16 SonyLIV Alternatives To Watch Animax, Movies, Live Sports Online


Looking Best SonyLIV Alternatives To Watch Animax, Movies, Live Sports Online? Sony Liv is a fantastic platform for watching web series, Hollywood blockbusters, and Bollywood movies. It, like Hotstar, offers two paid options: a free account and a premium account. In the free account, a client has access to limited library resources. Premium Sony Liv membership costs Rs 499 for a 12-month period, which is much less than Netflix and includes extra features.

Sony Liv is one of the most frequently utilized video streaming applications. It is present in 167 countries and has had over 700 million views. The app includes all of Sony’s channels, including just Liv, which is accessible in all countries. However, if you are outside of India, you may experience a delay in getting the most recent episodes. With live internet streaming, the app is a pioneer in the OTT sector. It guarantees that viewers will be entertained in real-time. The app provides access to the greatest Indian programs as well as sports highlights. Take advantage of the best regional programming.

You may watch a lot of popular Sony Liv material without registering. The most significant difference between the free and paid options is that while the premium service is ad-free, the free version is ad-supported. Users may watch live TV channels with a five-minute delay for free. Premium users get access to and may rewatch all of their favorite episodes while offline.

SonyLiv now includes Animax, which broadcasts a vast selection of Japanese cartoons, as well as a huge choice of Japanese, Hindi, and national Movies (most in original Japanese voice with English subtitles). 


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16 Best SonyLIV Alternatives To Watch Animax, Movies, Live Sports Online

These are the Best SonyLIV Alternatives you can Watch in this list. All Updated Content Also These Apps like SonyLIV that you can use to Watch Live TV Shows, Movies, Anime, and Live Sports Online.

1. Netflix

SonyLIV Alternatives

Netflix is the world’s most popular streaming entertainment provider, with 183 million paying members in over 190 countries viewing TV shows, documentaries, and feature movies in a variety of genres and languages. Members, on the other hand, may watch as much as they want on any internet-connected screen, anytime and wherever they choose. Members may also watch, stop, and continue their viewing without interruptions or obligations.

2. Amazon Prime Video

SonyLIV Alternatives

Amazon Prime is a worldwide streaming service with one of the most comprehensive libraries. From movies to TV shows, Amazon Video offers it all. The first 30 days are free, but users must buy a premium membership after that. This SonyLIV alternatives offers a wide selection of Indian and foreign content. Original and exclusive Prime programs and movies are also available to watch. It is available as an iOS or Android app as well as a website.

3. ShowBox

SonyLIV Alternatives

Showbox has a lot of excellent content, but it isn’t accessible on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Users may access a wide library of films and TV shows via this SonyLIV alternatives. Notwithstanding the fact that it is not widely accessible in shops, it remains one of the most popular online video streaming apps. Showbox is preferred by the majority of users for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it always offers free content and has a very basic user interface. 

4. FilmRise

SonyLIV Alternatives

FilmRise is a great ad-supported free movie streaming app that is legal. So, You can watch full movies and TV shows for free. This service offers content in HD quality which is excellent. The best part of the application is that you neither have to register nor have to input credit card details to use it. This is outright free. Plus, while it’s ad-supported, the ads themselves are not intrusive, allowing you to enjoy streaming movies and TV shows in peace. The content catalog is vast, and new movies and shows are added every day. Thus, You’ll never run out of content to watch—a must-have app for any movie or a TV buff. 

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5. Hotstar

SonyLIV Alternatives

Like Sony, Star Entertainment offers a specialized mobile app called Hotstar. Hotstar is available on the Web and as a mobile app. This SonyLIV alternatives has a wide range of TV shows, movies, and sports events to choose from. There are two accounts available: a free and a premium version. The catalog of Hotstar is updated on a regular basis. Hotstar app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, much as SonyLIV.

6. Hulu

SonyLIV Alternatives

Other well-known entertainment services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, are not like Hulu. It enables viewers from a range of major networks to watch more quality content in less time. To watch episodes of famous television shows, you must usually wait a week — and in some instances, just a day — following the debut. There are no hidden fees or installation charges, for example. You’re good to go for internet streaming on your chosen devices after you’ve paid for the membership. 

7. Yidio

SonyLIV Alternatives

Yidio is the best app to consume movies and shows from multiple streaming services. This is an aggregator where you can watch movies from various online streaming services in a single app. This has support for more than 300 services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, etc. While many free movies are available, you may need to subscribe to premium content providers to access their content. Although Yidio has an extensive collection of movies, I think you will love the content, given that it’s completely free. 

