Picking the Best Email Cleansing Software: Test Email Deliverability Like a Pro

Picking the Best Email Cleansing Software: Test Email Deliverability Like a Pro

Using a Cleansing Software Along with an Email Deliverability Test one: why is it Crucial?

Nowadays a lot of developers out there offer their email cleansing software. It may prove difficult to find the best person to buy such a tool from. For instance, the Folderly test email deliverability developers are always happy to offer the best checking services. But how can one pick  and buy the most reliable cleansing software? In this article we study the matter in detail.

What are the main reasons for always having a fine email cleansing software at hand? Why is it no less important than to test email deliverability on the current basis? Let’s deal with the problem piece by piece.

  1. The declining of one’s email lists is inevitable. Email addresses tend to get abandoned, stolen etc. It’s usually noticeable when an email address isn’t worth sending to anymore: the sender’s e-letters get bounced over and over again.
  2. A fine email cleansing software is always capable of helping to solve issues connected with the presence of no longer existing contacts on one’s email lists. For instance, you’ve run an email deliverability test and revealed that a number of the contacts have to be removed. A cleansing service can do that for you; plus a good software of the kind removes various low-quality e-letters.

Wishing to Check Email Deliverability Best: Check the Quality of your Cleansing Software  

To be a good marketer means to use both an email deliverability test software and email cleansing one. The latter is the subject under analysis in the present guide. So, the question which has to be answered by all means is this: how can one be sure that his email cleansing software is really good? It’s one thing to check one’s email deliverability but to get rid of issues is another task.

It should be kept in mind that there isn’t a validation service that’s capable of removing every last piece of bad data. Thus, the percent of accuracy to be expected from a really fine cleansing software is about 96-97%. Your current software does worse than that? Sorry, but the service isn’t worth using. What’s the point of applying a software that can’t make marketers be sure that they send alright without another test for spam?

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Here is another matter to be analyzed: how can a marketer be sure that his cleansing software is really worth it? Let’s give a detailed consideration to the matter.

A quality cleansing software is indicated by a money-back guarantee. Services capable of doing what is advertised aren’t likely to have problems backing the thing up. No one and nothing is safe from failing accidentally; in this case a refund guarantee is a must.

Learn the Email Cleaner Work Mechanism to Check Email Deliverability Best

It’s possible to spend hours looking for bits of information on the Internet but why not read a guide by Folderly, a product of b2b lead generation company – Belkins? Folderly’s experts possess immense experience considering various digital marketing aspects. So, let’s continue digging into what the company’s professionals have to say about picking the best cleansing software, shall we?

As it turns out, running a test for email delivery (or deliverability) rate isn’t the only thing to be done in b2b. It’s also necessary that a marketer understands how email cleansing works.  Here is some information on the matter.

So, we’ve dealt with the “how-can-I-improve-my-email-deliverability” matter not once. But this time it’s the main tool to do this which is under analysis. Some prefer using basic email cleansing software: such services are only capable of detecting potentially hazardous email addresses (for instance, disposable or invalid contacts).

Software of a more competitive kind offers a greater range of opportunities. On the whole, the minimum operations which every cleansing software carries out are:

1) Locating invalid addresses.

2) Finding and removing disposable e-letters.

3) Detecting role-based e-letters.

4) Locating catch-all e-letters.

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5) Revealing spam traps.

Check Email Deliverability to never Worry about Data Security

The success of anyone’s cold b2b emailing depends on how good the deliverability is, also how well a marketer maintains the cleanness of the data of his. In modern days it’s most crucial that security of all types (cybersecurity in particular) is always maintained on the highest level. In case with b2b it can’t be any different because every b2b prospect or sale lead entrusts you with valuable personal data. Therefore, no good marketer can do without a reliable cleaner.

There are a number of requirements which any fine verifier software has to meet.

  1. Your cleansing software has to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. If your software is by trustworthy developers, don’t even doubt that it will be continually improved and apply the best anti-security-breach practices.
  2.  Have you ever seen a trustworthy company that would conceal the key information on what safety protocols they implement? Guess, not. So, check the developer of your software’s website and seek out this information there.

Premium Features: Recognizing Software to Guarantee Great Email Deliverability Test Results

A reliable spam-and-email-deliverability checker plus great cleansing software will definitely ensure the success of a campaign and data security. However, it can only be achieved if combined with a complex of other b2b tricks. An opportunity to do the latter usually differentiates a truthfully powerful cleansing software.

When not running another email deliverability test but trying to get yourself a really good cleansing service, pay attention to whether the following features are included into this or that promising looking software:

-Does it monitor blacklists? A good verifier software keeps users notified on whether their domains or IP addresses get blacklisted somewhere;

  • -Is it capable of deliverability testing? A software is fine if you can use it for testing emails before sending those to the lists;
  • -Email scoring. Choose tools able to help with validating catch-all emails

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