Zapier Apps – Open Source Automate To Your Work

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

In this article, we will give you Apps Like Zapier Open Source Automate To Your Work. Automation is not only for businesses, even we can use automation in our private lives to make us more productive. We all get the identical limited number of hours in a day, yet some people seem to achieve much more than others. Aside from other things, automation plays a big part in creating this achievement gap.

Clever work is all about eliminating repetitive tasks and focusing on those that deserve our attention. Some tools assist us in automating our lives, and Zapier is one of the best among them. But no tool is ideal for all, as every one of us has different requirements and agenda. Furthermore, Zapier’s pricing is not affordable for everybody.

Best Zapier Alternatives in 2024

Here are the ten best Apps Like Zapier you should use in 2024. Therefore, if you have been looking for automation tools other than Zapier that are free or bring other traits, we are here for you.

1. PieSync

PieSync boasts itself as a close competitor to Zapier, so much so that it has a whole page on its website dedicated to explaining how it is better than Zapier. According to the site, while services like Zapier push data to different apps only one way, PieSync concentrates on syncing data between the applications both ways. More further than focusing on if this than that functions, PieSync enables your apps to talk to each other by syncing data between them on a real-time basis. This is great for a business that has a team working remotely. All their work will be synced across applications giving everyone access to the data instantly. It is further intelligent enough to find and manage duplicate data points and remove them.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

For instance, suppose that two members of a team update the same data. While syncing the data, PieSync will understand that the data is the same and will save only one set of data, thereby removing any duplication. This makes it a tool ideal for business but not so for individual usage. If you own a business that depends upon employees working remotely, this might be the app for you. If you are viewing for something for personal use only, look at other apps on our list.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

2. Apiant

You will see a trend with all these automation services is that they focus mainly on the business side of things. I simply wanted to get that out of the way, as while visiting these services, one might be overwhelmed with their business 1st approach. Apiant supports over 15,000 different apps and which might be overwhelming for some users. But don’t worry, you can start with your personal, small-scale automation and then take it from there.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

You will find that all your applications have Apian integration. You can create triggers and actions. It goes without stating that there can be multiple triggers and actions in the same sequence. One unique trait of Apiant is that you can order custom services for yourself based on your want. This especially makes sense if you have a business that utilizes a different set of tools than those already supported by the platform.

You can utilize Apian for personal usage, but it is best for business owners as it is a little bit hard to get around and has a little bit of a learning curve associated with it. Furthermore, it has no free account usage. Nevertheless, you can use it for a trial period.

3. is not your average integration service but a full-fledged webhook and automation program for large businesses and growing startups. On every feature, it stands head and shoulder above Zapier and brings many of the user-friendly traits that Zapier is famous for. Similar to Zapier, here on, you have something named a Tray Connector. It utilizes a drag-and-drop editor to create a seamless workflow visually. This way, you will have a very better idea about what your webhook is supposed to do. Moreover, you can integrate multiple services into one webhook and automate the task according to your preferences.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

Aside from that, also brings extensive support so companies can build custom Tray connectors for their individual needs. & on the web app front, gives more than 4500 APIs from popular services like Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Mailchimp, and Dropbox. I would say, is 1 of the most advanced webhook services that have the capability to integrate almost all the applications in your stack. Nevertheless, keep in thought, the service is quite expensive, and it costs around $500 per month. Therefore if you run a large business, you can look at instead of building and maintaining your scripts and servers.


IFTTT is commonly known as a consumer-facing product for automation, but what if I tell you that the company gives a separate platform for businesses too? Well, with its business program, you can connect more than 600 apps and in an identical user-friendly manner as you get on the consumer app. And the great part about IFTTT is that, unlike Zapier, it’s not just limited to web apps. Instead, IFTTT enables you to integrate mobile apps too, which makes it even more capable. Since mobile phones have become a primary communication device for most users, this feature is a welcome addition.

