Top 15 Best Online Course Platforms In 2022

online course platforms

Best and demanding online courses platforms will be described in this article. Do you intend to develop and market online courses? The eLearning market is expanding quickly across the globe, so now is the ideal moment to get started. According to a report, the worldwide e-learning market would grow to $336.98 billion by 2026. Additionally, as online course platforms grow in popularity, people are converting from old-fashioned learning techniques to more contemporary ones.

The moment is here if you want to sell online courses as well. But which learning management system or online learning platform is the best for you with so many platforms? The top 15 platforms for creating and selling online courses have been compiled by this blog. These platforms don’t require you to know how to code. But before we do that, let’s rather grasp what an online course platform is and how to make and sell online courses using an online course website.

Top 15 Best Online Course Platforms In 2022

Top 15 Best Online Course Platforms are explained here.

1. Thinkific – Create, market, and sell courses



One of the best platforms for selling courses online, according to reviews, is Thinkific. It is a famous option since it offers a premium online course experience and its pricing closely matches the features offered when compared to other affordable options on the list.

Thinkific’s Core Qualities

  • Your course website can be easily customised, and nobody would know it was created by Thinkific.
  • A user-friendly yet sophisticated drag-and-drop editor for organising your website’s content.
  • Sales pages for courses are organised and effectively optimised.
  • Customizable real-time professional dashboards are available from Thinkfic. Include any texts, films, or other files that your users can download digitally.
  • Try out a free plan without spending any money up ahead, then buy it if you enjoy it.

No transaction costs

More than 30 distinct languages can be supported by the platform. Also check Implement Python In Machine Learning

2. LearnWorlds – Create and sell online courses from your own website



One of the reliable all-in-one platforms for online course construction, LearnWorlds was thoughtfully created to assist you in selling online courses with a variety of cutting-edge and interactive features. For instance, the platform’s integrated movie player and E-Book reader are both interactive elements that give consumers a distinctly different experience from that of other platforms. High conversion rates and increased course sales are the result of the well optimised course sales pages and payment procedures. Many course builders utilise it because of how simple it is to use.

Key Features of LearnWorlds

  • A drag and drop editor that makes you feel at home.
  • Templates with High Responsiveness.
  • Automation of marketing
  • An expert dashboard
  • Audio narration that’s interactive
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Best aspect? Numerous customisable, pre-designed, and ready-to-use web page templates to develop your online course website rapidly.
  • You might provide free courses.
  • Consider using the free plan before deciding whether to buy an advanced one.

3. Podia — Offer Webinars, Downloads, Courses, and Community



Podia is an intuitive online course development tool that contains all the features a course designer might possibly need to create and market courses. You may create a private membership site community, host online seminars, add downloadable content to your landing page, host live chat sessions directly on the Podia platform, all of which will help you engage more visitors.

Podia Main Qualities

  • Widget for live chat.
  • Simple file downloading.
  • Access based on user roles.
  • Provides a variety of cutting-edge marketing automation solutions.
  • A feature for live previews of all of your courses.
  • A variety of marketing tools.
  • 14-day risk-free trial period.

4. Teachable  – Create and market online courses and coaching


Teachable is a cloud-based online course creation tool that provides an intuitive course building interface, which is great for novices. This is one of the largest online course markets (statistically). On its platform, Teachable has over 100,000 instructors, and it has assisted numerous users in making over $500 million.

Teachable is used by well-known brands including the New York Times and John Lee Dumas. You can trust the platform if they do. The pre-made templates must first have your subject matter content added to them before you can personalise how they should appear and work. Also check student centered learning.

The dashboard makes it simple to set up everything, including payments, course sales pages, digital downloads, progress tracking, and much more. Teachable has added an online course storefront called “Discover” to their platform. They are putting a lot of attention and work into it right now, giving the sense that it is ready to flourish in the future. Imagine getting your course listed; it can be a great chance to boost course purchases.

