What Is Tizen OS? Every Essential Detail

Tizen OS

Samsung developed the Tizen OS operating system for smart devices like smart TVs, wearables, and smartphones. Developers can create a wide range of services and apps optimized for various devices using this flexible and adaptable platform. Tizen OS offers users benefits like enhanced security measures safeguarding user data and devices against threats like installing unauthorized software. Samsung’s extensive range of smart devices is seamlessly integrated with it. The adaptability of Tizen OS enables developers to produce bespoke apps that use an extensive range of device features. Additionally, it increases efficacy and performance, resulting in streamlined operations and quicker response times. Solu has curated a list of the best Tizen OS TVs based on features like seamless integration, Tizen interface, and comprehensive application support.

Best Smart TVs Based On Tizen OS

1. SAMSUNG 65 CU8000

Tizen OS

With the assistance of Dynamic Crystal Colour technology, the Samsung 65 CU8000 offers an immersive viewing experience by exhibiting one billion hues of color to simulate genuine variations. Its Mega Contrast improves the picture quality by analyzing and adjusting each image to expose more detail. By increasing contrast, this function renders each frame more lifelike and imparts dimensionality to the foreground, all while enhancing the intuitiveness of the user experience. The elegant and slender design of the SAMSUNG 65 CU8000 seamlessly integrates into any living space. It is ideal for viewing high-intensity sports, movies, and games thanks to its range of features, which includes a Motion Xcelerator that offers seamless motion and improved clarity. Material is optimized to a powerful 4K resolution by the Crystal Processor 4K, resulting in frames with crisp and distinct details. Additionally, for a better overall viewing experience, the SAMSUNG Smart TV automatically improves color and sound. The Samsung 65 CU8000’s Q-Symphony technology synchronizes the TV speakers and compatible sound bars, resulting in an audio experience that is exquisitely choreographed. SolarCell Remote features a solar panel for charging, an environmentally friendly feature, practical functions like an integrated microphone for voice assistant operation, and innovative characteristics.


  • Produces 3D sound of the highest quality using the “Object Tracking Sound Lite” function.
  • It serves as a smart hub, consolidating all preferred contents in one location.
  • Motion Accelerator makes exceptional gaming performance possible.
  • Including an adjustable TV mount for a customized fit.


  • Frequently charging the remote control is necessary.
  • Android apps are not compatible.
  • At various times, the screen pauses or fails.

2. SAMSUNG 27 M80C

Tizen OS

An integrated streaming application on the SAMSUNG 27 M80C enables effortless access to your beloved programs without requiring a computer. Adaptive Picture and Sound+ technology modifies screen luminance and sound automatically to enhance the viewing experience and facilitate the use of the monitor. Consistently high-quality graphics are provided by the SAMSUNG 27 M80C’s ability to stream 4K HDR video from native apps. Instead of a personal computer or console, the Samsung Gaming Hub expedites access to popular games, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, the SAMSUNG 27 M80C’s Wi-Fi connectivity enables users to access well-liked streaming services like Netflix and YouTube conveniently. For your inexhaustible delight, it provides complimentary live and on-demand programming and personalized recommendations from the Universal Guide. The monitor exhibits high-quality images with smooth transitions, owing to its expansive 178.0-degree viewing angle and rapid 4.0-millisecond reaction time. A 90-degree pivot, which guarantees the best viewing angles in any situation, is included in the design of the SAMSUNG 27 M80C. The monitor’s remote PC connectivity and integrated productivity programs facilitate efficient multitasking.


  • Remote and PC-less access to computers is supported to execute any technical operation.
  • It facilitates the Internet of Things by transforming the monitor into a smart gateway that enables the automation of external devices.
  • Embraces a minimalist aesthetic through its well-organized design and harmonious color scheme.
  • Multiple interfaces, like USB-C and HDMI, are included.


  • Its performance as a computer monitor is comparatively inferior to that of a smart TV.
  • It is only partially suitable for intensive gaming due to its 60 Hz refresh rate.

3. SAMSUNG 32 M70B

Tizen OS

By integrating communication, work, and entertainment features into one device, the Samsung 32 M70B eliminates the need for a distinct PC. User-defined applications (apps) that facilitate working, observing, and communicating enable individuals to optimize their work environment for heightened efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are easily accessible to connected devices thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Samsung TV Plus provides access to live and on-demand programming without requiring users to purchase a subscription or download anything. The Samsung 32 M70B Smart Monitor’s Workmode feature facilitates seamless connectivity to Samsung mobile devices through Samsung DeX and remote access to personal computers, enabling users to engage in independent web browsing, document editing, and project work. Its Far Field Voice facilitates voice control by allowing users to interact with voice assistants from a distance and by facilitating hands-free command over the monitor. This guarantees the best Smart TV experience. Apple users can benefit from the Samsung 32 M70B’s AirPlay integration, which enables wireless connection of the devices to the Smart Monitor for enhanced screen viewing on a larger display. This includes mirroring preferred iOS, Mac, and iPhone content. The Smart Monitor features four times the number of pixels in a Full HD display, offering an expansive viewing area and captivating UHD images suitable for work and leisure activities. This ensures exceptional image quality and versatility throughout the day.

