Nicor Gas Login | How to Sign in to and Reset Password?

Nicor Gas Login

Are you a new user of Nicor Gas, and now you wonder how to get the most out of their online services? Well, you will first have to learn how to log in to the portal. 

Nicor Gas is a well-known energy company that distributes natural gas. With over 2 million customers, Nicor serves clean, reliable, safe, and affordable natural gas all over Illinois. They are concerned about their customers and thus, have created an online portal to save their time. 

Today in this article, we will provide a full step-by-step guide on how to log in at Nicor Gas online website- So, let us get started!

Advantages of Nicor Gas My Account:

  •  My Account on Nicor Gas helps you manage your energy usage in a better and efficient way. 
  • You can self-enrol for billing and payment options online from the comfort of your home.
  • So, You get various options to enrol for AutoPay your bill, opt for paperless billing and see the Budget Plan.
  • You can easily access the past meter readings, payment history and check your natural gas usage. This helps you compare your usage and manage it accordingly.
  • You can even chat online with Nicor Gas customer service to help you with any query or problem.

Pre-requisite for Nicor Gas Login:

Here are the some things that you must keep in handy if you have to login your account on Nicor Gas online portal:

  1. The official website of Nicor gas-
  2. Your User ID and Password (do not worry if you are a new user and do not have the ID and Password as we will help you create it later on)
  3. A smartphone, laptop or computer
  4. A stable and strong Internet connection connected to your device

How to Register Online at Nicor Gas?

Now, if you are a new customer, you will first have to register on the portal and obtain your User ID and Password, without which you cannot log in at Nicor Gas. But how to register a new account on Nicor?

Let’s see:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • On the top right-hand side, you will see a ‘My Account’ option. Click on it.
  • The link will direct you to the login page of Nicor Gas. Here, if you are already have a User ID and Password, that is, you are an existing user, then skip to the next section of this article.
  • However, if you want to create a new account on this website, click on Register beside ‘New to My Account’.
  • Now you must add your personal information like First Name, Last Name, and email address. 
  • Next, fill in your Security Information. Here you have to create a unique User ID that will be required each time you log in to the account. Remember that the ID should contain at least 6 characters. 
  •  Also, create a strong password that you can remember or note down somewhere safe. This password must contain 6-20 characters and at least one number.
  • You must confirm your User ID and Password. When you click on the Confirm User ID button, the system will verify your ID and check if it is unique and valid or not. If the ID is valid, a statement will be written that says, “User ID is valid. Please proceed with the Registration.”
  •  Next, you have to select a security question. This question will help you recover your account in case you forget its password or User ID. There are plenty of options to choose from: your favourite colour, pet’s name, wedding anniversary, mother’s maiden name and many more.
  • Click continue after you have entered all the details.
  • Now choose a name that you like and enter your account number. You can get it from your bill. 
  • If acceptable, you can give your phone number and check or uncheck the box to receive or not to receive paperless billing.
  • Agree to all their Terms and Conditions and hit enter.
  • You will successfully be registered on Nicor Gas with your new account.
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Nicor Gas Login

How to Log in at

Now you probably have a User ID and Password with you, so let us login at Nicor Gas:

  1. Open your web browser, search for
  2. On the homepage of the website, look for “My Account” on the top. Click on it.
  3. Now on the login page, enter your User ID and Password carefully. The password is case of sensitive, so use capital or small letters wherever used. 
  4. You can check the box beneath so that your browser remembers your User ID, and you do not have to enter it again and again. 
  5. Click on the Login option, and you will be able to access all the services and benefits of the Nicor Gas online portal.

Nicor Gas Login

How to reset Nicor Gas Login Password?

Did you forget your Nicor Gas My Account password? No worries! Follow the given instructions and save yourself some time:

  • Visit the official website of the company.
  • Click on My Account, and you will be directed to the login page of Nicor Gas.
  • Click on the Forgot User ID or Password. 
  • Under the Forgot password section, enter your User ID and email address that you entered while registering on Nicor Gas.
  • Click on Request Password.
  • Here, A new password will be generated and sent to your entered email address. 
  • Use this password while logging on to the website, and you will see that this password will help you log in. 

How to reset Nicor Gas Login User ID?

Here is the guide to reset your User ID on My Account:

  • Visit the official website of Nicor Gas through your web browser.
  • Click on My Account from the top menu of the website.
  • On the login page, click on the link saying Forgot User ID or Password.
  • Now, under the Forgot User ID, enter your registered email address with Nicor Gas. 
  • Click on Request User ID.
  • Then, your User ID will be shared with you via email.
  • You can use this new User ID to log in at Nicor Gas.
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Reset Nicor Gas Login ser ID

  • If you still face further login issues, you can click on the Report Sign-in Problem link on the login page and let the customer service know by entering all the required information.

Breif about Nicor Gas?

Founded in 1954, Nicor Gas is a well-trusted and popular natural gas distribution company. It is headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, and serves more than 2.2 million customers in most parts of the state. 

The company is currently a subsidiary of the Southern Company and still manages to build that trust with its customers. For 6 decades, the company has served its customers by providing them with clean, safe, affordable, and reliable natural gas. 

The company has installed over 34,000-mile natural gas distribution systems using pipelines. So, whether it is for residential, community, or commercial purposes, Nicor Gas is there for you to have better control over your energy use.

Benefits of Natural Gas

Here are some solid reasons to convince you to switch to natural gas from Nicor Gas:

  1. Convenience and Reliability: because the gas is transported via pipelines to your household, you will not have to worry about running out of gas or arranging for deliveries in advance. You will ever have a consistent supply of natural gas.
  2.  Environment friendly: It burns cleaner than fossil fuels. Unlike coal, it is composed of simple molecules and does not release many harmful levels of emissions after burning. 
  3. Safety: with a vast distribution system, the company spends billions every year to maintain this system’s safety record. The pipeline network begins at the natural gas production sites and ends at customers’ houses. 
  4. Efficient and economical: the company has worked hard and continues to manage its natural gas prices. Natural gas costs less than other energy forms and is an economically beneficial method for cooking and heating. Its higher efficiencies along with low prices make it the most suitable choice as an energy form by reducing your annual energy bills significantly. 

On the official site of Nicor Gas, one can even estimate their household’s Natural Gas Savings with the special calculator. For this, you must visit, select Residential from the top menu, go to the Manage Your Account option, and choose Why Use Natural Gas. 

By entering your data into the calculator, you can easily calculate the amount of money you will save after switching to natural gas.

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Final Words:

Nicor Gas has been serving for six decades. It promises to offer a safe, clean, reliable, and affordable natural gas supply to all its customers. The safety of their employees, their pipelines, and the public are of utmost importance for them.  Over 2,000 employees construct, operate, maintain and inspect Nicor’s 34,000-mile-long pipeline system. 

 Thus, if you have recently switched to natural gas supply at Nicor Gas, you must register an account on its online portal that helps you pay bills online and keep a check on your energy consumption. So, in this article, we provided you with a guide to Nicor Login at their official website. Let us know if you have any queries!

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