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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a unique game on the Play Store that looks like Fall Guys. Stumble Guys is a large multiplayer knockout game supporting 32 online players. The concept of this game is simple. Players may join and battle their way through levels, round after round, overcoming rising chaos and obstacles until only one winner remains. The gameplay is fun despite its simple appearance.

Fall Guys: A Viral Hit

Stumble Guys

Mediatonic’s Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is another big multiplayer knockout game. On August 4, 2020, it was launched for Microsoft Windows (PC Gaming) and PlayStation 4. The game will be available shortly for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. Since its debut, it has become a viral sensation. Over 60 players compete in the game to complete challenging levels. It quickly gained popularity and became a viral hit. Fall Guys gathered over 2 million players in its first 24 hours and earned over 23,000,000 hours of watch time on Twitch thanks to YouTube streams and social media. Players all across the globe are having a great time playing this simple-looking yet fun game.

This very popular game is so simple that it only requires two buttons. One is for running, and the other is for jumping. This straightforward approach convinced everyone that this game is ideal for mobile gaming. Because the gameplay looks and sounds just like a mobile game, it is reasonable that there would be a mobile version. It even just takes a few motions and controls, which makes it more of a mobile game than a PS4 or XBOX game. This game’s mobile version is currently being discussed. However, China will be the first to get it. The rights to produce a mobile version of the game, but exclusively in China, have reportedly been gained by Chinese entertainment giant Bilibili. Its global release has yet to be confirmed. However, you may encounter several games on the Play Store similar to Fall Guys. Games like Fall Dudes and Stumble Guys have remarkable similarities to Fall Guys. If you’re still getting familiar with Fall Gus, you could mistake them for the true mobile version of Fall Guys.

Fall Guys VS Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys came so close to becoming “the perfect clone for Fall Guys” among the various Fall Guys clones available on the Play Store. The game is so good that I first believed it was the mobile version of Fall Guys. Stumble Guys’ graphics, gameplay, and even certain obstacle designs are reminiscent of Fall Guys. Stumble Guys is available for both Android and iOS. The primary distinction between Fall Guys and Stumble Guys is

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Player Count – Fall Guys has 60 players, while Stumble Guys only has 32.

Gaming Avatars – Well, the gaming avatars in Stumble Guys are closer to real people than those in Fall Guys.

Creator – Mediatonic created Fall Guys, whereas KitkaGames created Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys Review – Graphics

Stumble Guys’ graphics are one of its greatest features. Also, Stumble Guys’ graphics are so good that everything in the game appears crystal clear. The colors on the obstacles, in particular, look amazing and are well-created. They stand out in the gaming sector due to their unique color scheme. Consequently, the whole gameplay has the sense of an inflatable funhouse rather than a gaming arena loaded with obstacles and difficulties. The avatars are fun and creative. Some of the figures are right out of a cartoon. Every character in the game is visible, from cops to gladiators. I even found an avatar that reminded me of “Bob the Builder.” Overall, the graphics are good and appealing. The graphics in this game are fantastic. Graphics in Stumble Guys are superior to Fall Guys because, unlike Fall Guys, they’re close to people.

Stumble Guys Review – Gameplay

Stumble Guys has good gameplay that makes you want to play more. It’s not addicting, which is the nicest part of playing Stumble Guys. Unlike battle royale games, Stumble Guys is more of a stress reliever. The gameplay time is likewise limited. Players had to go through a couple of levels to get to the ultimate battle. As a result, a whole game would take around a couple of minutes to finish. Everything is OK with Stumble Guys, save for the first uncertainty in recognizing our avatar at the start of the game and a few errors here and there. For example, the game will reward you with a new skin for playing videos. Despite filming it five times, I still need one. However, the amazing gameplay will remind you of Takeshi’s Castle. However, some arenas keep repeating themselves. Instead of repeating everything on shuffle, introducing fresh arenas to the game could be a good idea.

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Stumble Guys Review – Sounds/Haptics

The graphics are better than the game’s sounds. They seem amazing at first, but you’ll find them tiresome after some time playing the game. Specifically, the sound that plays in the background when you’re playing the challenges. It stays the same and often repeats for each level, which I found somewhat tedious. They are also having an impact on the overall gameplay experience. Stumble Guys need more exciting or fun music to enhance the gaming experience. Regarding Haptics and Feedback, Stumble Guys’ haptics are neutral and responsive. You’ll appreciate the sensation of pressing each button. They are on target, and the feedback is good.

Stumble Guys Review – Customizations/Shop

Stumble Guys is now in early access, and the game’s content is continually being updated. Also, Stumble Guys provides everything you need to customize your avatar. Choose from various Outfits, Emotes, Animations, Footsteps, and Skin Tone options to customize your character. Everyone should customize their avatar to become unique and readily recognizable in the crowd.

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Because the original “Fall Guys” is unavailable to mobile gamers, this is the nearest Fall Guys clone available. On the Play Store right now, the game has an average rating of 4.2. It has a lot of promise. It’s a lot of fun; you can do it with your pals. Overall, Stumble Guys is a great stress reliever. Although Fall Guys inspired this game, it is unique in its own right. Except for a few small glitches and bugs here and there, this game is a complete winner. Maintain in mind that this game is still in early access. As a result, we may anticipate certain challenges. However, I’m certain that for the time being, this game will remain on top, at least until the Fall Guys come.

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