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Free Legal Case Management Software

So, It is possible to become the world’s best lawyer with the aid of legal case management software. If you are looking for the greatest legal practice management software, you are unlikely to find it for free. Free software is scarce in the commercial world. Some free tools, though, can be useful in their own way. However, we would warn you not to get your hopes up for a fully-fledged pricing management system. Low-code technologies (like UI Bakery) can also speed up product development and are particularly popular with startups and businesses. Rapid prototyping techniques are employed when a product must be launched as quickly as feasible while also requiring the least amount of design and development work.

Aside from that, low-code solutions (such as UI Bakery) help expedite product development and are particularly popular with startups and small to medium-sized businesses. They are employed when it is essential to launch a product in the shortest amount of time while incurring the least amount of design and development expenses.

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably already aware that legal software may save many attorneys significant amounts of time on timekeeping and billing, drafting several documents and filling out forms, as well as managing contacts, correspondence, and calendaring. Whether you are just starting and trying to keep costs down or simply aren’t sure yet that any program will be worth the money you spend, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on software.

Generally, free software comes with a slew of restrictions, particularly for free legal software. One significant shortcoming is that none of the available free software is cloud-based. As the result, you will be responsible for downloading, hosting, configuring, updating, and maintaining your own installation, as well as preparing for backups. Otherwise, if something horrible happens, you risk losing everything, which would be catastrophic. Utilizing free software does not imply a lack of professionalism; many law firms also utilize free legal case management software.

In many cases, free software that claims to be free is actually a trial version. SourceForge and are reliable places to get these freebies from. Free legal and law practice software is readily available. It would be bestest to keep in mind that because this is open-source software, there is no guarantee that it will be maintained or updated in the future. Keep an eye on the source for the latest news and developments. Below, you can find our collection of free legal case management applications. 

Free Legal Case Management Software for Legal Practice

Well, Below is the list of some of the best legal case management software that have the potential to make your work easier & more efficient. Before we start off, bear in mind that all these software give a free trial period. So, After the trial period is over, the users are supposed to get the premium version if they wish to continue using it. However, the premium version needs to have a license for the premium version. 

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Legal Suite is a free case management program that also includes document management, time tracking, and legal billing capabilities. This open-source law practice management software is ideal for anyone seeking for a complete and comprehensive law practice management software on an open-source platform. As you are already aware, the fact that Legal Suite is open source implies that it is absolutely free and that anyone can examine the source code and create their own version if they so choose to.

In addition, Legal Suite has the ability to manage an unlimited number of cases or clients. Legal Suite is extremely simple to use while still being quite flexible and powerful at the same time. It is no longer necessary to duplicate data entry, and entry errors are much decreased, minimizing the likelihood of malpractice by a great deal and allowing more time to be spent on billable tasks. Legal Suite is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, including calendars and tasks in one location, the ability to compile and manage papers, the ability to regulate time and expenses, and the ability to manage legal files. Legal Suite is well-deserving of its inclusion in our free legal case management software list. 


Are you in need of an open-source case management system? Open Source Law functions similarly to a wiki for lawyers and law students, allowing them to share materials. Open Source Law provides revision control for documents and a convenient centralized repository. Unfortunately, Open Source Law was last updated in 2016. Of course, this is not the most popular software, but it is worth a look.


Jarvis Legal is the first free case management software to offer an unlimited and unrestricted free edition. One restriction applies to the free version, and that is the data allotment. There are five simultaneous cases and 5 GB of storage available in the free edition. The 5 cases and 5 GB of storage should be adequate for most people, so it is not terrible.

For free software, Jarvis Legal has received high marks from many reviews, including the most recent one from Capterra, which gave it a 4.5/5 rating. You can upgrade to the premium version for $35 per user per month. As an extra plus, it has a catchy name. 


CaseBox, like Legal Suite, is free and open-source software. It is also document management, records management, and collaboration software solution that may be hosted on your own server. CaseBox was created by HURIDOCS, a Geneva-based non-governmental organization that provides human rights defenders with information technology and documentation tools to organize and display all relevant facts about human rights breaches. You now understand that CaseBox will be an extremely dependable tool for you. 

CaseBox, on the other hand, maybe missing in terms of features, which may be a disappointment to some. To find out if CaseBox is a suitable fit for you, send an email to the CaseBox team at, and they will schedule a free consultation with you. If, for example, you believe CaseBox to be a poor solution, the team can provide you with some suggestions to improve your experience with it. When you find CaseBox to be the right tool for your organization, they will walk you through the steps necessary to implement CaseBox in your own organization. 

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They will also outline the services that HURIDOCS can provide and provide you with an estimate of the costs associated with these services. A highly professional team developed CaseBox, and we had no choice but to include CaseBox in our list of free legal case management software. 


Conflictfinder.python is a script that searches the XML Wikipedia archives for conflicts of interest in order to find them. In today’s world, that one can never be too cautious. In 2012, Conflict Finder was built, and the most recent update was made in 2016. It is quite simple, and you should definitely give it a shot.


CiviCRM is a free and open-source software application created for legal nonprofit organizations; if your organization falls into this category, you should try it. It is the most recent upgrade to the open-source Legal Case Management System, which had been in use for ten years & needed to be replaced. In the event that you’re already familiar with LCMS, CiviCRM is a fantastic replacement. CiviCRM sites manage over 189,030,793 contacts all around the world, and it offers a free and sample version of the software. 


If you are looking for free legal practice management software, this may be one of the greatest options on your list. App4Legal is a good law practice management solution that emphasizes your business’s creative and problem-solving components rather than the administrative aspects. So, App4Legal is a legal application created by and for lawyers. App4Legal offers a user-friendly layout and a low learning curve for everyone, making it one of the most straightforward legal software programs available on the market. 

A web-based program, App4Legal, is also available on-server or in the cloud, and it is accompanied by a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. App4Legal will benefit you regardless of whether you are a sole practitioner, a partner in a law firm, or head of an in-house legal department. There is no doubt that App4Legal is one of the top free legal case management software programs available. 


Identical in function to Conflict Finder, Conflict Detector is a free legal software program that will assist you in identifying and resolving conflicts of interest in your legal disputes. There is a great deal of emphasis on conflicts of interest in the legal area. It may be extremely detrimental to your case if it is discovered later, much alone in front of a judge.

Conflict Detector is capable of performing all tasks by itself. In addition, because it searches the Wikipedia database, it can disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may be relevant to your case. A tool such as Conflict Detector can undoubtedly make your job easier. Also, there you have it: our selection of free legal case management software programs that you may use to manage your legal cases.

Final Words:

The finest legal case management software listed above will assist you in increasing efficiency in your firm in the future, so check them out. Please remember that some services, such as free case management software, may provide a trial period. Please refer to this price list for information on PRO features.

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