The Girl on the Mountain: Release Date, Trailer And Poster

When a reclusive backwoodsman discovers a silent young adorable girl walking alone in the wilderness, he must defend her from terrible powers out to take her life. The official trailer and poster for Matt Sconce’s drama thriller The Girl on the Mountain, written and directed by Sconce from a narrative by Sconce and Christopher Mejia, are now available on ComingSoon. We can reveal that the Movie will be released on Digital and Demand via Saban Films on March 8, 2022.

The Girl on the Mountain

The official summary states, “The Girl on the Mountain is a riveting thriller set against a background of beautiful but hazardous terrain.” “Haunted by family tragedy, reclusive backwoodsman Jack Ward (Daniel O’Reilly) is offered a second chance when he meets a young girl (Sarah Dorothy Little) escaping abuse and murder. Unfortunately, the two are only safe for a short time as the girl’s enraged father and his gang close down on them. Ward must now collect his paternal guardian instincts and confront the nasty invaders.”

The Girl on the Mountain

Check out the exclusive trailer for The Girl on the Mountain, as well as the poster, below:

Makenzie Sconce, D.T. Carney, Sarah Dorothy Little, Megan E. Baker, David Holt, Lorenzo Leonard, Ryan Kos, and Heather Sconce feature.

Sconce and Mejia are the producers of The Girl on the Mountain. Executive producers include Jennifer Ashley, Robert Getty, David Gilders, Jason Price, and Daniel Siquieros.

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