23 Best AniChart Alternatives To Watch Anime Online


AniChart is a MangaDex replacement that displays detailed information on popular anime seasons and shows at a glance, allowing you to keep your collection current. Before adding an anime to your watch list, you can tap on it to read more information. Further, there is no fee associated with watching anime on this site. It may organize the list for you based on the series’s title or release year, displaying the most relevant shows at the top of the list. Utilize tags to find Similar AniChart and anime series and store them in your favorite folder to synchronize and read on your other smart devices. 

AniChart Features:

  • Multi-language
  • Yearly and seasonal archives
  • Dark mode with high contrast text
  • Sort series by popularity, release date, score, and title

AniChart Alternatives

23 Best AniChart Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

Here are Some of the Best Sites like AniChart to Watch Free Anime Online. Let’s Start Best AniChart Alternatives.

1. MyAnimeList

AniChart Alternatives

MyAnimeList, or MAL, is a AniChart alternative that uses a list-collection approach to display the available anime and Manga, allowing you to discover new gems based on your preferences. It features a straightforward user interface that makes the search process, and registration is required to access the new collection. Daily updates ensure that you never run out of the latest series. Read the backstory, learn about the performers, and hear the opening and closing themes. You may live stream a series in high-definition video quality, exactly like you would on television. Sharing features allows you to recommend it to your friends via social media apps.

2. MangaKisa

AniChart Alternatives

Mangakisa is a AniChart alternative that features a site-free manga collection, allowing you to enjoy new series every day without watching to watch any intrusive advertisements. The collection contains over one million manga series classified into 90 distinct categories and subgenres. So, In comparison to other manga websites, it also broadcasts anime series live.

Seeing your favorite content has never been easier, as all you have to do is type the title of a manga series into the search bar and press the enter key. While introducing innovative features, Mangakisa enables you to access current and trendy Manga directly on your mobile devices. Mangakisa is no longer active on the Internet. However, some of its clones continue to provide you with a series of Manga. If you’re seeking some of the top AniChart alternatives, the list below will enjoy you doing so.

3. Anime Babies

AniChart Alternatives

If you’re an anime fan and want to watch all of your favorite anime series episodes, BabyAnime is the perfect site to go because it offers whole anime series dubbed in English. You can live stream anime directly from the website; however, you must first create an account. Post your anime-related questions on the forum, and a vast community will respond. Find anime series by genre and category, or type the title of your favorite series into the search field to quickly find it across the whole collection. Add episodes and series to a favorite list to watch later and save yourself the time and effort of searching the library for them again.

4. MangaNelo

AniChart Alternatives

An online application that allows people to read and share millions of Manga. Additionally, you may create and share Manga with others and receive real-time feedback on them. The website offers stories in various genres, including action, adventure, and drama. You must sign in order to upload your story; else, it is completely free to use. You can join the website’s community forum to connect with other people and discuss Manga. Like AniChart, It features four distinct reading directions, allowing you to read in whichever direction you like and changing the color of the chapter you are now reading to keep track of where you left off.

5. MangaPark 

AniChart Alternatives

Mangapark is a site similar to AniChart that enables you to read millions of free manga and anime episodes with a redesigned user experience. You may also use the pen in your hand to create your own Manga and share it with a wide community of other manga aficionados. It enables you to sort the collection by author, category, and genre in order to find a manga series. The big network of other manga enthusiasts is beneficial, and you may occasionally receive recommendations to read a popular manga series. Vote for manga series to receive a series of their popularity based on the number of votes and star ratings submitted by hundreds of other readers.

6. Nyaa

AniChart Alternatives

Nyaa is one of the greatest alternatives to AniChart, as it shares a similar UI, a large collection of anime links, and daily updates. Additionally, the site is referred to as the best torrent site due to the variety of content available. You can search, stream, and download nearly any anime content with a few clicks, from the most recent to the most classic. The site’s interface is quite easy to access, and it is accessible from anywhere in the world. Nyaa enables you to access one of the best selections of fascinating anime at any time. Regardless of whether you’re watching, Nyaa lets you download your favorite anime whenever you want. Downloading high-quality internet anime series is possible without paying anything.

7. Manga Rock

AniChart Alternatives

Manga Rock is one of the free venues available to manga fans who like to read anime stories without incurring any costs. It is one of the most updated platforms, as you will notice all of the most recent and special features that other Manga websites may lack. Unlike AniChart, You can now select from a variety of categories and share the stories with your friends on a variety of social media networks. However, you may sign using your email address and gain access to all of the site’s features. You can either begin with the first chapter or view all available chapters to read at your leisure. For those who desire only the finest, popular manga series are displayed in a separate folder.