Teachable Core Qualities

Processing of payments internally

  • Interactive lectures using different mediums.
  • Using Google Forms.
  • Adepts more than 130 different currencies for payment.
  • Advanced reporting and tracking of progress.
  • Provides educators with an affiliation programme.

5. Kajabi – Create and sell online courses



One of the most well-known platforms for creating online courses is Kajabi. In order to help you quickly produce and market your organised online courses, it provides powerful and advanced course builder tools including automation. A full solution for creating online courses is called Kajabi. You can choose from a variety of scalable course site themes to utilise when building a stunning and distinctive website for your online education venture. This is another online course platforms.

This all-in-one platform and course builder is ideal for both beginning and advanced users because of the features with different levels. Even non-technical individuals will find the dashboard to be easy to use. Without the need for specialised design or coding abilities, the drag-and-drop functionality makes creating and setting up your online courses (or digital downloads) simple. If a course designer wishes to employ email marketing tools right from their dashboard, Kajabi is the best course.

Features of Kajabi

  • Create attractive landing pages using a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Create as many pages as you like.
  • Include current events on your homepage.

Email marketing tools built-in.

  • A programme for instructors’ affiliates.
  • Constant technical and customer assistance.
  • The best online platform with an array of ready-to-use, editable course site templates.
  • Run a podcast.
  • Include lecture videos.
  • Create blogs to enhance traffic and reach.
  • Integrations with third-party apps.
  • Install the app on your phone.

6. Udemy– Learn Anything, On Your Schedule



More than 24 million people use Udemy, one of the greatest online learning platforms and best online course marketplace, which also offers 35,000 instructors and an astounding eighty thousand plus courses. But you must first sign up and become a premium instructor in order to design your own course and sell it on the site.

The process of creating unlimited courses is simple after your premium instructor account has been approved. The process of creating a course is not too difficult. Keep in mind that your video content must comprise at least five in-depth lectures and be at least 30 minutes long when developing it.

You may quickly advertise your best online course on Udemy by adding selling courses on their site. You can join their affiliate programme and earn tier-based commissions, use their marketing tools for site-wide discounts, or get added to their marketing tools.

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Key Elements of Udemy

  • A range of sophisticated monitoring tools.
  • Offer unrestricted instruction in multiple languages.
  • Develop your own brand by utilising the marketing resources.
  • Top online programmes.
  • A single platform with sophisticated video recording and course creation tools provides users a sense of being in an online classroom.
  • There are no limits on the number of students.
  • Become a member of the affiliate programme and market your best online course.
  • Courses without end.
  • Improved performance compared to competing platforms.
  • Provides online degree programmes as well.

7. WizIQ – LMS and virtual classroom software


Among many other top online course platforms, WizIQ provides instructors with a simple approach to build virtual classroom software. A course maker can upload live, interactive online classes using this tool. You won’t believe it, but more than 4,000 000 instructors have used WizIQ to instruct students in 200 different countries.

For online course producers to launch their live training programmes, they offer the most up-to-date technological tools. Forum boards, video streaming, mobile accessibility opportunities, critical evaluations, and analytics dashboards are a few of them.

Consider being a teacher or a businessperson who wishes to connect with their audience live at any time, anywhere in the world. In that situation, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial and then choose whether you want to buy a new subscription. This is another online course platforms.

Key Features of WizIQ

  • An all-encompassing online HD video conferencing function.
  • Abundant storage space for countless courses.
  • Access content remotely from any location or device at any time.
  • Add your online course business logo and brand colours to strengthen your brand identity.
  • You may track your progress with analytics reports provided by this online course building tool.
  • Unlike other platforms, allows LMS integrations.
  • Take as many exams and assessments online as possible.
  • Establish a personal membership website.

8. Learn Dash – You Deserve the Best for Your Online Course!

Learn Dash

One of the greatest online course platforms for creating courses and selling them with a WordPress course is LearnDash, a plugin for WordPress.

Many significant LearnDash users, including Yoast SEO, Infusionsoft, and the University of Michigan, use this well-known WordPress LMS plugin. Their “Focus Mode” is one of their USPs and the first useful function. When students are enrolled in one of your courses, this mode eliminates all outside distractions.

