Top 15 Best MPC Cleaner Alternatives in 2022

MAC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner is a useful tool for Microsoft Windows that allows you to remove viruses and other malware from your computer. Anyone who wants to cleanse their system of hazardous materials and improve its performance can use the solution. You will be able to do activities much faster than previously by increasing the system’s speed, resulting in time savings.

The feature that sets the solution apart from competitors is that it is simple to use and requires no prior experience from the user. This means that people of all levels of experience will be able to utilise it without difficulty. Once it’s installed, you can run a comprehensive scan to look for viruses and other malware on your computer. The software will locate and provide all relevant data for you to consider. A user-friendly interface, the lack of technical knowledge required, and the small size are all notable features.

Top 15 Best MPC Cleaner Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best MPC Cleaner Alternatives are explained here.

#1 Autoruns


Autoruns is a Windows OS performance optimizer that is aimed to help you increase your system’s performance and make it run faster than usual. The solution has a lovely and comprehensive user interface that shows you information about each and every programme that starts up automatically during startup. The programme also comes with a number of tabs that you can browse or disable.

Auto-start services, browser add-ons, gadgets, and other items are among the tabs. The programme is small in size and attempts to make the experience enjoyable for everyone who enjoys technology. Everyone can get started with it immediately because to the straightforward, easy-to-use UI. The user can look through all of the tabs on the UI to see which apps are consuming system resources. You can calculate memory usage and shut down services that go over their allotment. This will allow you to get the most out of your system while also making it simple to increase the machine’s speed.

#2 Tech Tool Store

Tech Tool Store

This is another mpc cleaner alternative. Tech Tool Store is a best-in-class application that includes over 600 technician products to assist IT professionals in meeting their objectives. It’s an all-in-one tool that allows you to quickly modify, update, manage, and operate the most important programmes. The best advantage is that if a tool is lacking, the user can add it without difficulty right away. Top HTML reports and support for automated software removal are two of the standout features.

The application has a user-friendly interface that displays all of the tools in a logical order. The multitude of features included in the solution will undoubtedly appeal to techies. Everyone is free to choose their favourite theme. A light backdrop theme with a dark font or a dark background with a light font are two options. The programme is also updated on a regular basis to repair errors and improve existing functionality. CryptoSearch, Unlocker Install, AnyDesk, Cam Studio Install, Emsisoft Decrypter, PC UserBenchmark, and Europol’s No More Ransom are just a few of the programmes available for use.

#3 Tron Script

Tron Script

Tron is a well-known and widely distributed script that fights for the user’s benefit. It was created with the goal of completing a variety of functions and applications to remove bloatware and viruses and repair damaged operating systems. Other objectives include updating older versions of well-known software, decluttering, and more. The solution combines and automates multiple processes into a single process, saving time for everyone and improving efficiency.

The utility is essentially a collection of Windows tools, programmes, services, and operations that are linked together. It will help you remove spyware and bloatware from your computer with ease. The best benefit is that anyone may clear their cache to make room on their hard drive for other files and apps. It has the ability to optimise many parts of your PC, allowing it to perform as smoothly as new.

#4 PCBoost


PCBoost is an excellent tool for improving your computer’s performance. It’s ideal for boosting the performance of programmes like picture editors, games, and video production. It’s straightforward to set up and use, and it runs on all major Windows versions. After it’s been installed, the user can run a scan to see what areas can be improved. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

You can check all of the parts and then wait a few moments for the selected sectors to improve. As a result, the system’s performance will be the finest it’s ever been. The application monitors both foreground and background programmes at all times. It notifies the CPU of the services that require higher priority. The direct instruction to the CPU allows the service to run faster and perform tasks more quickly than before. Everyone may use the tool to unlock the full potential of their system hardware and swiftly automate key applications. It also makes full use of the multi-core CPUs found in today’s computers.