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8. Manga Reader

AniChart Alternatives

Manga Reader is a feature-rich, intelligent portal for anime fans. You may read a variety of anime stories on it, about a million in total, and watch a variety of anime series for free. As with other sites, it enables you to create and share Manga with other people of the community and receive feedback on your work. What makes it is its mobile application, which you may access at any time. Dual page reading allows you to feel the sensation of reading a book. For example, addFor example, add Manga to a favorite folder to read it whenever you want, and the history area shows the the track of all the manga series you’ve lately completed.

9. MangaKakalot

AniChart Alternatives

Mangakakalot is one of the fastest-growing anime platforms, offering hundreds of free anime and manga episodes to let you enjoy your free time doing what you love. Daily updates bring brand new anime titles to the collection, and you may create your collection by adding episodes and series to your favorite section. Alternative to AniChart, it has the world’s largest library of Manga titles represented by high-resolution photographs. Mangakakalot is an alternative for AniChart that includes some new and updated features for sifting through the world of anime in search of new series. Read reviews from other manga fans to better understand the series before adding it to your favorites list, and then share your thoughts with them by leaving a comment on the series.

10. Anilinkz

AniChart Alternatives

Anilinkz is similar to Horriblesubs in that it allows you to watch full-length and HD anime series without being bothered by advertisements. The site was created by a group of anime enthusiasts who have made it one of the most popular applications for watching anime series. It offers an easy and easy-to-understand layout with numerous sorting options that make it simple to find your favorite titles in a matter of seconds. Anilinkz does not demand registration or login; all you need to do is find the title and begin streaming. Anilinkz will bother you with some annoying advertisements, but you will tolerate everything if you are a true anime fan. Its sensitive anime library caters to practically all anime and manga fans. Users can do search searches for their desired anime using the site’s elegant search bar. 

11. Funimation

AniChart Alternatives

Funimation is a cutting-edge web and mobile application that enables you to watch anime online for free. It is an alternative to Horriblesubs and offers all of the same services with some new features. The best feature of this site is its vast collection of old to new anime to watch, which is divided into different categories. Each category has its own title, so which you can explore to find your preferred time period. Funimation’s interface is extremely good, and it allows you to subscribe to streamed anime.

Funimation has one of the most comprehensive and high-quality collections of English-dubbed anime on the market, with hundreds of subtitles. Anime, Anytime, Anywhere – Funimation The app allows you to stream hundreds of classic and new anime episodes without being interrupted by annoying commercials. Sites like AniChart, it delivers new dubbed episodes within ten days after their original Japanese broadcast. Despite the fact that you may watch free anime online, Funimation allows you to download your most likely anime episodes and watch them offline, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

12. KissManga

AniChart Alternatives

KissManga – Best Sites for Manga Lovers is the ideal solution for manga fans seeking more than a simple learning experience. Numerous exclusive categories are dedicated to Manga, including Adult Manga, Manga for Girls Online, favourite Japanese Manga, popular Manga, Yaoi Manga, and dozens of newly updated free Manga. Kissmanga may be a contemporary-style website devoted to manga readers. Without a doubt, the website includes some unique categories that you can access and read at any time.

It also enables you to share whatever you’re reading on it with your pals via various social media platforms or email. In addition, you gain access to the community forum, where you can share ideas and interact with other people. I’m going to list five of the best alternatives to AniChart in this article. Therefore, continue reading. You can access the world’s largest collection of trendy Manga and save money while reading your most often read material online. KissManga assists you in locating the greatest online site for watching an unending supply of Manga in nearly every genre and subgenre that you enjoy reading.

13. AnimeTosho

AniChart Alternatives

It is regarded as the most active anime online community, offering a massive collection of free anime torrents. As with Horriblesubs, the site features a variety of categories for exploring and discovering anime films. In addition, the site features a straightforward interface and supports a variety of languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and English. This means that you can use its service from anywhere in the world. Additionally, there is an opportunity to stream anime films online in high definition. Detailed information on anime and Manga is accessible to determine the length and scope of projects quickly. It makes it simple to download hot and trendy content to your PCs and mobile devices and watch them offline when you don’t have access to the Internet.

14. Horriblesubs

AniChart Alternatives

Horriblesubs Has Been shut! Of course, you are a true anime fan, as evidenced by your presence here. We regret to inform you that Horriblesubs has ceased operations. Its official website ceased to function a few days ago. Visitors discovered a note from the developers announcing the site’s closure and the end of the world’s most popular anime streaming site, Horriblesubs. While this is unfortunate news for anime fans, I will present you the top Anime Downloading and Streaming Sites like Horriblesubs in this post.

