Top 17 Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates To Use

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

Notion Habit Tracker Templates increase productivity by allowing you to track your habits in an organized manner. A well-known productivity app used in project management is Notion. Instead of transitioning to an alternative app, Notion can be used for Habit tracking in professional task management. To choose from, Notion includes a sizable library of habit tracker templates. By choosing the desired outcome of habit tracking, users can select their preferred template and use it from within the Notion app’s interface.

What Is Habit Tracking?

The process of keeping track of your daily activities or habits is known as habit tracking. It directly connects to developing a habit or, at times, removing it. In order to make conscious adjustments and enhancements, habit tracking aims to make you aware of your daily behaviors. You can observe your habit patterns by tracking your habits. Additionally, it facilitates the assessment of progress and the identification of areas that necessitate attention and enhancement. In order to achieve goals and increase productivity, habit tracking is crucial. It serves as a visual representation of your work and holds you responsible for your choices and actions.

Through the cultivation of self-awareness, habit tracking facilitates the concentration on goal alignment and, consequently, aids in the adjustment of one’s approach to enhance productivity. You can find time wasters, potential obstacles, and unproductive patterns by tracking your habits. As a result, it is easy to consistently work toward long-term goals, manage time, and prioritize habits or duties. By employing positive reinforcement, habit tracking serves as a motivating mechanism to maintain dedication and efficiency while preventing the diversion of attention. Various methods exist for tracking habits, including using a manual notebook, journal, Habit tracking app, or Habit tracking templates. The Notion template would be the best choice if you are already a Notion user.

Notion Habit Tracker Templates Benefits

One significant advantage of using the Notion habit tracking template is the elimination of the need for an additional instrument dedicated to habit tracking. You will remember to keep track of your habits if you use Notion daily for task management. Using the pre-designed templates, you can begin tracking your habits as soon as you desire. As a result, it saves you the time you would have otherwise spent browsing for an appropriate app. You can change the templates to suit your specific requirements because they are also adaptable. Additionally, Notion includes a novel button block. You can check off completed habits for the day with its assistance with just one click.

Top 17 Best Notion Habit Tracker Templates To Use

The best Notion Habit Tracker Templates are listed below.

1. Personal Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates


Personal Habit Tracker is the optimal Notion template for developing any personal habit, including reading, exercising, or meditating. This editable template allows you to track and set goals to remain motivated by using streaks and visualization. It saves you time and effort by automatically creating a new daily page. The button feature is also useful for marking off habits for the day. It is also simple to add new habits. Its calendar view provides insight into areas requiring development and lets you visualize your progress over time.

2. My Notion Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

My habit tracker has been thoroughly redesigned, and I’m offering it for free. I desired to create a tranquil environment where I would enjoy decorating daily. My template is simple enough for you to customize to your preference, even though my habits differ. There is a designated area for it.

  • Routines
  • Monthly reflections
  • Tracking your weekly habits

3. Daily Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

With the help of the Notion Daily Habit Tracker Template, you can keep track of your daily habits in three distinct ways. Three variations of the same are provided for your consideration. Duplicate – To access them, log in with your email address or other pertinent account and sign in or register for Notion.

Habit Tracker (Modern)

Concept Notion The next most dominant template is Modern Habit Tracker, which offers unparalleled style and convenience while allowing you to keep track of your daily activities. You can see all of your habit patterns in one place thanks to this template’s simple yet well-organized design. Whether you’re interested in tracking your daily work schedule or app-related duties, this template will never disappoint you. You can track your progress toward your goals in real-time using the progress indicator included in this template. You can entirely change how you track your daily habits using the Modern Habit Tracker Template.