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#5 SKTools


SKTools is a multi-featured and simple-to-use application that comes with over 60 tools to assist you improve the system’s performance. It aids everyone in keeping their Windows and mobile devices up to date. Cleaning the file and registry systems, allocating RAM memory, identifying related files, and backing up and restoring data are all simple tasks. Installed programmes, software keyboards, and Today plugins are all supported by the solution. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

It has a number of modules, including the Cleaning component, which makes it simple to delete temporary and cache files such as Terminal Server client cache, NetFront cache, custom user folders, Opera cache, and others. This module can also be used to locate and delete items such as empty folders, bad shortcuts, duplicate shortcuts, bad registry settings and keys, empty directories, duplicate files, and MS Reader bookmarks.

#6 NETGATE Registry Cleaner

NETGATE Registry Cleaner

NETGATE Registry Cleaner is a small but powerful registry cleaner that was created from the ground up to scan the registry, discover problems, and fix them for better performance. The registry is an essential part of the Windows operating system, and errors in it can cause your computer to slow down. Get a Registry Cleaner like NETGATE and use it to discover key flaws in the system to prevent this from happening. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

The solution will do a thorough scan and present all of the issues found, allowing you to quickly select and resolve them. The programme is minimal in size and speeds up your system’s operation. It works with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including XP, 8, Vista, and 7. The best feature is that it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Another excellent feature is that it supports a variety of languages, with the user being able to select the one they prefer via the UI.

#7 Weeny Free Registry Cleaner

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner

Weeny Free Registry Cleaner is an excellent tool for cleaning, optimising, and backing up and restoring the Windows Registry. It is simple to install on a variety of Microsoft Windows versions, including XP, Vista, 7, and others. It’s the ideal tool for cleaning and repairing all of the problems with the system registry. The tool allows users to back up their entire Windows Registry, allowing them to restore their system to a previous state in the event of a system breakdown. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

The approach improves the Registry by minimising fragmentation, removing unneeded entries, and compacting it for quicker access. The best feature is that it runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows. Cleaning obsolete start menu items, invalid ActiveX, COM, and OLE sections, invalid AutoRun sections, and invalid classes sections are only a few of the functions included in the programme. Finally, it offers an easy-to-use interface that shows all of the functions in a logical manner.

#8 Black Bird Registry Cleaner

Black Bird Registry Cleaner

Black Bird Registry Cleaner is a simple yet effective programme that was created from the ground up to help you clean up and condense your registry. It can be used to improve the system’s performance and ensure that it runs at its best. The programme is safe and useful for cleaning and optimising your computer. It has a simple, tabbed layout that you will be able to grasp in no time. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

Improved system performance, deep scan mode, and scanning and cleaning the Windows Registry are among the features. The software has been enhanced to scan and clean up start-up entries, IIS and Windows logs, shared DLLs, Windows fonts, and incorrect Help files. Cleaning Windows Defender data, RAM dumps, Windows media files, and icon caches is also a breeze with it. For locating installation strings, Start Menu, History, and virtual devices, the deep scan option is really beneficial. The solution will identify resource-intensive entries and show them for you to take action on.

#9 FileCleaner


FileCleaner is the ideal Windows Clean Up programme for increasing your computer’s speed. Real-time optimization, privacy protection, system crash minimization, browser acceleration, and speedier start-up and apps are among the features. The utility’s goal is to solve the PC’s problems and make it run quicker. These days, sluggish performance and delayed startup are widespread problems. This takes up a lot of time that could be spent doing more productive activities on the computer.

With this method, you can put an end to all of these issues while also having a wonderful time. The programme fixes PC issues, cleans up the system, and protects the user’s privacy. It is capable of resolving system settings and can also be used to remove potentially harmful apps. It does a thorough PC clean-up to ensure maximum speed and performance.

#10 Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

This is another mpc cleaner alternative. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a multi-featured and powerful solution that allows you to safely clean and restore the system registry in a short amount of time. The registry is an important component of the operating system that has an impact on how it works. You can use this programme to find problems in the system registry and fix them for a better experience. To eliminate system crashes and other issues, errors in the Registry must be identified and corrected.