The fully functional course builder from LearnDash works flawlessly with their email drip campaigns. On your own website, you can create the best online course, match your material to a particular email drip, and plan the delivery of courses in accordance with predetermined schedules.

Discover Dash’s Key Features

  • Gradebook technology provides students and learners with total quiz and assignment scores based on grades. For teachers to review, it produces a weighted average.

For a variety of actions, the course awards points.

  • Amenities that rival college curricula.
  • Awards and diplomas.
  • A distraction-blocking mode called Focus Mode.
  • Create however many landing pages are necessary.
  • A cutting-edge course environment with a variety of features and courses.
  • Build membership websites.

9. Skill Shared: Art Classes

Skill Shared


Another top online course site devoted to promoting effective and engaging learning is Skillshare. It offers programmes in a wide variety of topics, such as analytics, graphic design, eCommerce management, cooking lessons, music, performing arts, and much more. In addition, SkillShare provides training on how to succeed as a YouTuber and as a blogger.

As users complete your courses, you receive a revenue share of their membership site fees. When you build a course on SkillShare, it automatically becomes a part of the catalogue. You may make $10 by signing up for SkillShare and referring users. SkillShare is a fantastic content creation platform that offers some of the best online courses when compared to other platforms, despite the fact that revenues are often minimal.

Skills Sharing Options

  • You can discover anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Instant sales thanks to SkillShare’s current user base.
  • Connect social media accounts from other platforms to increase your exposure and reach.
  • Students who take classes from premium instructors can start making money right away.
  • Raise the price of your greatest online course.
  • You don’t require advanced technological knowledge to start taking online courses on SkillShare.
  • Mainly classes with video content.

10. Pin Learn – Self-hosted online tutoring marketplace software

Pin Learn


you’re unaware, Pin Learn is a flexible eLearning platform and course builder with built-in tools to sell your courses. You can plan webinars, design self-paced courses, and take live, one-on-one lessons. You can independently sell courses and encourage other educators to use your platform. You must study how to create an on-demand tutoring app.

To meet your eLearning and commercial demands, Pinlearn is a one-stop shop for course production. Do you intend to market self-paced training? Making money off of live video lectures? Or charge for group webinars? Fear not, Pinlearn supports every one of them on a single platform.

In addition to letting other tutors sign up and sell their courses, you can also sell your courses. The best thing is that every educator and tutor has access to a special Tutor-Dashboard where they can manage their resume, online classes, private lessons, meeting times, student progress, and monthly income.

The platform provides all the tools an educator needs to develop courses, run webinars, and deliver live lectures via video conferencing, including an effective course builder, analytics, and other capabilities.

Pin Learn Important Details

  • Built-in session recording
  • Record live lectures for later learning.
  • An integrated function for course creation.
  • Webinars and live lectures.
  • Various payment gateways for straightforward transactions.
  • Extensive analytics and status updates.
  • Individual dashboards for administrators, students, tutors, etc.
  • Access based on roles.
  • Interactive educational tools.
  • Simple file downloading
  • Work together with different tutors on the platform.
  • Tools for integrated SEO and marketing.
  • No cost trial.

No transaction costs

11.Shaw Academy: Free Online Courses & Certification from Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy

One of the multiple useful online learning platforms is Shaw Academy, which gives students access to highly regarded and qualified online courses. Students can quickly sign up for Shaw Academy to gain access to all of the platform’s long-form courses. This is another online course platforms. Also check language learning apps for kids.

Three sorts of courses are available from Shaw Academy: courses for professionals, courses for entrepreneurs, and courses for those looking to pursue their hobbies.

About Shaw Academy

  • Programs of international acclaim.
  • Certifications that support students’ career development.
  • Comprehensive courses in Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, web development, project management, and digital marketing.
  • Get useful training on cutting-edge subjects and abilities.
  • Courses that are flexible and that you can finish at your own speed.
  • 24 hour technical assistance.
  • Recordings from classes can be downloaded and viewed later.
  • Receive a free four-week plan.
  • One of the top platforms for online education.