Habit Tracker (Minimal)

Placing the Minimal Habit Tracker alongside the foremost Notion habit tracker templates facilitates monitoring daily routines. With a minimalistic design, this template provides an easy-to-use interface. It is a dependable way to access a real-time app approach to habit tracking day because of its contemporary design and features. This tracker is dependable if you desire an interface to monitor your daily habits. You even have the option to designate habits as completed or uncompleted each day using this Notion of Habit tracker template. The minimalist design of this item directs focus toward one’s habits rather than superfluous details.

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Habit Tracker (Simple)

For those looking for dependable ways to track their Notion daily routines, the Simple Habit Tracker template is the preferred option. This free habit tracker template for ideas includes state-of-the-art functionalities that enable monitoring daily habits and input. Its capacity for customization enables one to tailor it to one’s specific requirements.

4. The Ultimate Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

The Ultimate Habit Tracker template is ideal for tracking progress toward your habit goals. It operates on automation, so you only need to check off the habits you’ve done each day. For habit visualization, the template provides the following perspectives: weekly, calendar, visual, and all habits. Additionally, it exhibits motivational messaging and a progress bar to encourage you to continue forming positive habits.

5. Minimalist Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

If you favor analog and minimalist habit tracking systems, then Minimalist Habit Tracker is the app for you. You can create a weekly habit tracking document using this minimalist Notion template to keep track of goals and cultivate positive habits. There are no intricate features or point systems to make sure you understand. Check off your daily habits, and note any observations or modifications you made in the Weekly Summary. This mobile-friendly and desktop-compatible template also exhibits the history of your Habit tracking by collecting all of your data.

6. The Sweet Setup

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

Initiate your Habit tracking regimen with The Sweet Setup’s entirely automated template. This template allows you to view all of your habits in a single location. You can track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress toward developing a habit using this template. It includes four useful views to help you monitor your habits and can be customized to suit your requirements. This template for a notion-free habit tracker features motivational habits to assist in the selection process.

7. Monthly Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

Track your daily habits using the Monthly Habit Tracker template. A new month can be added through the use of an integrated template option. The icon loads the days of the month in advance. Additionally, change the field property titles of the columns to reflect the desired habits. Transfer the table from the previous month into the Archives tab at the template bottom as the month ends. At each month’s conclusion, simple formulas are used to monitor and assess the cumulative score for each Habit during the current month.

8. Prototion Habit Tracker

Notion Habit Tracker Templates

The Prototion Habit Tracker is a checkmark-based habit tracker for busy professionals. Five habits are included in the free template: Screen Time, Running, Meditation, Sleep, and Journaling. A table has 30 to 31 rows representing the entire month. If you practice this Habit these days, all you need to do is checkmark it. However, tracking screen time requires entering precise screen time data in minutes via the well-being app on your mobile device.

9. Habit Tracker and Goal Setter

You must purchase Habit Tracker and Goal Setter Templates if you need more motivation and self-control to maintain a tracker on mobile apps. It provides precisely the value and functionality it claims to provide for $24. To commence, the template is accompanied by comprehensive, sequential instructions that facilitate the personalization process. As a result, the template is simple to set up based on your specific requirements for habit tracking. Second, the template generates a forecast of habit progress by allowing you to pick how many habits you want to practice per week and a few hours for how many habits you want to practice.

10. Notion Everything Habit Tracker

Interested in forming enduring habits? Obtain this sophisticated and stylish Notion template for $2 from Notion Everything. The template explains habit tracking, including its fundamental principles and instructions for its usage. There is a visually appealing dashboard to track the improvement of your active habits for the current year. You can set new habits from the Dashboard or customize the target time for each Habit. Additionally, noteworthy characteristics include.

  • A bench with aesthetic appeal
  • Numerous progress indicators
  • A principle underlying every Habit
  • Inspirational sayings
  • Choose between dark and vibrant themes

11. Health & Habit Tracker

Despite its compact appearance, the Health & Habit Tracker for Notion is loaded with numerous fields and statistical properties. The same template can be used to track your health and habits. The Medication tab, for instance, allows you to enter the timing, dosages, frequency, and other pertinent information for all the medications that you need to take throughout the day. You can track the completion of newly added habits beneath the Weekly Analytics card. The Monthly Analytics provide an exhaustive synopsis of the entire month. Furthermore, health tracking and individualized views of habits are available.