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The solution will run a deep scan of the Windows registry, revealing any outdated or inaccurate data. After the scan is completed, the user will be able to review all of the issues and choose which ones to delete. The application will also build a backup so that you can go back to a previous state if necessary.

#11 Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer

Reg Organizer is a powerful and easy-to-use programme for maintaining, cleaning, and improving your Windows system. It may be used to uninstall programmes and remove their traces, resulting in the removal of unwanted apps and their leftovers and the avoidance of future problems. Because not all software removes its traces and settings from the system registry after deletion, this is a useful function. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

The Advanced Start-up Manager is another useful module that will help you manage apps that start up automatically when the system is turned on. This helps you to free up valuable resources for other pressing requirements. Another important function is Automatic Windows cleanup, which allows you to eliminate a large amount of useless data while also freeing up space on your computer. To change undocumented Windows settings, use the built-in System Weaker. This helps the system work faster by forwarding commands to increase the amount of the cache or unloading libraries that aren’t in use. Registry Files Viewer, Registry File Editor, Advanced Registry Editor, Search and Replace in the Registry, and Registry Keys Tracker are among the other features.

#12 AppleJack


This is another mpc cleaner alternative. AppleJack is a well-known troubleshooting application for Mac OS systems. The utility will make troubleshooting your PC a breeze. It works even if the GUI isn’t loading or if you don’t have a bootable CD. The solution is user-friendly and runs in single-user mode. Everyone will be able to correct disc issues, resolve permissions, validate the system’s preference files, and delete corrupt cache files by utilising the programme.

These actions will ensure that your system runs as it should, resulting in improved performance. The biggest benefit is that the user does not need to purchase a new starter disc. Only the command and s keys must be pressed during startup to restart in Single User mode.

#13 Mz Ram Booster

Mz Ram Booster

Mz Ram Booster is a simple yet powerful solution that allows you to improve your PC’s speed by recovering RAM and optimising a few system settings on your Windows computer. The best advantage is that it uses very few resources and requires no CPU time. It can be used to increase computer speed, avoid memory leaks, and maximise free RAM. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

The solution offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a well-organized layout. The top bar contains a number of tab-like buttons that you can use to access further instructions. Tray Icon Options, System Information, Option, and System SpeedUp are among the tabs. Total memory, Used Memory, and Free Memory are all displayed on the System Information screen. You can also see information about virtual memory, such as total memory and free memory. The approach is ideal for anyone who wants to free up RAM on their computer so that they may run other programmes.

#14 Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a freeware Defragmenter and Disk Cleaner that allows you to save up space by removing junk and unwanted items from Windows and Browsers. It’s a great programme for removing temporary, garbage, and system files from a Windows computer that aren’t needed. These files take up a lot of space and slow down your system’s performance. By using Wise Disk Cleaner, you may delete all unnecessary files and improve the system’s efficiency.

Advanced users can fiddle with the parameters to clean up even more files. It employs sophisticated algorithms to rapidly recognise and eliminate all things, making it one of the most efficient devices on the market. Apart from wiping information off discs, the tool can also delete cookies, history, and cache files from a variety of modern browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. This is another mpc cleaner alternative.

#15 SDelete


SDelete is a command-line application for Windows PCs that lets you delete unwanted files and directories to free up disc space. It requires a variety of choices, all of which are listed and discussed in great depth on the official website. It only takes a few seconds to securely delete a file that doesn’t have any special attributes and simply replaces/overwrites using a secure deletion pattern. This isn’t the case with encrypted, sparse, or compressed files, which take longer to remove.

NTFS handles sparse, encrypted, and compressed data, which complicates things for SDelete because it takes a conservative approach to data integrity. To overcome this obstacle, the application uses the defragmentation API to locate occupied clusters containing encrypted compressed and sparse files. It opens the file’s data and replaces it with a new one after acquiring the necessary information.

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