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  • Provides the optimal viewing angle when using Google Duo via the monitor.
  • Functions as a control center for smart home devices and an IoT gateway.
  • Delivers an exceptional display experience in true 4K HDR.
  • The sound is intelligently adjusted to the content situation’s range.


  • Due to excessive usage, screen stalling occasionally occurs.
  • Insufficient height adjustments.


The Neo Quantum (Neo QLED) Processor powers the SAMSUNG 34 G85SB, providing real-time optimization and analysis of every frame displayed on its QD-OLED screen. It consistently generates an energetic, brilliant image featuring precise tones, vibrant colors, and striking contrast. The SAMSUNG 34 G85SB’s Ultra-WQHD display with a 21:9 aspect ratio provides a broader field of view. It enhances immersion in the gaming environment, enabling users to anticipate and react to in-game scenarios more promptly. More pixels per inch guarantees the SAMSUNG 34 G85SB monitor’s exceptional clarity and lets you see even the tiniest details on its 34-inch screen. Additionally, the device features an intuitive interface and QD-OLED technology that provide a rapid 0.03ms(GtG) response time and a refresh rate of 175Hz. These specifications facilitate fluid gameplay and nearly instantaneous responses. As a result of the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology implemented in the SAMSUNG 34 G85SB, true blacks, and dark colors are displayed without pixel light leakage, ensuring that each game features an exceptional expression of color and depth. Using seamless connectivity with preferred gaming consoles and streaming providers, the display of this QLED TV provides fluent graphics and responsive gameplay without requiring additional installations. Featuring captivating visuals and state-of-the-art technology, the SAMSUNG 34 G85SB offers an unparalleled gaming experience and receives frequent updates.


  • Facilitates fluid and judder-free visuals in intricate games.
  • Facilitates the transfer of data between devices using a single connection.
  • Provides an authentically wide screen of view and exceptional color contrast.
  • Without difficulty, it integrates third-party apps.


  • At times, abnormal behavior has been observed in the volume controls.
  • The gadget exhibits a relatively low level of construct quality.

5. SAMSUNG 32 Q60C

Introducing the world to Quantum Dot technology for the first time, the SAMSUNG 32 Q60C features revolutionary color and contrast. With vibrant, authentic colors at any luminance setting, Quantum Dot technology guarantees that your viewing experience will be enhanced. With its 4K Upscaling feature, the Quantum Processor Lite instantaneously transforms anything you view into stunning 4K quality, enhancing the clarity and depth of every scene. The SAMSUNG 32 Q60C offers a natural, realistic image that enhances the clarity and details of scenes, whether you’re viewing live sports or your favorite reality TV show. It surpasses industry standards by providing enhanced image quality, profound blacks, and contrast, making it the ideal present for a movie enthusiast. Moreover, the app integration and ecosystem processes are incredibly straightforward! The Motion Xcelerator technology of the SAMSUNG 32 Q60C provides users with enhanced clarity and fluid motion, making it ideal for high-speed sports and games with intricate details.


  • Warm and cold dual LED backlights are incorporated to improve contrast.
  • Produces 3D surround sound through the use of remarkable virtual top-channel audio.
  • Featuring an ultra-slim design that allows for seamless integration with the wall.
  • A solar remote with an integrated microphone and solar panels for charging is provided.


  • The gadget is difficult to mount on the wall because the bolt pattern is minuscule.
  • When using intensive applications, screen stalling problems can occur.
  • Only offers interested users a little customization.


The design of the SAMSUNG 43 LS03B emulates a slender picture frame. It subtly improves any living space and becomes the focal point of any room due to its contemporary design. You can modify the Frame’s advanced features, like magnetic bezels, to fit your décor or personal taste. Since you can easily change the bezels to fit various occasions or moods, it will always complement your home’s decor. One of the best features of the SAMSUNG 43 LS03B TV is its Frame’s Art Mode, which converts the device into a canvas for displaying magnificent works of art when not in use. To optimize energy efficiency, the television detects your entrance and exit from the room and seamlessly transitions between art and TV modes. Additionally, the SAMSUNG 43 LS03B smart TV has a luminance sensor that adjusts the screen’s color and luminosity by ambient light. This guarantees that the artwork on display retains its original appearance and feel regardless of the room’s illumination.


  • Transforms light into vivid color and intricate detail, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing image.
  • The glare on the screen is diminished through anti-reflection and matte display glass.
  • Characterized by Quantum HDR, which surpasses standard HDTV in terms of contrast and color.
  • Comprises the most recent Bluetooth 5.2 technology, enabling compatibility with various devices.


