Guide On How To Stop Screen Turning Off A Mac?

Stop Screen Turning Off A Mac

Stop Screen Turning Off A Mac: When not in use, Macs are designed to enter sleep mode, which helps to conserve energy. There are times, though, when you may wish to keep your Mac awake. For instance, if you’re watching a movie or downloading a huge file, you don’t want your Mac to fall asleep in the middle of it. Fortunately, you can take a few easy steps to prevent your Mac from sleeping. This article will explain each approach in detail.

How To Easily Stop The Screen Turning Off On A Mac?

Sleep mode is a great technique to conserve energy and prolong the life of your Mac’s battery. Well, when you put your Mac to sleep, the screen dims, and your computer enters a low-power mode. To activate it, press any key on the keyboard or click the mouse button. Sleep mode consumes extremely little power, making it a great method to save energy while not using your Mac.

While Mac laptops’ energy-saving capabilities are useful, there are times when you don’t want your screen turning off automatically. For example, if you’re in the middle of a long movie, keeping your finger on the trackpad to keep the screen from dimming might be frustrating.

Sleep mode also poses technological difficulties. For one thing, when you try to continue work, programs may freeze or crash. This might be frustrating and squander time that could be spent working. In addition, sleep mode might occasionally create file synchronization issues, resulting in data loss. Fortunately, various tools are available to help you stop your Mac from falling asleep. Let’s have a look at how each tool works:

System Preferences

System Preferences (abbreviated “SysPref” or “SP”) is an app bundled with the macOS operating system that allows users to change many system settings such as the theme, desktop picture, Bluetooth devices, and more.

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While some of these preferences may be changed through other ways (such as the Finder), System Preferences is the most convenient place to change how your Mac works. For example, to prevent your Mac from sleeping, visit the Energy Saver tab in System Preferences and set the “Turn display off after” slider to “Never.” Here are full instructions on how to do it:

1 – Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen and pick System Preferences from the popup menu. Alternatively, launch Launchpad, type “System Preferences,” and then click on the resulting icon.

2 – After you’ve opened System Preferences, click on the bulb icon to access Energy Saver options.

3 – Well, in the Energy Saver panel, you should see a slider that allows you to specify how long your screen should remain light before turning off. To permanently stop your mac screen from turning off, move the slider to the extreme right to “Never.”


Terminal provides a method to prevent your Mac from sleeping without modifying your system settings. But what exactly is it? On Macintosh computers, the Terminal is a text-based interface. When you launch Terminal, you will see a command prompt. The computer will then comprehend and execute whatever orders you type. In addition, Terminal allows you to connect to the underlying Unix operating system, which serves as macOS’s backbone. This enables you to execute actions that would otherwise be impossible, such as low-level file manipulations and modifying your system settings. For example, to stop your screen from turning off, use Terminal as follows:

1 – In the Dock, click the Launchpad icon and type “Terminal” into the search area.

2 – Press the Terminal button.

3 – Enter the command “caffeinate” into the command type.

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4 – Press the Enter key.

And there you have it! This will keep your Mac awake until you close Terminal.

The Caffeine App

The Caffeine app keeps your computer from sleeping, allowing you to work with an unbroken view (or even a cup of coffee). The app is simple to use and free. Here’s how to use it:

1 – Download and install the app from the App Store on your Mac.

2 – In the Dock, click the Launchpad icon and type “Caffeine” into the search area. This will launch the app.

3 – In the “Welcome to Caffeine” window, check the box next to “Automatically start Caffeine at login” if you want the program to start automatically when you power your Mac.

4 – To stop your machine from sleeping, check the box next to “Activate Caffeine upon launch.”

5 – Shut the window.

The app works in the background and consumes very little CPU power, so it will not cause your computer to slow down. Well, the Caffeine app is a great way to remain alert and productive when working on a project or simply enjoying a cup of coffee.

Conclusion: Stop Screen Turning Off A Mac

The Screen saver settings on a Mac are designed to save energy and prolong the life of your screen. Unfortunately, the Mac computer will default turn off the screen after a predetermined time. There are, however, methods to change these settings so that your screen remains on while you work. You can also change your Energy Saver preferences or use Terminal’s “caffeinate” command. You might also use a third-party app like Caffeine. Regardless of your approach, keeping your Mac from sleeping is simple. Have you tried any tools mentioned in this article to stop your screen from turning off? What happened? Tell us in the comments.

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