Download Free O2Tv Movies And Series In HD 3GP Mp4

Who does not like watching movies in their leisure time? It is the best and the easiest entertainment you can cherish within the comfort of your house. The entertainment doubles up when you are getting everything for free. There are a significant collection of websites offering movies for free, and and (O2Tv)have always been the most preferable and significant choices to watch 3gp, Mp4, and HD movies.

These two websites are included amongst the best websites to download old, trending, and latest series as well as seasonal movies. There is very hardly any difference between the two websites when it comes to picking one over another. If O2Tvseries provides ease in navigation, then tvshows4mobile is known for its amazing features. In fact, tvshoes4mobile seems like a clone version of O2Tvseries. Both are equally capable, and they can equally handle requests. 

Let’s discuss each website briefly to make its features and specifications clear. 




Tbshows4mobile is an online Movie portal capable of providing its users with the latest Asian and Hollywood movies as well as the latest TV shows. The website has recently expanded itself and now provides content on Bollywood movies and several other networks. 

The website has a significant amount of users on board because of the easy interface and the quality of content. The website is compatible with all platforms can easily function on tablets, computers, and smartphones. Following are some of its amazing features. 

  • Tvshows4mobile has a watch later feature that enable users to watch movie or drama offline after downloading them. Additionally, if you cannot download a movie due to an unstable internet connection, putting it on the watch later will help you watch it later, even without a stable connection. 
  • You can download your movie or any show in different formats. This feature has resolved the problem of device compatibility. This feature provides a greater edge to Tvshows4mobile over other websites that often have video and device compatibility problems. 
  • Tvshows4mobile is honored to have a wide variety of movies in their database. 
  • Tvshows4mobile claims to have one of the fastest servers for movies and TV show download. In fact, a movie of gigabyte will only take a minute or two to download at Tvshows4mobile. This is how fast the website is. 
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It is yet another amazing platform powerful enough to easily download a complete series of TV shows and seasonal movies. The website is the best to download in formats, including 3gp, mp4, and HD. The website renders its services through websites like The website is known to be the best to get whole videos and movies downloaded in an instant. 

The website renders services for free, and it keeps itself posted. The website may introduce annoying ads; however, you can easily do with them if you are getting other amazing benefits. Here are a few of its features.

  • As stated earlier, the website needs no registration. It does not require any account creation process as well. So, you can easily explore and download movies without going through any formalities. 
  • The website has a helpful search bar. The best part about the search bar is that it links straight to Google, enabling the website to have an extensive range of resources to find the latest and the most trending movie and series. 
  • The users can be download as well as stream movies. You can also download the movies and later watch them offline. 
  • The website is compatible with all platforms and renders its services for free. 

Both the websites have different genres of movies, including adventure movies, documentary movies, romance movies, comedy, war movies, crime movies, science fiction movies, reality tv, fantasy, and much more. Additionally, both the websites regularly update themselves and offer videos of good audio-video quality. 

You can easily download your much-anticipated movies, including Game of Thrones, Heroes, Supernatural, Prison Break, Power, Viking, and the list goes on. 

Difference Between 3GP, Mp4, HD Movies. 

The basic difference between these formats is of quality. Let’s discuss each of them separately. 

3gp: 3gp is a more acceptable format for gsm-based mobile phones. It also acts as a multimedia format for 3G UMTS mobile phones. Besides, the website works well on 3g mobile smartphones and can be played on the devices. In fact, 2g and edge phones are also compatible with the devices. 

The website has a slightly compromised quality. It is small in size and, therefore, best for those having space issues. 

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Mp4: It is also known as MPEG-4 part 14. It is one of the best multimedia formats capable of housing video, audio, and other images and subtitles. Mp3 can only store audio, including music, tones, and sounds, so Mp4 goes far above it. Unlike 3gp, Mp4 has a good quality video, and the sound is also better. If quality is your main concern, you should opt for Mp4. 

HD: HD is an acronym for high-definition. HD is one of the best and the most advanced formats having higher resolution and impeccable quality. HD has a display range of around 720 x 1280. In brief, HD has a high-quality video; it is not fuzzy and is not blurred in comparison to mp4 and 3gp. 

Ways to Download Season and Series Movies from O2Tvseries and Tvshows4mobile.

Now that you know enough about the two websites and the difference between 3gp, Mp4, and HD, let’s get down to business and discuss the simple steps to download content from these websites.

Since both the websites are almost alike, the method to download videos will also remain the same. Here we will refer to O2Tvseries to tell the easy steps. 

  • Start with typing O2Tvseries in your browser. This design will be similar to that of tvshows4mobile. You can click on any random movie by heading to recently added. 
  • The other option would be going to the “list all tv series” category on the menu bar. The menu bar lies right at the top between the home category and lists of all genres.
  • A new page will appear at this point. You can use the alphabet “a-z” to get the movie you wish to download. For instance, if you wish to download 02tvseries supernatural season 14, simply go to S and click the episode you wish to download. 
  • If you face a movie error, you only need to type in 
  • Now scroll through to search for the movie you have been looking for on the list. 

Final Words:

In this article today, we have shortly discussed the difference between the three formats and how the O2Tv series and TVshows4mobile are best for downloading videos on these platforms. I hope you will be find the article useful. 

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