Skype Keeps Crashing On Windows 11? How To Fix

Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11

Skype is a telecommunications and video-conferencing app created by Skype Technologies. Microsoft’s videotelephony, voice calls, and video-conferencing service is based on VoIP. In addition to these services, Skype provides instant messaging, debt-based calls to landlines & mobile phones, and file transfer capabilities. It was created in 2003 by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis. However, Skype is currently receiving a lot of flak because, for some users, Skype keeps crashing on their Windows 11 PC. However, while the reason for this remains unknown, we have some workarounds that may assist you in resolving the issue. So, let’s begin with them and check if the issue is fixed.

Skype Keeps Crashing On Windows 11? How To Fix

Here are the fixes that will assist you in resolving the Skype keeps crashing issue on your Windows 11 PC. As a result, be sure to perform them one after the other and continue until you’ve found a great solution for your PC. So, let us begin with them.

Restart System

It is often seen that when the RAM can no longer contain any more data, slowdowns, our PC’s performance, and several other forms of faults occur. However, when you restart the computer, all programs stop, the power is turned off, and the RAM is cleared. This will offer your Windows 11 system a new start and allow it to handle operations more effectively. As a result, we recommend restarting your System before attempting to perform any of the techniques listed.

Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11

Run Windows Troubleshooter

If rebooting your system does not resolve the Windows 11 Skype keeps crashing issue, you should try running the Windows troubleshooter, which has a high chance of resolving this problem. Furthermore, the process is automated to detect and resolve any issues automatically. To use this feature, follow the instructions.

  1. Launch Windows Settings from the start menu or press Windows + I.Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11
  2. Then select System > Troubleshoot.
  3. Then locate and select the Other troubleshooters option.Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11
  4. Finally, find the Windows Store Apps option and click the Run button in front of it. Then, reboot your system to apply the changes once the process is finished.Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11
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Install Media Feature Pack 

You should also try this method because many customers have claimed that after installing Media feature pack on their Windows 11 PC, Skype resumes normal operation. Therefore, follow the instructions below to install this feature.

  1. Press the Win+I key to launch the Windows 11 settings App.
  2. Then navigate to App > Optional features.Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11
  3. After that, locate the View Features button before the Add an optional feature option.Skype Keeps Crashing Windows 11
  4. Now, look for the Media Feature Pack and the Next button. To install it on the Windows 11 PC, hit the Install button. After that, check to see if the Skype keeps crashing issue has been repaired.meadia-feature-pack

Run Skype Using Admin Rights

If you have yet to try this method, I recommend you do so since there’s a potential the Skype app won’t receive the appropriate resources to work correctly on your PC because it lacks the authorization to do so. Running the app with administrative privileges will therefore help you resolve the issue.

  1. To begin, right-click on the Skype shortcut icon and choose the properties option from the menu that appears.
  2. Check the ” Run This Program as Administrator ” box on the Compatibility tab. Then, to save the changes, select the Apply and Ok buttons.Run Skype Using Admin Rights
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Reset App

Still no joy? Don’t be concerned! There are still several viable fixes that will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the Windows 11 Skype keeps crashing issue. First, try resetting the App and check whether the issue is fixed. So, let us go over the steps.

  1. Press the Win+I key to launch the Windows 11 settings App.
  2. Then navigate to Apps & Features in the menu bar.Apps & features
  3. Locate the Skype app, then hit the three-dot button next to threedot
  4. After that, a drop-down menu appears; select the Advanced option. That’s all. Now, locate the Reset button under the Reset section and hit it.

Reinstall App

Unfortunately, if nothing else works to resolve this agonizing error, reinstalling the Skype app on your Windows 11 PC is the final option. So, here is the necessary instruction.

  1. To open Windows settings, first press the Win+I key.
  2. Then, navigate to App > Apps & Features> Skype app.apps-apps-and-feature
  3. Select the three-dot icon next to the Skype app, then hit the Uninstall button.

That’s all. Download & install the Skype app from the provided URL on your Windows 11 PC.

Contact Support Team

It is now time to contact Skype’s official support team. So, contact Skype Team if you get frustrated and annoyed trying different fixes and still getting the same error. As a result, contact them and ask for assistance.


So that’s it for how to solve Skype keeps crashing on their Windows 11 PC. We hope you found this article useful. Nevertheless, if you require any additional information, please comment below.

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