Top 5 Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects We’ve Seen

Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects

Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects will be discussed in this article. These are the top smart TV projects that you can build using just a Raspberry Pi. Don’t have the funds for a smart TV yet need one? Even though you probably already have gear that can make your TV “smart,” one inexpensive piece of equipment can make a big difference.

With a Raspberry Pi, you can upgrade a basic TV to a smart TV for less than $50. The following details will help you form your own Raspberry Pi streaming TV box.

Top 5 Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects We’ve Seen

In this article, you can know about Best Raspberry Pi Smart TV Projects We’ve Seen here are the details below;

Think on the “what” before diving into the “how.”

The functionality of a smart TV can be replaced by your Raspberry Pi, converting a so-called dumb TV into a smart TV.

What can you therefore anticipate from it?

  • The capacity to play material from an external HDD or USB storage device.
  • On smart TVs, a USB port makes this feasible.
  • You ought to have an extra USB port on the Raspberry Pi to carry out the same task.
  • Internet video streaming from Netflix and YouTube.
  • Netflix can be viewed on the Raspberry Pi using the Chromium browser, or you may use the Netflix Kodi add-on.
  • Remote management via a portable device.
  • To remotely control Kodi, you can set up a client app on your smartphone.

Otherwise, a companion USB dongle attached to the Pi can be used to set up an infrared, Bluetooth, or wireless remote control.

When you turn on the television, a smart TV should be able to retrieve news and weather information and display it to you.

Connect a USB TV card and hard drive if you need to record TV.

While not all Raspberry Pi smart TV projects are capable of implementing these functionalities, Kodi, the most widely used software, does.

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1. Build a Raspberry Pi Streaming Box with kodi

Build a Raspberry Pi Streaming Box with kodi

It’s time to try out Kodi if you haven’t already seen it in action. Also check hbomax tv sign in code.

For the Raspberry Pi, there are a number of Kodi images that essentially provide the same functionality:

  • OpenElec
  • LibreElec
  • OSMC

Your level of experience will determine how you install these.

The Raspberry Pi NOOBS installer has a number of operating systems, however LibreElec is the one that makes installation the easiest.

As an alternative, you can download your favourite image and store it on the microSD card in your Raspberry Pi.

Additionally, Kodi can be deployed as a component of other projects, such a RecalBox retro gaming hub.

Alternatively, you may manually install Kodi:

You may access video and music content from all around the internet after installing add-ons.

These apps display material based on your preferences.

Kodi, for instance, has a YouTube add-on.

But watch out: You should only use add-ons that are available through the official Kodi add-on repository because some of them are illegal.

While watching YouTube, Kodi also provides weather reports so you can see if you’re missing any sunshine.

2. Stream Media Across Your Network with Plex

Stream Media Across Your Network with Plex

Plex is a Kodi substitute that allows you to stream video around your home network.

Your Raspberry Pi serves as the client in this client-server dynamic, and a device running Plex serves as the server.

You’ll need a PC (running Windows, macOS, or Linux), or a NAS device, for the server.

Even a Raspberry Pi can be used to install the Plex server.

Using the utility on the RasPlex website, the RasPlex client software is loaded along with unique microSD card writing software.

RasPlex client can be downloaded here.

Your Raspberry Pi Plex box will stream TV shows and movies to your TV after everything is set up.

Pretty smart

For complete information, go to our comprehensive guide to installing the Plex client on your Raspberry Pi.

3. KDE PlasmaBigscreen: Open Source Raspberry Pi 4 Smart TV

KDE PlasmaBigscreen

This Plasma Bigscreen implementation for the Raspberry Pi uses a customised version of KDE Neon and includes libcec and Mycroft AI.

So, in addition to a smart TV, you also get Mycroft voice control and compatibility with your TV’s current remote (libcec).

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You can build up your own smart TV as an open project without being concerned about privacy or censorship.

As of this writing, only BitChute, Soundcloud, and YouTube are available as Big Screen apps.

It’s still worth looking into because creating a Raspberry Pi smart TV has never been so simple.

Get KDE Plasma Bigscreen here. Also check Iconic Streams

4. Cast Media From Android to Your Raspberry Pi TV

Using a Google Chromecast is a popular low-cost method of upgrading your outdated TV to a smart one.

However, you don’t even need to go this far if you have a Raspberry Pi.

The functionality of Google Chromecast is very similar to that of Miracast and other wireless HDMI technologies.

Simply enough, a mobile desktop or app window is wirelessly transmitted to a TV.

Apps may be launched from here, games can be played in wide screen mode, video can be streamed, etc.

Or, check out the Raspicast app on Google Play for a simpler solution.

Once you’ve completed that, see our instructions for configuring a Raspberry Pi Chromecast.

Within minutes, you can use a Raspberry Pi to stream media from your phone to your tv!

5. Android TV on Raspberry Pi

Android TV on Raspberry Pi

Adapt your Raspberry Pi to serve as an Android TV box.

The last option is to choose Android as opposed to the typical Raspberry Pi distributions based on Raspbian.

You may set up Android on your Raspberry Pi to play media files through your TV once it has been installed.

It’s like having Android on a big screen in your house! Also check 123TV

The Raspberry Pi does not require the Android TV version of the operating system, which is made for set-top boxes.

Then, proceed after using our instructions to install Android TV on a Raspberry Pi.

Android TV is the next best thing to a Roku box as you can construct it with a Raspberry Pi.

5 Ways to Build a Raspberry Pi Smart TV Solutions

It’s likely that if you own a Raspberry Pi, you’ve used it once or twice as a smart TV.

After all, outside of Raspbian, the numerous Kodi ports are among the most widely used disc images.

One of the best Kodi experiences is going to be yours if you’re utilising a Raspberry Pi 4.

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