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Are you an introvert? Do you prefer staying in, tucked in your bed, watching an interesting movie? If so, this article is for you, for we have brought to the fore an amazing website that has everything in stock, be it an action movie or a Hollywood, Bollywood and Netnaija Nollywood Movies. TheNetNaija Is one of the best and most widely used websites that has everything in stock. The website also seems to have Yoruba movies in stock, and that, too, in abundance. 

NetNaija website seems to grow and grow and in no time will become one of the widely used and the best websites to be used. The website is pretty stocked up on all kinds of genres. You name it; they have it. The website also has some amazing music content onboard too. So, TheNetNaija is not exclusive to entertainment only, but it only has some more useful content onboard. If you are interested in knowing more, stay tuned with us. 

The List of available Genres. 

If you are a movie lover, you must be hoping to have all sorts of genres on the website. TheNetNaija certainly caters to your needs and presents you with different genres. Following is the list of genres available. 

Adventure, Action, Drama, Crime story, Comedy, Thriller/suspense, Science fiction, Horror, Romantic comedy, Musical, Documentary, Black comedy, Western, War, Epic, Mystery, Martial arts, Sport, Superhero, Historical films, Fantasy, Zombie, Melodrama, Anime, Animation, Indie film, Gangster, Biographical/True life story.

Categories Available on TheNetNaija. 

Following categories on available on TheNetNaija. 


  • Home: The first category is the home. Every website has a homepage. It is like a starting point. You click when you do not want to stay on the page and feel like going back. So, You can call it the default page of a website. You can use it by clicking the big logo at the top of the page or browsing through the menu. Moreover, the homepage is where you can find the content you are looking for. 
  • Posts: This category enables you to access articles on different topics as well as news. The news could be related to entertainment, finance, education, and web development. So, next time you wish to watch the latest news or feel like reading interesting articles, you can visit this section without any hesitation. 
  • Music: Next up, we have music. Even though TheNetNinja is peculiar to movies and TV series, you can also have access to amusing music for whiling away time.  This section encompasses subcategories, including Nigerian, African, Mixtapes, Gospel, Blues, Foreign, Old schools, Religious sermons, Audio Comedy, and much more. The best thing about this, is that you can access these categories without paying any money. 
  • Videos : The website is so full of videos that you would get tired of exploring, but The NinjaNet Inews, glamour, or cartoons. The section has the list, including Yoruba Nollywood, Entertainment videos, Video news, Sports News, Nollywood MOVIES, English movies, Gospel video, Tech videos, Foreign music videos, a Comedy video, and Music videos. Also, if you love animated movies, you can also find them here on the website. 
  • Trending: It is one of the most interesting sections of the website where they get to watch the hottest topic on the internet. It could be news, music, and videos that are popular amongst fans. It is one of the best ways to keep you posted, especially if you are unaware of what people commonly search for and download these days. 
  • Contact Us: This section contains links to contact the website helpdesk. For example, if you cannot find any movie, you can simply click on any links and request them to bring your favorite movie or season onboard. You can contact them through their WhatsApp, Phone number, and social media. All the links are available on 
  • Search: This tool helps you get things done in an instant. If you are unable to find any movie, you can simply search it and find it in no time. Simply click on “search”, enter the “search query”, and finally click on the “search button”, and the results will come up in a jiffy. 
  • Accurate NetNaija website: People mostly prefer opting for an action movie adorned with a little comedy. If you also like watching action movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, or Asia, this website is perfect for you. You can easily access it on Netnaija. If you are confused about which one to download, you should do the following things. 
  • Social Media Platforms: Social Media platforms are an easy way to get access to the latest things going around the world. You can also get to know about the latest action movies through these platforms, which you can easily download from netnaija. Simply ask a friend on social media, post your query on the search box on Twitter, or insert search terms like “best movies 2021”, and you should be able to find your desired result. 
  • Netnaija Comment Section: You can also get to know about the latest action movies and people’s opinions about their favorite action movies by posting your query on the comment section of Netnaija. Look for the movies with adequate validations and later proceed to download them from Netnaija. 
  • Visit Blogs and News Sites: Blogs and news sites are all the rage these days. You can easily get to know about the latest trends through these sites. Google and Bing are among the best and easiest websites to access for the latest news. All you have to do is enter your desired term in the search box, and you should get your desired result. 
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After Bollywood and Hollywood, people are rooting for Nollywood these days. It is believed to produce over 32500movies every year, ensuring you will have enough to binge-watch. You can better view African culture and heritage through their films. Being a Nigerian-owned platform, Netnaija has enough content from Nollywood. 


Yoruba movies are also quite the talk of the town these days because of the amazing content it has to offer. In fact, the website has made it even better over the years. Moreover, these Yorubian movies are the best source of knowing Yoruba culture. So, if you love Yoruba, simply download it from NetNaija. 


Bollywood is one of the famous and the most talked-about film industry. It is also known with the names like Hindi movies or Indian movies. The films are famous with Inidnas and Africans, Nigerians, and Ghanaians. It is one of the best industries for amazing production and enticing storylines. 

Netnaija knows very well of people’s preferences and has presented Bollywood Movies to its users. You can simply search the name of any Indian movie on the search box. 



NetNaija has made downloading movies easier by introducing TheNetNaija App. You can easily download it from the App Store. The Apk can easily be shared amongst friends. If you prefer installing through a file, it will save time. When you receive the Netnaija APK, simply click on it and follow the pop-ups for installing it on your phones. 

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However, if you wish to download it through the Google Play Store app, tap If you prefer downloading from the store, it automatically installs on your phone. 


There is dope for everything nowadays. Knowing that people can scam you by introducing a fake website, we thought it is better to introduce the right website from where you can access Netnaija. 

Previously, the website was However, it has been changed to www.thenetnaija,com. Using the official app saves you from hassle and automatically directs you to the platform. 


Following steps should be followed to download movies and Netnaija Music from the website. Here you go. 

  • Start off by entering on the browser. If you are using an app, you will only have to launch the official app. 
  • Secondly, click on the “search-box” and enter the movie name you wish to download. You do not have to enter all names all, a key name would suffice. 
  • You will be able to see the results by now. Tap the accurate link and hold on for the download page to come up. 
  • The next step would be scrolling down to see the movie and the subtitle link. Click on the option “Download Video” to initiate the downloading. You can also opt for the subtitle link if you need it. 
  • At this step, the website will start the process by now. The downloading speed solely depends on your IS. 

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