No transaction costs

  • Powerful course creator.

12. Ruzuku – Deliver Incredible Courses That People Will Love


This is another online course platforms. You can construct an online course that takes students step-by-step using the sophisticated course platform Ruzuku. allowing you to quickly add text, PDFs, and a variety of digital resources. Create course outlines quickly, then easily change and rearrange your steps. Launch your course with no hassle and quickly see amazing sales.

One of the multiple suitable platforms for creating online courses, Ruzuku integrates tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and several payment methods like Stripe and PayPal to ensure smooth transactions. There are no transaction costs.

Features of Ruzuku

  • Community and Q&A section.
  • Tools for integrating third parties.
  • A simple but feature-rich course builder.
  • Content backups on a daily basis.
  • Open enrollment in all courses.
  • Worldwide content delivery system.
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Courses with a calendar for regular scheduling.
  • In their responses, students are permitted to submit images, videos, and PDFs.
  • Webinars and live classes.
  • The highest calibre course platform.

13. LinkedIn Learning – Online training programmes through

LinkedIn Learning


One of the best online course management systems that has been integrated into a hugely popular and business-oriented social media network is Linkedin Learning.

Similar to Coursera, LinkedIn Learning is extremely picky about the educators and instructors it accepts onto its platform. Although they compensate their instructors generously, getting chosen is not that simple.

Learning on LinkedIn

  • Easily build a learning portal.
  • You can access LinkedIn Learning from any desktop or laptop.
  • Include quizzes in your classes.
  • Add downloadable documents, links, and video content.
  • Access a variety of pre-made templates to build your course.
  • Bit-size videos can be viewed on the go at any time or place.
  • Easily browse current topics.
  • Unrestricted access to a range of courses.
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14. Udacity – Learn the newest tech skills



People can learn the newest and most cutting-edge skills on Udacity. Udacity allows you to produce High Definition instructor or tutorial videos. You can tailor the learning plan and progression at Udacity to suit your goals as an individual or as an organisation. This is another online course platforms.

What Udacity Offers

  • Use of the debate and Q&A platform.

Customized comments on assignments and projects.

  • Present learners with renowned certificates.
  • Constant access to the customer service and technical support teams.
  • Individualized project reviewer guidance on coursework and projects.
  • Tasks and projects prepared for the real world by well-known professionals in the field.
  • Free Test

15. Coursera: Unrestricted Learning



The top online learning platform, Coursera, enables instructors to share lessons from major universities including Duke University, Google, Facebook, IBM, University of Michigan, Stanford, and Oxford.

Although Coursera is a fantastic marketplace, the courses produced are of the very finest calibre. For educators, teachers, and instructors, the platform is invitation-only. For students that enrol, Coursera also provides online degree programmes in addition to courses. This is another online course platforms.

15% of the money made from each course is given to the Coursera teachers and educators. However, the majority of platform users can take the classes for free. Typically, the staff of Coursera earns money through partnerships with businesses or schools of higher learning as well as from individual sales of Coursera Plus.

Features of Coursera

  • A lot of free programmes and courses.
  • Courses from a range of renowned institutions throughout the world.
  • Excellent advanced courses.
  • Academic programmes.

As well as higher education programmes, skill development.

  • Internationally renowned certification.
  • Simple to use and comprehend.

For individuals aiming for a more advanced or higher education, there are online degree programmes. You can even take part in online degree programmes that are approved by universities. submit your coursework and regular tasks. Give a final exam as well as standard tests. These programmes can be finished in one to three years. Similar to any degree programme sponsored by a university or institution, it will run you anything from $15 to $25,000.

An online course platform is what is it?

An online learning platform is a cohesive collection of interactive online services with a range of tools, information, and learning resources to support and improve the management and delivery of education. A learning management system is one of the online learning platforms available today (LMS).

Learning management systems: what are they?

