What is Selenium? Best Selenium Alternatives for 2022

Selenium Alternatives

Selenium IDE is mainly a record run tool used by a test case developer to develop Selenium Test Cases. It is relatively easy to use and can be used by beginners for developing automated test cases for web applications. The app does not require any specific setup to use Selenium IDE. All you need is the extension of any particular browser. Moreover, the software also renders a reasonable Graphical User Interface for conveniently recording the interaction with the website. 

Apart from this, Selenium IDE also lets users create the test cases as well as test suites and later on edit them as per their requirements. The credit of better development also goes to a better development environment that enables users to convert test cases to various programming languages, thereby making it easier for users to avoid mandating the requirement for being familiarized with any specific programming language. 


So, Following are some of the features offered in the IDE under the toolbar with the help of which it is possible to control the execution of test cases. Here are the following features. 

  • It helps control the speed of test cases.
  • This lets users execute the entire Test Suite
  • It successfully executes the currently selected test. 
  • The user can also pause and resume any specific test case.
  • The software offers great help stepping into every specific command in the test script
  • It offers assistance in grouping all the Selenese Commands together and making them execute as a single operation. 


  • The Selenium Projects released until now, including Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid, released under the Apache 2.- license, is open-source software. They are free of cost, and anyone can use them. You can easily download the source code and modify it to your requirement later. 
  • Selenium is capable of supporting different programming languages to write programs and test scripts. The program includes Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby, and PHP. Nearly 77% of the Selenium testers use Java. 
  • It has the capacity to support different operating systems, including MS Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.
  • It can easily support different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, IE, and Opera
  • Selenium Grid can easily support parallel test execution to lessen the Test execution time. 
  • In comparison to several other Vendor Tools, including UFT, RFT, SilkTest, Selenium does not require many Hardware Resources. 


  • Because it is open-source, Selenium cannot provide technical support to the fullest. In case it is UFT/QTP, the Vendor (HP) is there to offer Technical support. 
  • The app backs Web-based applications only. You can surely automate Computer Web Applications and Mobile Web Apps; however, Selenium offers no support for Computer Desktop Applications, Mobile Native Applications, and Mobile Hybrid Applications. 
  • The app is hard to understand and is relatively difficult to use, thereby taking more time to create Test cases.
  • The software has only a programming interface; therefore, the users are supposed to write every take.
  • Selenium makes use of different tools and plug-ins to offer support in Test Automation. For that, It is important to configure them manually. If the vendor tool is like UFT/QTP, we would have to download and install the tool. 
  • The app provides limited support for Image Testing.
  • Because of its status as an open-source, there is no one accountable for the latest feature usage, so there is no guarantee of its accurate work. 
  • The app does not have any proper Tool integration for Test Management. However, if it is UFT, ALM is there for the integrations of Project/Test Management tasks. 
  • It doesn’t have any inbuilt Result Report facility. We need to seek assistance from JUnit of TestNG Testing Framework for generating Test Reports. 

Selenium Alternatives

Well, If you are looking for other options similar to Seleniumyou will come across many of them. However, not all of them are trustworthy. The quality of these alternatives depends on the test automation tools. A few tools are mabl, headspin, TestCafe studio, cypress, Cucumber, etc.  Let us read all of them in detail.

Introduction to Selenium Alternatives In 2022

Before studying the alternatives, let us discuss the primary 4 parts. 

  1. IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment).
  2. RC (Selenium Remote Control).
  3. WebDriver.
  4. Selenium Grid.
  • IDE (Selenium Integrated Development Environment).

IDE, which stands for Selenium Integrated Development Environment, is a complete integrated advancement environment for the selenium search. It was initially a Firefox plugin used for the fast development of the test. The test cases and scripts are later taped in selenese, which is known to be a scripting language for Selenium, which can be exported to any scripting language, including python, java, Ruby, Perl, and much more. Lastly, the taped scripts can be played multiple times. 

  • RC (Selenium Remote Control).