15. MangaDex

AniChart Alternatives

Are you a MangaDex user seeking an alternative to watching all the episodes of your favorite series without worrying about your data usage? If answer is yes, then here is a list of sites where you may immediately begin watching Manga. Without a doubt, MangaDex possessed a vast database of Anime and Manga divided into thirty distinct categories, but the site has since been discontinued. You may long for the simpler days when all you needed to do was type the title of a series into the search bar and begin watching immediately.

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16. CartoonCrazy

AniChart Alternatives

CartoonCrazy is a popular and free website where you may watch a variety of cartoons, primarily anime. This website features both rare and mainstream anime titles. You do not need to pay anything to watch cartoons on our website. Individuals can watch and appreciate any character they like via the use of this website. You must stream it online because you cannot download any information from this website. Additionally, this website’s content is virus-free. People are not permitted to enter their name, phone number, or email address on CartoonCrazy. Otherwise, their data is made available to other users, who may abuse it. This website’s interface is user-friendly, allowing people from all over the world to easily navigate it.

17. AnimeRhino

AniChart Alternatives

AnimeRhino is a video-on-demand application that enables users to watch anime in high-definition video. It is often regarded as the superior method of watching anime. The software is a web-based application, and the most significant feature is that you may disable advertisements on this platform and watch anime whatever you like. The download process is straightforward, and usage instructions are included with the software, courtesy of the product’s developers and excellent technical team. Like AniChart, the developers of this application periodically update it with new features and add new films and stories with dubbing in multiple languages. This software is highly interesting and provides an enjoyable experience with anime. Users will also enjoy the product’s simple interface.

18. Toonova

AniChart Alternatives

Toonova is an online streaming site that offers users a quick stream of practically every cartoon type. Its primary objective is to provide access to popular series, anime, short films, and feature films based on cartoon sequences. Additionally, this platform features content based on the most recent anime series and films dubbed in different languages. Toonova’s interface is straightforward, as it categorizes the listings by elements such as cartoon series, new episodes, up-to-date, and cartoon motion pictures, among others, so users can easily search for the desired one using the filter tool.

19. KimCartoon.to

AniChart Alternatives

KimCartoon is a unique application that allows users to watch cartoons based on their interests. This application is offered for free to all users worldwide, and its menu bar is well-organized, with everything conveniently located alongside the search bar. It includes a built-in list of cartoons, which enables you to save time and delight yourself with the full HD quality of all episodes available online on your Android device. An essential feature of this application is the ability to request cartoons from its developers if they are not already included in the list provided by its developers and technical team. Similar to AniChart, you can report any site-related mistake to the site’s service team, and your request will be addressed immediately.

20. GoGoAnime

AniChart Alternatives

GoGoAnime is a free anime streaming website that makes it incredibly easy to watch cartoons and anime series online. You can watch animes on this website without being bothered by advertisements, as all of the animes on this website are ad-free. This website’s interface is simple to use, allowing people from all over the world to access it easily. The Gogo website offers a variety of anime categories, including horror, adventure, humor, and war.

Although Gogoanime has a sizable collection of anime series, it is always adding new ones. This site provides many alternatives for locating desired anime series, including an explore genres section and a search bar. Also Like AniChart, to utilize this website for watching anime, you must register with an email address. Users can also share their favorite animes with others via social media sites and watch them.

21. Anime Toon

AniChart Alternatives

Anime Toon is an application that contains all animated films, eliminating the need for users to search for them on other sites. This application is easily available for download for Android phones, Windows, Mac, and other alternative platforms. This software offers online streaming of animated movies and television series and the ability to download them for later viewing or sharing with friends. Anime Toon is available for free download on the company’s website, and the download method is likewise quite simple. It is the best online application for watching anime in high definition, and the developers continually update it with new films and series to watch that users have an exciting experience.

22. Masterani.Me


Masterani.me is the platform that allows users to watch animated films and dramas. This software contains comprehensive information about animation and enables you to watch anime in high definition. Additionally, streamers can benefit from this one-of-a-kind platform. The most useful feature of this application is that it lets you keep track of what you’ve viewed and, by following your friends, see what they’re watching. This program is free to everyone, allowing you to watch anime without reservation. This tool runs in the background and has no adverse effect on your system’s performance while downloading. It’s a wonderful alternative to anime, and if you run into any difficulties, you can also contact the site’s technical support team.

23. AnimeDao

AniChart Alternatives

AnimeDao is a streaming service that allows users to access their favorite anime series from around the world. Depending on the source network, this site is even labeled as the leading network on the Internet. The platform possesses excellent streaming capabilities and does not lag during streaming since it enables users to view streaming Internet at their connection speed and watch the quality accordingly. AnimeDao features the most recent episodes of practically all series and shows, all available for free. Users can quickly access the information associated with the thumbnails to update the most recent content. 

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