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Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

IFTTT has its private set of APIs called Connect, allowing businesses to integrate any service, be it an app, an email service, or a website with an embeddable connection. Nevertheless, it has special services for fintech companies looking to automate their work. Some familiar services on IFTTT are Facebook, Amazon Alexa, Fitbit, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, and more. Not to mention, you can combine multiple apps and services in one workflow, which is called applet on IFTTT. I especially like the IFTTT applets for Wear OS as they let me automate things on my smartwatch. It simply has a yearly plan in terms of subscription, and it costs $199, which effectively comes down to around $16 per month. I would say IFTTT is much affordable in comparison to Zapier, and you can use it for basic automation in a comfortable manner.

5. is 1 of the best App Like Zapier, which offers a similar level of 3rd-party integration while keeping the pricing low for startups and businesses. Earlier, its focus area was only marketing; however, now gives services in all categories: social media, campaigning, payment automation, basic email automation, and more. And simply like Zapier, with, you can create conditional workflows, which means you can integrate several web apps and hook them with a suitable flowchart. The great part about this process? Well, you do not need to write a single line of code. As Zapier does it, you can build a number of multi-app workflows with simply a few clicks. The APIs are simply understandable, and you can get going within minutes.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

Apart from that, the great part about is its support for larger actions per month. For instance, under the $49 subscription on Zapier, you just get 2000 actions/month, which is woefully small, especially when you are pulling data from Gmail every day. Nevertheless, with, you can execute 10,000 actions/month under the same plan. How wonderful is that? And the trend continues in larger plans further where you get five times more actions than Zapier. Therefore to put it straight, is a strong Zapier replacement, and you should surely give it a shot given that it offers more actions than Zapier under similar plans.

6. Workato

Workato is again a great and advanced automation platform that would easily rival Zapier. Nevertheless, it comes at an expensive subscription cost and is primarily intended for corporations and large businesses. Similar to Zapier, Workato has helped with multi-instance workflows, which is called Recipe. You can both create your recipe or choose from more than 225,000 pre-made recipes from its library. The main aim of Workato is to make automation easier and usable across departments, no matter if you are from accounts or IT.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

Moreover, Workato brings its SDK package for apps and websites to make them agree with the Workato workflow. You can implant the SDK with any API-enabled app and create new customized connectors for Workato. Other than that, Workato further uses AI and bots to improve your organization’s productivity. In case you are uninformed, Workato is used by a number of large-scale companies like Cisco, Autodesk, Visa, and more. Therefore coming to the fore, it’s clear that Workato is a powerful App Like Zapier, and if you manage an enterprise with thousands of employees, then this is a perfect pick.

7. Integromat

This is the service that comes nearest to Zapier in terms of UI and usability. The animations are fluid, and everything is simple to locate and use. Regarding functionality, I have found it more secure than Zapier, especially when it comes to difficult tasks. Actually, in my short time of using Integromat, I can positively say that it is much easier to set up complex tasks using this than any other services on the list. The great part about using Integromat is that it provides you a full visual profile of the tasks you have created. Every node on the task is described by a circle that is connected to others using dotted lines. It seems as if you have created a mind map. This provides you a quick overview of what automated tasks (scenarios as they call it) you are running.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

You can build any number of scenarios, and any scenario at a given time can have n numbers of steps or operations. It is a true multi-step automation tool. For instance, I created a task in which whenever an article is posted on, it will retrieve it using the RSS feed and email it to me. This was a simple 2 step automation. Let us get it up a notch and create a complex schedule.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

I have added a router that enables me to assign different outcomes for the same trigger. I have set the router to send any iOS article to Evernote and Android article to Google Drive. See how simply I created a path to automate things. Now I have everything I want right in my 3 favorite places. This is simply an example, the possibilities are endless. You have to give it an attempt to fully understand its use cases.

My chief rift with Integromat and every other automation tool, for that matter, is their pricing strategy. Most of them support subscription-based pricing with multiple tiers. You will have to check each 1 out by visiting their websites. 1 good thing about Integromat is that it has a free user account option that provides you limited access to their service to check it out before buying.

