Top 6 Best Transcription Software Tools In 2022

Transcription Software

Best transcription software will be described in this article. Most individuals don’t find it enjoyable to constantly pause and rewind when trying to hand transcribe large audio or video files. It takes a lot of time and is tedious. Because of this, transcription software exists to complete the task for you fast and efficiently.

Now that mobile apps and AI-assisted transcription software are also accessible, there are many feature-rich solutions to select from. We’ve compiled a list of the top transcription programmes now on the market to help you get what you need from your transcriptions.

What attributes do great transcription software have?

turnaround period Most transcription software can finish your audio or video files in a matter of minutes. The software that transcribes files the quickest will do it in 10%–20% of the recording time. However, striking a good balance between speed and accuracy is crucial.

Accuracy. The accuracy of automated transcription software is typically about 80%. But whether there is background noise, a strong accent, or numerous speakers will affect how well the software can understand speech. These extra difficulties should be handled by top-tier transcription software, which will also provide you with an accurate transcription.

Mobile apps. A mobile app is a practical addition if you’re wanting to record meetings or interviews while you’re on the go. Check to check if the software is simple to use from a mobile browser or if there are apps available for Android and iPhone.

Case studies Other software is better for creating video subtitles or transcribing podcasts. Some transcription software is designed with capturing Zoom sessions in mind. Always think about your particular use case and whether it corresponds with the feature list of the software.

Top 6 Best Transcription Software Tools to Convert Audio to Text In 2022

Top 6 Best Transcription Software Tools to Convert Audio to Text are explained here.

1. has transcribed more than 150 million meetings since its launch in 2016, totaling more than 5 billion minutes of audio.

Otter, a time-saving tool for busy people, allows you to record conversations on your phone or web browser and receive real-time streaming transcripts.

It provides searchable notes containing audio, text, photos, speaker ID, and important words in addition to basic transcriptions. Also check  tax software

Additionally, Otter can be taught to recognise particular voices for quick access during future transcriptions.

Tired of participating in Zoom meetings all day long? Send Otter Assistant to the meeting to take thorough notes while you attend to more urgent matters. This is another transcription software alternative.

The AI assistant searches Google and Outlook calendars for Zoom meetings, logs you in automatically, and creates a live transcription that you can see and annotate during the conference or later.

Even on their top-tier Enterprise package, Otter only offers a monthly transcription quota of 6,000 minutes per user. Additionally, there is no rollover; if you don’t use all of your minutes in one month, you cannot use them in the following month.

Otter delivers 600 minutes of free transcription each month as part of the price. The Pro plan, which costs $8.33/user/month and is invoiced annually, offers 6,000 minutes and a four-hour maximum file duration. The Business plan, which comes with a custom vocabulary of up to 2,000 words, costs $20 per user per month when invoiced annually.

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Ideal for: Entrepreneurs working alone and startup founders who want to save time via transcription meetings.

2. Grain


Have you ever experienced meeting amnesia? It’s simple to log out of a meeting without remembering the important discussions and takeaways. To make it simple to remember important details later, transcription software Grain was created to assist users in recording and sharing knowledge from Zoom calls.

Even when they are not the host, anyone may use Grain to capture the most crucial moments in real-time.

With the help of the platform, you may condense a 60-minute meeting into a three-minute video summary that you can distribute among your colleagues. To construct in-depth video narratives or explainers instead, you might also blend segments from other video recordings; this is useful for team training, product demos, or strategy sessions.

For the most effective use and distribution of your video footage, Grain features an extensive array of Zapier integrations. To automatically upload recordings, clips, and tales from Grain onto services like Slack, Notion, and Miro, you may build many bespoke workflows.

Grain is not suitable for other transcription tasks because it is designed only for capturing and transcribing video meetings.

Users are permitted to record up to five times for free each month. The Unlimited option, which costs $36 per user per month when paid annually, offers limitless recording and storage. This is another transcription software alternative.

Users of Zoom who wish to record and transcript meetings without having to host are the best candidates.

3. Describe


If you want a simple-to-use transcription tool that works quickly and accurately to turn your audio files into text, Descript is a great option. Simply remove & drop your audio file into the Descript editor, and the software will quickly transcribe it.