The second part is the RC, an acronym for Selenium Remote Control. It is basically an automatic web testing tool, allowing users to use the programming language, including Java, Python, PHP, C#, and Ruby shows languages are recommended.

  • WebDriver.

WebDriver is the third and the most useful part. In fact, it is even more useful than 

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Selenium RC and Selenium IDE. The WebDriver has adopted the most modern and contemporary method for Automation. It acts and manages the web prepares not to depend on JavaScript for Automation. Unlike Selenium RC & likewise, it implements a more contemporary and steady method to automate the web browser’s actions and use it to manage the browser. However, the languages like Java, Python, PHP, C# and Perl, Ruby are supported by WebDriver, the same as Selenium RC.

  • Selenium Grid.

The fourth part is the Selenium Grid. Its function is to keep the system running by keeping up Selenium RC to run all the tests parallel (running numerous test cases simultaneously) all at once on different devices and other internet browsers. 

The website has several faults like the app is only capable of running web applications without any technical assistance, as the app is open-source and has a low-level API. Moreover, to be able to run parallel test cases, the software needs significant knowledge, which cannot be experienced on images. 

Following are some of the best Selenium alternatives. 

Best Selenium Alternatives for 2022

Below are some incredible Selenium Alternatives that exist as follows.

1. Katalon Studio.

The first Selenium alternative we have is Katalon Studio. It is also open-source software, having an amazing API. It can be used to evaluate Automation on the internet and mobile through persistent combination. 

2. TestCraft.

Second, on the list of best Selenium alternatives is TestCraft. This software is a codeless Selenium platform designed for Automation that requires rapid creation and execution while eradicating the test maintenance overhead. Later on, the total automated test circumstances can be customized with the help of testers that, too, without coding. Finally, the app is well integrated with CI/CD and quickly discovers defects. 

3. Screenster.

Screenster is yet another alternative to SeleniumThe software is much faster than Selenium. It is the best for cloud-based UO screening platforms. These screening platforms are utilized for websites and web applications visual regression screening. As the name suggests, the software takes actions screenshots. Moreover, Screenstar requires only fewer codes without having to hand-code for automating UI tests. Initially, the test cases run as a part of CI. In case you spot any distinction between regression run and standard, the test case is considered disabled. Additionally, it has a feature of auto-correction and timeout management. 

4. Tricentis Tosca.

Next on the list of the best alternative to Selenium is Tricentis Tosca, which provides fast feedback. It offers continuous platform Testing, accelerating fast testing with DevOps and Agile. This alternative can recycle tests and decrease the time for regression to minutes. Additionally, it automates SAP, Robotics, Web, Mobile. 

5. TestArchitect.

Next up, we have TestArchitect. This Selenium alternative is an amazing tool for scaling up performance. It also proves as the best device for automating tests/ Moreover, TestArchitect acts as a scriptless self-regulation tool. The best part about it being a scriptless self-regulation tool is that it is a keyword-driven screening, reducing maintenance costs to a minimum level. 

TestArchitect is codeless industrialization and keyword-based testing, providing help in high reusability. In a nutshell, it is the best alternative so far that can be used as a screening tool on various platforms, including mobile, desktop, and cross-browser. 

6. Squish.

This alternative is solely based upon the GUI and acts as a cross-platform tool. Squish proves to be very useful in automating the functional regression and system tests for the GUI. Lastly, it is compatible with every platform, including the desktop, web—Mobile, and other such ingrained platforms, as well as the screening scrips record. 

7. Cypress.

Onwards, we have Cypress. It is the most flexible Selenium alternativeas it acts as an open-source for the web environment. Cypress proves to be the best in all sense of advancement. The features include the ability to test pass and stop working. It can also capture of test run. 

8. Ranorex Studio.

Ranorex Studio is yet another amazing Selenium alternative. It is capable of capturing and replying to codeless Automation. The app works well with desktop, mobile, and web applications. Moreover, this software can also offer full IDE for C# and VB.NET. Additionally, it offers amazing support for Java applets, non-HTML web aspects. Image-based validation, etc.

