • Figure
  • Hourglass Chest Size 87 cm or 34 inches
  • Size of Hips: 35 inches or 89 cm Waist: 24 inches or 61 cm
  • Dress Length 6 (US) or 38 (EU) or 10 (UK) Shoe Size 7 (US) or 40 (EU) or 6.5 (UK) (UK)
  • Eyes: Grayish blue
  • Brown hair colour
  • implants versus natural breasts
  • Natural
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Has Joey King had any plastic surgery, including a facelift?

Following her role in “Ramona and Beezus,” Joey King has always been a popular figure. Everyone has seen her develop into a pleasant and gorgeous woman over time. Maybe this is the reason there has always been a question about whether she has had plastic surgery or not.

However, many people think King had facelift surgery, lip fillers, and botox to make him look older. However, the actress vehemently refutes all of these claims. Instead, she revealed that leading a balanced life is the major factor in how she has such a magnetic personality.

She exercises for three to four hours every day in addition to following her diet. Her large breasts and alluring appearance are therefore completely natural.

6. Joey King Net Worth

One of the well-known actresses in Hollywood, Joey King has been in more than 104 advertisements and other well-known and successful films. She has a net worth of roughly $4 million as a result. Even if her future ambitions are unknown, King will become a well-known actress in the years to come.

7. Joey King Most Love Things

Favorite dishes include pizza, pasta, and bread.

8. Awards Won by Joey King


For her work in Kissing Booth, Joey King earned a Young Artist Award (2011) for Best Performance in a Feature Film. She also won Kids Choice Awards (2019) as Favorite Movie Actress and People’s Choice Awards (2020) as The Comedy Movie Star of 2021 for Kissing Booth 2.

9. Interesting Facts about Joey’s

She once raised money by making bracelets and participating in a Relay For Life walk for the American Cancer Society. After meeting Selena Gomez while they were filming Ramona and Beezus, Joey views the actress as her actual sister. Also check Pokimane biography

Her grandfather Joseph inspired the name Joey. On the occasion of her 10th birthday, she requested ear piercings.

Joey has shaved her head four times for varied jobs.

What kind of face shape has Joey King?

Joey King’s face is rounded.

What shade is Joey King’s hair naturally?

Brown is Joey King’s natural hair colour.

What hue are Joey King’s eyes?

Grayish-blue describes the colour of Joey King’s eyes.

Can you speak Spanish, Joey King?

Joey King is not bilingual in Spanish.

She established herself in the business with her lead role in The Kissing Booth series, and today her career is thriving. In addition to Joey King, her sister Hunter King also portrays fantastic and captivating roles in films and television shows.

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