You must work along with other team members. Share a web link to the project being transcribed, and invite collaborators to add comments or amend using a Google Docs-like interface.

With their AI-powered speaker detective, you can easily bring in Speaker labels, which is another amazing function. Additionally, filler words and silence periods can be deleted with a single click.

Descript also has live transcriptionists available if your project calls for a personal touch.

The absence of live customer help is the major drawback. You’ll have to rely on their development articles or make a request if you need additional assistance.

Pricing: The first three hours of transcription are free for new users. A Creator plan, billed annually, costs $12 per user per month and offers 10 hours of transcription per month. A Pro plan, which costs $24 per user per month when paid annually, offers 30 hours of transcription each month.

Users seeking a collaborative audio editing and transcription software are best matched.

4. Sonix


Sonix, which was created to record meetings and presentations, seeks to make transcription and editing audio files quick, easy, and reasonably priced.

If you already have a transcription, you can upload the audio or video file along with it to speed up the transcription process and increase accuracy.

Sonix is typically quick at processing files, however transcription typically takes 10% to 20% longer than the recording’s duration. This is another transcription software alternative.

Sonix gives you an email with a link to the updated transcription as soon as the job is finished, so you don’t even have to wait for the processing to finish.

Each line of text has a timestamp, which is a useful feature because it makes it simple to refer to certain moments in the audio and verify correctness.

Use the SEO-friendly media player to add searchable text with your audio content when publishing audio and video content to your website to boost your rankings.

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Sonix can recognise more than 40 languages and distinguish between many dialects and variants because to its extensive vocabulary.

The primary drawback is the lack of a mobile app to facilitate transcriptions while on the road.

Standard pay-as-you-go transcriptions are priced at $10 per hour. $5/hour plus $22/user/month are the costs of a Premium plan. Also check screenwriting software

Who it works best for: Occasional users searching for a cheap transcription service.

5. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe

Your content may be repurposed, optimised for search (Google doesn’t rank based on audio), and made more accessible by transcribing your films, podcasts, and interviews. You may simply upload an audio or video file using Happy Scribe’s dashboard, and it will take care of the rest for you after that.

Before you download or publish your content, examine and edit your subtitles using the Interactive Editor. With the help of the Natural Subtitle Engine, you can create accurate, understandable subtitles that allow viewers to interact with your video content even when the sound is off.

This is another transcription software alternative. Happy Scribe will provide you with an exact transcript whether your material is recorded in Dutch, Latvian, or Mandarin because it supports more than 120 languages.

As soon as the transcription is finished, you may download it in a number of different forms, such as PDF and Word documents, and then upload it to your website or share it with the team.

There are currently only a few connectors available for Happy Scribe; prominent platforms like Zoom are not included.

Pricing: While more accurate human-led services cost €1.70 per minute, automatic transcriptions and subtitles cost €0.20 per minute.

Those that wish to increase the usability and SEO visibility of their online video content are the best candidates.

6. Rev


Rev blends the greatest of human ability with innovative speech-to-text AI, and it is powered by both people and AI. Rev offers automated speech-to-text transcription, rough draught, foreign subtitles, English captions for videos, and live captions for Zoom, dividing its services and costs according to the type of transcription.

The transcript editor makes it simple to sync audio and video assets with the text, and a highlighter tool lets you pick out the most crucial passages and statements. Also check retail business management software

For projects on the go, an iPhone and Android voice recorder and transcription app are both available.

Share a read-only version or an editable version with your team members so they can follow your changes. It’s excellent for team collaboration and seamless switching between different work projects thanks to integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox. This is another transcription software alternative.

The online interface might use some updating to improve usability, which is a drawback. It seems a little antiquated.

Automated transcriptions are priced at $0.25 per minute.

Best suited for: Non-subscriber users who need transcripts for occasional tasks.

Which transcription software is the best overall?

When you need to review that meeting tape, publish a captioned video, or reuse a podcast, transcription software can come in very handy. Each piece of software has a unique collection of benefits and features that are appropriate for various use cases.

Consider the special features and integrations of the transcription software before selecting it, and decide if they are appropriate for your tasks.

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