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Apart from all these privileges, Ranorex Studio also integrates well with CI/CD, BDD, expert control, defect tracking, and test management for evaluating incomplete test automation.

9. TestLeft.

This Selenium alternative acts as an automating screening tool for UI from Smartbear Software, which is capable of checking its own IDE. The software is mainly known for accelerating the test cases much faster than other UI screening tools. It also works well in developing lesser codes for evaluating the framework. Lastly, TestLeft offers endless support for Java, WEB, C#, Jenkins, etc. 

10. Functionize.

Functionize is one of the best screening tools that are based upon a cloud platform, requiring endless testing in a CI/CD pipeline. The software offers AI to your application and offers artificial intelligence capable of conquering selector-based maintenance. Owing to this facility, the users can easily produce the Natural language test production and develop the test from any platform, including the desktop, web browser, and mobile. 

11. iMacros.

iMacros is one of the best screening tools specifically designed for the web. The app is mainly used for web screening, browser automation, and data extraction. Moreover, iMacros also records and playback tests and performs functional, regression, and efficiency testing of the web application. All these functions are the best for utilizing the technology Java. Ajax, Flex, and many more. 

12. Cucumber.

Cucumber is literally as cool as Cucumber. It is the best and the easiest to use. The app offers greater support to the users and is the most flexible one because of its status as -an open-source software. The software is mainly based upon Behavior Driver Development, making it one of the best Selenium alternatives. 

13. UFT.

Next up, we have UFT. It is an acronym of Unified Functional Test and is also named Quick Test Professional, commonly referred to as QTP. UFT makes use of the VBScript language, which helps in learning the language. Additionally, UFT supports the web. Oracle and SAP, Seibel, and so on. UFT can also carry out testing for multi-platform, cross-browser, and object acknowledgment, all based upon an image. 

14. Serenity.

As the name suggests, Serenity is the best Calmness testing tool specified for regression and automated acceptance tests. The test reports generated by Serenity include remarks for every test case, aggregate vise test result as per the requirement, and file and describe functional test protection. 

15. IBM Ration Functional Tester.

The IBM Ration Functional Tester acts as a screening tool which is for regression screening and automated functional screening. The software can be used for automated screening, data-driven testing, regression, and GUI. 

Lastly, IBM Ration Functional Tester offers endless support to the apps using the innovation Java, Ajax, PowerBuilder, Net, and much more. 

16. Galen framework.

Galen Framework is a slightly different and unique Selenium alternative. It works as au automated testing tool, which can be done with integrated Selenium. This software is used to test the web application designs as well as framework practical screening. 

The error reporting system of Galen Framework is mainly based on HTML, and it supports many web browsers. 

17. SikuliX.

It is powered by SikuliX and acts as an automatic test tool. The software uses an image acknowledgment system to recognize and organize GUI elements. It works by automating the repeated jobs. It also evaluates web and desktop applications under advancement. 

18. Redwood.

This Selenium alternative is also an automated test device. It is an open-source application and works well with HTML5. The application hinges upon an individual server, so several customers can use it through the web user interface, making it possible to have different test cases run along. The app works in unity with TeamCity and Jenkins. 

19. Watir.

Watir literally means a Web app Testing in Ruby. It is a self-regulation tool, an open-source device using the Ruby library. It mainly works by completing the web tests for functional and regression testing. Lastly, the software is the best source for internet browsers suitable for different platforms. 

20. Telerik Test Studio.

Telerik Test Studio is the last name on the list of best Selenium alternatives. Initially, it is an industrialization test tool for the app, including HTML5, JavaScrip, Android, AJAX, Silverlight, iOS, and MVC. The app is the best for cross-browser. Lastly, it is capable of recording and playing back the test cases. 

Final Words:

So, this brings us to the end of exploring the best Selenium alternatives. All these options are the best alternatives and offer manifold features. Pick out the one most suitable to your choice and get started. 

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