Today’s ‘Quordle’ #159 Answers With Hint: Saturday 2nd July

Quordle Answers

Since Quordle is similar to Wordle but much more difficult, there’s no shame in looking for the daily Quordle answers for game #159. The Quordle has four solutions to find each day; therefore, ‘answers’ is plural. If you haven’t played it yet, you should since it’s four times as entertaining as the original viral word game. However, it is potentially four times as tough because you only get nine guesses to find the quartet of words. (Of course, some days Wordle is more difficult than others; today’s Wordle answer is rather difficult.). It, too, resets every day, so if you skip one game, you’ll have no idea what the prior daily Quordle answers were. Unless you bookmark this page, you’ll be able to check today’s Quordle answers whenever you like, as I’ll be updating it every morning.

Note: game #159 spoilers follow, so only continue if you want to hear today’s Quordle answers! And please don’t use this website to lie to others and claim you got it right when you didn’t. That would be a waste of my efforts.

Today’s Quordle Hints, Saturday, July 2, Game #159

Before I get to today’s Quordle answers, I’ll give you some clues to get you started. I’ve got three initial hints for you, followed by one major reveal at the conclusion. And then, promise, I’ll tell you the answers. So here are some starting points:

  • There are just four vowels used*.
  • Three of the answers feature a repeated letter…
  • …and one of them has the same letter repeated three times.

* By vowel, I mean A, E, I, O, and U. Other letters are occasionally believed to be vowels relying on how they are used.

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Well, the daily Quordle answers for game #159 are a rather difficult group all around, so here’s another hint: A fool is one of today’s Quordle answers. Are you still stuck? Then we’ll get to the answers.

Today’s Quordle Answers, Saturday, July 2, Game #159

Quordle Answers

So, what are the answers to today’s Quordle for game #159? I won’t keep you waiting any longer; here it is:


Well, the daily Quordle answers for game #159 are quite difficult. The APNEA has a repeated A and is a somewhat unusual word, TITAN has a repeated T and is likewise relatively uncommon, and NINNY… well, NINNY has three Ns in it. To tackle this one, you’ll need the right method. Mine entails initially playing three prepared words in an attempt to remove or confirm as many common letters as feasible. I always start with one of the top Wordle start words, STARE, and then go on to DOILY and PUNCH.

That normally gives me a nice head start on the daily Quordle answers, and it worked again today, with all five letters becoming green or yellow for one puzzle, four for two more, and three for the last one. Even still, it required some work, with NINNY, in particular, causing me some problems. Despite the difficulty, I eventually finished this daily Quordle on the final guess. I hope you were able to fix it as well.

Previous Quordle Answers

We may also provide you with a list of prior Quordle answers. Here’s a list that goes back 20 games.

  • Quordle #139: SHIRK, GUAVA, OPINE, FABLE
  • Quordle #140: MANIA, SALTY, PHASE, SWOON
  • Quordle #141: CELLO, SHADE, CAPER, PIANO
  • Quordle #142: SPOON, SPOOK, SCARF, SNOWY
  • Quordle #143: LOSER, ALLOT, FIXER, SPARK
  • Quordle #144: VINYL, DOWDY, STEIN, PANEL
  • Quordle #145: PANIC, METAL, AGATE, MODEL
  • Quordle #146: CRIED, MACRO, ARMOR, SHEIK
  • Quordle #147: TRAIN, LINEN, BURST, SWEEP
  • Quordle #148: TREAT, SCALE, MAGMA, BLURT
  • Quordle #149: CONCH, CHASE, CROWD, THRUM
  • Quordle #150: TORCH, TROVE, WRACK, SPOON
  • Quordle #151: TWIST, TWICE, CARGO, RATTY
  • Quordle #152: MODEL, DRUID, TERSE, UNFIT
  • Quordle #153: AUDIO, SLIME, LUCID, MAGMA
  • Quordle #154: CHIEF, SWIRL, SHUSH, OUTDO
  • Quordle #155: SWASH, AUDIT, TAMER, TEACH
  • Quordle #156: CLICK, TONIC, SUITE, TOXIN
  • Quordle #157: UTILE, DYING, ENDOW, SULLY
  • Quordle #158: RAMEN, STAID, WOODY, BASTE
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What More Do I Need To Know About Quordle?

Quordle is one of several Wordle clones that have emerged after Wordle’s enormous success. It’s the same game, but you play four different versions simultaneously and get nine chances to guess all the answers. The letters operate similarly to Wordle, becoming green if they’re in the right spot, yellow if they’re in the bad place, and grey if they’re not in the answer at all.

A pleasant bonus is that, while there is just one problem every day, there is also a practice mode. And you might need it since it’s challenging. If Quordle is too difficult for you, you could choose one of the greatest Wordle alternatives, but if you want an even more demanding exam, we propose Squabble or Octordle. We also appreciate the new Heardle, similar to Wordle but for pop music, the Wordle clone Worldle, the math-based Mathler, and the Star Wars-themed SWordle.

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