  • Today
  • Habits By Week
  • Habits By Month
  • Stats By Week
  • Stats By Month
  • Habit Calendar
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12. Purple Notion Habit Tracker

By tracking habits and progress in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use Notion template, Purple Notion Habit Tracker enables you to monitor your health and live a healthier life. The template contains a field labeled “Shortcuts.” You can checkmark the habits or hours you have completed for the day. The default template shows the ability to track up to six habits, including Run, Workout, Violin Practice, Hydrate, Sleep, and Read. Press the New Checkbox property on the template and enter the necessary information if you require additional habit headers. So that you can attend every day throughout the year, the card will automatically create a new day at 12 AM midnight.

13. Habit Tracker

Those who are health conscious, athletes, or sports enthusiasts are required to purchase the Habit Tracker. This Notion template provides you with weekly and yearly progress reports on the habits you maintain. The sidebar for this week shows all of the activities. The left-side panel of the identical card shows all the days in the week, beginning with Sunday. To enter notes, hours, miles, etc., click any activity in the days’ cards. The Yearly Progress visualizes your habit goals, such as the number of miles completed, the number of restful nights, and the number of workouts completed.

14. Landmark Labs

This Landmark Labs app is appropriate if you are a busy professional with no time to manage complex Notion templates. Its discreet design only shows you the Week View. Click the Month card to monitor the current Habit tracking from a Habit tracking perspective if you need to get more specific. The Week View provides the following four habits: reading, sleeping, emailing, and exercising. By duplicating this template, you can customize these fields to correspond with appropriate headings, such as Coding, Excel practice, Blogging, Web design courses, etc.

15. Habit Tracker + Planner

Using this Habit Tracker + Planner template (which costs $5.95), you can get a fast overview of project management in real life. In this context, the focus is on project-related duties pertaining to maintaining positive habits. The approach, however, remains unchanged. This template contains the entirety of 2023 and the remainder of 2022. This means that you must purchase this tracker if you are beginning to track your habits in the middle of the year. It makes tracking your daily, weekly, monthly, and year-round goals simple. There is no limit to the magnitude of one’s habits. Not only that, but this Notion Day progress template also shows your habit statistics from day to day.

16. Severin’s Habit Tracker

This habit tracker makes it comfortable and effortless to track your progress and remain motivated, whether you’re seeking to develop healthier habits, increase productivity, or reduce tension. You need a habit tracker if you want to reach your major goals and make 2024 the year of change, the year you begin to track your life and take it seriously. You can track your daily habits using this tool in any manner that suits you. To minimize your work, every date of 2024 has already been filled in. You can add new habits and remove those already filled in. Everything is designed to facilitate your use of the tracker.

17. Notionhub Habit Tracker

You can obtain this free template for a Notion tracking system for daily habits from NotionHub. Enter zero or a reasonable price in the field provided, then click Add to Cart to purchase it. Enter your email address in the shopping cart to access the online template version. You can then easily reproduce the content for your Notion desktop or web app. The template comprises the subsequent sections.

  • For snoozing, reading, working out, and other daily activities.
  • The previous week shows cards for daily habits, each of which corresponds to a specific number of hours invested.
  • The Monthly Progress view is a gallery that shows a snapshot of your activities for the entire month.

Consider The Following:


Engaging in long-term habit tracking practices facilitates the development of the discipline, productivity, and professional expertise. Acquiring a few professional-related habits and devoting complete satisfaction to them will teach you how to manage tasks effectively within a limited time frame. Using the Notion app and the Habit Tracker Templates, one can effortlessly initiate beneficial work-related routines, engage in self-care activities, or eliminate detrimental habits.

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