A learning management system, sometimes known as an LMS, is a type of software that offers a framework for managing all facets of the learning process. You create, deliver, and track your online training or course content there. An LMS is sometimes known as a learning experience platform, a learning activity management system, or even a training management system.

A learning content management system (LCMS) is frequently confused with an LMS. Although complementary to one another, the two systems are not the same. Software is used to create and manage the material for online courses, or LCMS. However, an LMS is made to make course simpler for people in charge of training, developing online courses, and monitoring progress. Identifying, defining, and evaluating the learning objectives of the organisation and the individual, for instance. Additionally, monitoring progress towards achieving those objectives, gathering and presenting statistics to oversee the online course learning process in online classrooms.

How do I pick the best online course environment?

A successful online learning platform should provide users with a rich learning environment that feels and functions like a traditional classroom online. It must include features found in a traditional classroom, such as teacher-student interaction, an online community for the class, real-time discussion, Q&As, video lessons for better engagement, interactive online course material, games, pop-up quizzes, group projects, etc. The features, tools, and services of an online learning platform that foster the necessary level of engagement among students are what enable these stimulating learning environments. It must offer them a setting akin to an online classroom.

Websites for Online Learning’s Content Modules

You must choose an online learning platform with a variety of content, learning, evaluation, and communication modules. With the help of these modules, your online learning platform can offer a variety of teaching methods to each learner, helping them to perform better and retain more information.

Accessibility on Mobile

The younger generation is practically always glued to their smartphones. They maintain their mobile phones with them everywhere & at all times! No matter what your enterprise is, today, students prefer to have accessibility to your range anytime, anywhere, on the go, & prefer to have a completely flexible self learning cycle.

Hence, you must complete course marketplaces & online courses research to check what percentage of students in your industry would like to have online classes available “outside” of using a laptop or desktop. If the mark is above 30%, then you must ensure that the learning management system you select is compatible with mobile phones.

Supportive File Formats

Since understanding management systems are built to create courses and sell online courses, it’s super important to check while exploring different best online course platforms whether your online course platform supports different eLearning formats. Some of the formats noted earlier were audio & video. Still, the inventory also includes XML, PDFs, MP3, MP4, SCORM, AICC, certifications, etc. We recommend you research and make a list of generally used and new advanced content formats used in your online courses and check that your preferred management systems support them.

Whether you own a little business, a huge business, or are willing to build your own website to make courses and create an online system business, keep these important points in mind while choosing an online course forum to make & sell online courses. This will guarantee that you find the suitable LMS for your online courses or training programmes. In addition to selecting the apt. learning forum for the online system that you want to sell, provide your course fabric appeals to your audience to support them returning to your online course platform.

How to Create and Sell Online Courses?

Follow the beneath mentioned steps in order to make online courses & learn how to sell online courses.

Step 1: The foremost step is to choose the subject or area of learning on which you want to make the online system.

Step 2: Before you begin developing your online course, create sure to test and analyse your idea & course & take reviews from the ones who are familiar with your business.

Step 3: Don’t straight away dive into creating the system. Make certain to intensely study the topic or subject matter you choose. Without that, you won’t be able to start teaching online or create the multiple useful online classes that are actually helpful for the learners. Hence, it is essential to have good knowledge of the subject matter.

Step 4: Prepare an outline of your own course. For instance, list the topics you will cover, the subtopics, and sections under each topic.

Step 5: Now, you must start creating your online course with proper audio-video lessons and including other media wherever necessary. Provide in-depth explanations, guides, and insights to provide quality content.

Step 6: Once the course content is ready and you’re absolutely sure about your course content, launch it either on your own channel or any of the top online course platforms or directly sell courses or rent it to the people.

Step 7: This is not where it ends. Once your online course is available, you must regularly update it with fresh content and stay on top of the latest trends. Create an online community and continue answering your students’ questions.

Which Online Course Platform is Best, in Conclusion?

You can now launch your own online course business if you have a thorough understanding of what online course platforms, learning management systems, and learning platforms are. We are confident you will be able to choose the finest platform for your online courses using the list of the top 15 online course platforms and the selection advice provided.

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