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Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

8. Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow is still another App Like Zapier that looks promising and brings many advanced traits in a user-friendly interface. Similar to, Zoho Flow enables you to integrate your apps and create workflow scenarios on a visual editor. You can create a flowchart of actions, edit them seamlessly using conditional triggers, and set the workflow in motion with simply a few clicks. You can get files, emails, reports from one service to another in just a matter of seconds. The great part about Zoho Flow is that it enables you to create logic elements to define a variable in case you want to go far into the webhook integration. If you are an advanced consumer, you can get the most out of Zoho Flow.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

And for newcomers, there is nothing to worry about. Zoho Flow gives a huge range of pre-built workflows which you can get started in no time. Just pick the template and authorize the integration. That’s it. Coming to web apps support, it has a combination with almost all the popular services out there, including Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Trello, Gmail, and more. And if you utilize Zoho’s own CRM and QuickBooks, then the automation would even be simpler and deeply integrated. So to end, Zoho Flow is a user-friendly automation tool, and you can certainly give it a try. More so, when it requires almost one-sixth of what Zappier offers.

9. Microsoft Flow

If you are viewing for something which is strictly for personal use, check out this offering from Microsoft. The app is greatly well designed. It is great if you are just getting started, as it has a big assortment of templates with pre-created flows you can utilize to automate your tasks. It is particularly useful if you already use different Microsoft services such as Office 365, OneDrive, and OneNote, as with a single authentication, you can connect all your apps. In other apps, you will have to grant permission to all the apps you are adding one by one, which might be a little time-consuming at first. Nevertheless, this also brings us to 1 of the drawbacks of this app, you can only login into the app utilizing your Microsoft account, there’s no other way. But this disadvantage is nullified when seeing its feature set.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

Aside from Microsoft apps, it also supports more than a hundred other apps. It might be less if you think of other apps on this list, but it is plenty from an individual consumer’s perspective. You can build multiple-step automation defining the exact commands which you want. Furthermore, it has an app for Android and iOS platforms, which is similar to the functionality of its web app. I do think that it’s easier to create and manage your flows on the site as you get more screen real-estate to work with. Furthermore, did I tell you that it’s completely free? It is the single automation app you will see in the market which is free without any restriction. If you are viewing to play the automation game, do give this one a chance.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work


If you are viewing for a free Similar to Zapier, then I would highly recommend It’s a cost-free and open workflow automation tool that works well across famous web apps and services. To make it clear, it is an open-source tool but authorized under the Fair-code principle. Simply put, the service is entirely free, and you can use it for both personal and business purposes without paying a dime. Talking regarding the workflow, unlike other open-source App Like Zapier, n8n gives a seamless and visual editor to create a workflow which is essentially called node on this tool. You can search for services and combine them with webhook in basically 3 to 4 clicks. There is an option for triggers where you can define multiple conditions as to when and where the actions will be executed.

Zapier Alternatives Open Source Automate To Your Work

And if you are an advanced consumer, you can directly tweak the code, set the parameters directly, and import JSON data without any issue. And the great part about n8n is that it has integration with many popular web apps like Google Doc, Gmail, Slack, GitHub, Asana, Freshdesk, and more. Simply put, is the best workflow automation tool and a solid alternative to Zapier, given that it’s completely free to use. Moreover, if you are viewing for another open-source Zapier Alternatives, then Huginn would be a good choice, but keep in thought, it’s not that user-friendly.

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Get More Done by Automating Your Work Through These Apps Like Zapier

Automation is a great tool that we can utilize to get more things done in a limited amount of time. Doing repetitive tasks not just kills our time but also makes our work boring. We should use automation wherever possible to prevent ourselves from falling into the traps of doing repetitive tasks. Remember being productive and being busy are 2 very different things altogether. Well, the aforementioned App Like Zapier should make things more productive for you. Every tool we have discussed in our article has a free trial of some sort, so try them out and decide which 1 is the best for you. Let us know in the comments which 1 you chose and why.

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