  • There are times when uploading images in the art format is challenging.
  • Proximity issues synchronizing with external speakers or AirPlay are cause for concern.
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Best Tizen OS Smart TVs Comparison Table

Tizen OS Smart TVs Screen Size Power Consumption(Max) Refresh Rate
SAMSUNG 65 CU8000 65 inch 200 W 60 Hz
SAMSUNG 27 M80C 27 inch 124 W 60 Hz
SAMSUNG 32 M70B 32 inch 150 W 60 Hz
SAMSUNG 34 G85SB 34 inch 240 W 175 Hz
SAMSUNG 32 Q60C 32 inch 95 W 60 Hz
SAMSUNG 43 LS03B 43 inch 110 W 60 Hz

Tizen OS TVs Smart Features

The five smart features of Tizen OS are included in Tizen TVs.

Automatic Source Detection – Tizen OS eliminates the confusion caused by multiple active connections to a single TV. Its smart auto-source detection rapidly determines which device is connected to which interface, a console, cable box, or another device.

Minimalistic UI – Tizen TVs feature an intuitive and stripped-down user interface to the point where it can be navigated with minimal technical knowledge. Featuring a sleek design, it is exceptionally customizable. Users can, therefore, easily find the desired features and apps.

Abundant Entertainment Options – Smart Hub, the one-stop shop for all your entertainment requirements, is available on Samsung Tizen smart TVs. This service increases convenience by centralizing your content, streaming devices, settings, connected range lists, and more.

Ease Of Sharing – The Tizen Samsung TV makes sharing content with other smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and PCs simple through the Smart View app. Sharing content from various devices to the TV is effortless, provided the TV has the Smart View feature enabled. This includes audio, images, videos, and more. The app lets you operate your TV and is a secondary remote for your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Searching – The Smart Hub feature precisely categorizes your content for ease of discovery. Apps, Recommended, and Live TV are a few examples. Such a systematic arrangement conserves both effort and time. Additionally, users of these TVs can browse for content across multiple platforms thanks to the TVs’ universal search function.

Tizen OS vs. WebOS vs. Android Smart TVs

When comparing Tizen OS to WebOS and Android smart TVs, the following five aspects must be considered.

Technical Architecture – Tizen guarantees user privacy and security and is compatible with a wide range of media formats. Android and WebOS both support a variety of media formats. However, Tizen OS is the best option when reconfigurability and flexibility are considered.

UI – In contrast to Android TV, both Tizen OS and WebOS feature user interfaces that are intuitive and uncomplicated. When users transition to those apps, they are presented with recent activity and recommendations from other applications.

App Support – Although the app inventories of Tizen OS and WebOS are continuously growing, they are comparatively limited compared to the Play Store on Android TV. In addition, Android TV lets you use side loading to operate apps that are incompatible with Android.

Gaming – WebOS from LG and Tizen from Samsung lack comprehensive gaming capabilities. The range of games installed from their app libraries could be much higher. In contrast, Android TV allows users access to the Play Store and sideload content. However, keep in mind that the vast majority of Android TVs are entry-level.

Updates – On average, updates are applied to the three TV operating systems listed. WebOS and Tizen OS are hesitant to release significant updates for their aging models. Your OS is at a standstill after the initial one to two years. About Android TV, the situation is marginally improved for high-end models that receive updates every two to three years. Most Android TVs will cease receiving firmware updates after the initial year.


What Is Tizen OS And How Does It Differ From Other Operating Systems For Smart TVs?

Samsung developed Tizen OS, a well-known Linux-based operating system, exclusively for its smart TVs. Due to its fluent user interface, broad app compatibility, customization options, and simple connection with other Samsung devices, it differs from other operating systems for smart TVs and offers consumers a unified experience.

What Devices Run On Tizen OS?

Tizen OS-enabled devices range from Samsung Tizen TVs to the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Wach 3, and Gear Fit2 Pro to its wearable devices.

Does Tizen Work On Modern TVs And Apps?

All current Samsung smart TVs and apps, as well as well-known streaming services like Apple TV, Netflix, Hotstar, Spotify, Vudu, Hulu, and Samsung TV Plus, are included in the extensive Tizen ecosystem. Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and others are compatible with the OS. Modern transmission technologies like Miracast are compatible with it. It supports Wi-Fi, DLNA, Bluetooth, and other convenient connectivity features with robustness.

Can I Install Programs From Outside Sources On Smart TVs Using Tizen OS?

Since the Samsung app store is the primary source of apps supported by Tizen OS for smart TVs, customers may need more access to some specialized or region-specific apps. Still, it also guarantees a secure and well-selected app experience.

Does Tizen OS Allow Integration With Smart Assistants And Voice Control?

The Tizen OS enables voice control and integration with smart assistants like Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant. This improves the overall user experience by allowing users to rapidly manage their TV, look for content, and access a variety of functions with voice recognition.

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