8. Hooq

SonyLIV Alternatives

Hooq is an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a wide variety of foreign and local entertainment. There are almost 30000 hours of high-quality entertainment on this SonyLIV alternatives. Like SonyLIV, this app offers Hollywood movies, Indian TV shows, and a variety of other media. Users must buy a premium membership to get access to the site. It also has a significant amount of original Hooq content. It may be viewed through a mobile app or a desktop website.

9. Crackle

SonyLIV Alternatives

Sony Crackle is the most popular movie streaming app that is free in the United States and Australia but requires membership in the Caribbean and Latin America. Grouper was the one who started it. Crackle was acquired by Sony Pictures in 2006. You’ll need a suitable gadget and internet connection to utilize Crackle. You may even watch without needing to sign up for an account. However, if you establish an account, you’ll be able to save your progress and add videos to watch later. Crackle also has a huge on-demand video collection, certain popular television shows, and unique content linked to the business endeavors of famous people.

10. Voot

SonyLIV Alternatives

Voot, like Sony LIV, is one of the most popular applications. So, Voot, like SonyLIV, offers a wide variety of TV shows. It has teamed up with TV channels like Colors to offer the most current episodes. On a regular basis, all of the episodes are updated. There are also a handful of exclusive Voot programs accessible exclusively on the app. A premium edition would be needed to make use of its sophisticated features. 

11. PopcornFlix

SonyLIV Alternatives

PopcornFlix is a great free movie app to consume movies on the go. First of all, it is available to users worldwide, unlike Sony Crackle, so that’s awesome. Secondly, the application has a wide range of free movie titles, and you can watch them without any limitation on quality. The significant part is that the app performs well, even if you have a slow internet connection. Popcornflix has a partnership with many Hollywood studios, so you will likely get exciting movies as they release. Aside from studios, Popcornflix also features a lot of independent cinema, which is great news for indie movie lovers. Generally, Popcornflix is a great app to discover and watch movies for free. 

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12. Tubi TV

SonyLIV Alternatives

Tubi TV is the most popular online streaming service, with a huge library of free movies and TV shows. The app has been shown for individuals of all ages, including children and adults. Aside from this, Tubi TV offers a wide range of Japanese and Korean movies and television shows. On a weekly basis, new movies and TV shows are added to the app. Because it is free and provides a wide variety of shows, among other features, SonyLIV is one of the popular movie streaming apps. This is where you can make your queue and schedule your movies and shows. Furthermore, you may resume viewing the program from wherever you left off on any device.

13. Vudu

SonyLIV Alternatives

Vudu is another excellent app for streaming movies for free. This has some excellent titles and TV shows under its collection. Suppose you are wondering how Vudu offers so much content for free, then let me explain. This app is ad-supported, and you will encounter a few video ads before playing movies and TV shows. So, I feel it’s a fair trade-off for accessing the massive library of free content. Well, To give you a sneak peek, you get access to movies such as Undisputed, Rocky, Predator, Warrior, etc. In addition, Vudu features new movies similar to iTunes and Google Play Store, but those are paid ones, so choose accordingly. Well, To sum up, if you love movies, Vudu is a great app to access tons of exciting movies. 

14. Pluto TV

SonyLIV Alternatives

With Pluto TV, you may discover all-new and unique channels for a real crime, news, sports, entertainment, humor, adventure, and so much more. It seems that you will have the updated version of the free channel kit once you can connect an antenna to a television. The scheme contains advertisements throughout the trip, even when transferring platforms. MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and major news networks such as NBC, CBS, and CNN are among Viacom properties that offer service channels.

15. YuppTV

SonyLIV Alternatives

YuppTV, with over 250+ TV channels, 5000+ movies, and 100+ TV shows accessible in 14 languages, is one of the world’s biggest internet-based TV and on-demand service providers for South Asian content. Well, YuppTV has a collection of 25000 hours of entertainment content, with approximately 2500 hours of fresh on-demand content added every day. It allows its customers to enjoy the convenience of virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere, on a variety of displays – connected TVs, smart Blu-ray players, Internet STBs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets – by leveraging technology advancements.

16. Veoh

SonyLIV Alternatives

Veoh is an Internet television business headquartered in San Diego, California. Users may search for and watch content from big studios, indie companies, and user-generated content on the platform. The business is owned by Qlipso, an Israeli start-up. Veoh is an Internet television service that enables users to quickly find, watch, and personalize their online watching experience. With a basic internet connection, this SonyLIV alternatives offers free access to all of the greatest TV and independent productions, Movie studio content, and user-generated movies on the Web. 

Final Words:

So we have reached the conclusion of our list of the top SonyLIV Alternatives and Apps like SonyLIV. Also, I hope you found this post useful; if so, please leave a comment below. 

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