Anilinkz Alternatives – 19 Free Anime Streaming Sites

Anime is the advanced version of cartoons for kids. Previously, only children would enjoy animated cartoons; however, with many games introducing animated characteristics, Anime became popular among adults. Keeping the new trend under consideration, many websites started streaming anime shows online, and Anilinkz is one of these websites where you can watch anime shows online via online streaming. Here you can get to enjoy a fantastic collection of movies, cartoons, and series, and everything is free. Moreover, it also incorporates HD quality to make it pleasing to the eyes.  However, Anilinkz is not the only one. Though it is the most famous one, other websites are Similar to Anilinks and provide content like Anilinkz. So, if you are confused about which ones to opt for, don’t worry, as we have done the work for you. Here we present the best 19 Anime Streaming Sites Like Anilinkz Alternatives. 

Anilinkz Alternatives – 19 Free Anime Streaming Sites like

All these Alternatives to Anilinkz vow to provide quality like or even better. They are safe to use and offer unique features. So, let’s get started Best Anime Streaming Sites.

1. 9Anime

Anilinkz Alternatives

9Anime is one of the best Similar to Anilinks. Be it classic hits or shows, 9Anime has it all. The website has a splendid resolution of 1080, and the interface is pretty simple. Moreover, it offers subbed as well as dubbed content.

2. Anime-Planet

Anilinkz Alternatives

Anime-Planet is another site that is like Anilinkz. The website has to offer about 45000 videos. The website is free to use and requires an ID confirmation. Moreover, the website makes it easier for you to continue from where you left off before. Overall, it also falls under the recommended category of Anilinkz Alternatives. 

3. KissAnime

Anilinkz Alternatives

One of the first Anilinkz Alternatives that we have on the list is KissAnime. The website is famous for streaming high-end animated series and cartoons. Mostly, Japanese and Korean Anime are favorites, and the website has both of them. The videos can be downloaded, and it offers English dubbed versions and movies dubbed in other languages.  The only setback is the annoying ads popping up now and then.

4. Crunchyroll

Anilinkz Alternatives

The second last option on best Anilinkz Alternatives is Crunchyroll. The site works as a better alternative to sites like Anilinkz. It has a possible video quality from 480P to 1080P. In addition, the website offers convenience by presenting names on the thumbnails. It has new shows, cartoons, and the most popular Korean dramas.

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5. JustDubs

Anilinkz Alternatives

JusTDubs manages to have the second spot on our list of best Anilinkz alternatives. The website has great fan followers, as the game has so much to offer. It is not only perfect watching animated shows but for doing other creative works also.

6. GoGoAnime

Anilinkz Alternatives

GoGoAnime is yet another best Anilinkz alternative. This streaming website offers the best collection of animated movies, cartoons, and series, and it is similar to Aliniks in nature. The website streams content dubbed in English, and some of them have English subtitles. It is easy to access and not annoying at all. 

7. AnimeFreak

Anilinkz Alternatives

The fourth website on our list of best Anilinkz alternatives is AnimeFreak. The website has the potential to become a better replacement for Anilinkz. The content is in different languages and caters to many countries. In addition, the website is easy to use, as you can easily search for the desired option by searching for a particular genre.

8. AnimeLab

Anilinkz Alternatives

AnimeLab is yet another Alternative to Anilinkz. The website makes it easier by classifying content like Popular Shows, New Series, and Genres. The best thing about it is that it can be downloaded through the Apple app store and Play store. However, it is pertinent to note that you will have to buy the premium version to enjoy every content. 

9. Chia-Anime

Anilinkz Alternatives

The next option on the list of Anilinkz Alternatives is Chia-Anime. This website is the oldest and the most experienced. It has content from all genres, Adventure, Ninja, Alien, and much more. In addition, the website offers a range of English and Japanese. This all makes it the best Anilinkz Alternative. 

10. AnimeKisa

Anilinkz Alternatives

Animekisa is yet another alternative providing functions like Anilinkz. It is quick, it is free, and it is of the best quality. The website is loaded with different genres and has subbed and dubbed videos too. Owing to the well-set navigation list, searching for what you want to watch has become immensely more accessible. However, the ad banners can be a little annoying.

11. Anime Twist

Anilinkz Alternatives

Anime Twist is another Anilinkz Alternative. The website has a friendly interface and is relatively easy to use. Moreover, the search bars make searching faster and easier. In addition, it lets the user change the episode order directly from the video player. The website contains few ad banners; otherwise, it is ad-free, and it proves to be one of the most straightforward Anilinkz Alternatives.

12. AnimeHeaven

Anilinkz Alternatives

As the name suggests, AnimeHeaven is the heaven of Anime for anime lovers. It is one of the greatest sites like Anilinkz and is famous for offering new Anime for free. The best thing about it is that it provides the latest and latest shows that, too, in dubbed and subbed form. It can be downloaded through XServer.

13. AnimeDao

Anilinkz Alternatives

The next option that we have on the list of best Anilinkz Alternatives is AnimeDao. The streaming service is known for faster uploads and searches, recent updates, and immaculate streaming processes. The website has all the new, old, and classic content in the dubbed and subbed form. 

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14. 4Anime

Anilinkz Alternatives

4Anime is yet another website that works as a Site like Anilinkz. It allows one to search by genre, status, and anime type. Plus, the interface is easy, the streaming is smooth, and the searching option is faster. The website offers convenience by organizing stuff in A-Z order. These all Aspects perform it one of the best Anilinkz Alternatives. 

15. AnimeUltima

Anilinkz Alternatives

AnimeUltima is the best replacement for Anilinkz. It has a straightforward interface, a well-organized site, and faster updates. You get to see the latest content on it and that too for free. Moreover, the website offers a free download option. These all features present it one of the most recommended Anilinkz Alternatives. 

16. Masterani

Anilinkz Alternatives

The next option on our list of recommended Anilinkz Alternatives is Masterani. It is the most updated, modern, well-organized streaming option. In addition, the website is capable of offering over 3000 videos and high HD quality. 

17. WatchCartoonOnline

Anilinkz Alternatives

It marks the last option on the list of better Anilinkz Alternatives. The website has a high-quality, straightforward interface and a faster search option. Moreover, besides offering dubbed and subbed content, it also has American English cartoons and other content. With the quality ranging from 480 to 720p, it proves to be the best pick. 

16. AnimeOwl

Anilinkz Alternatives

The next option on the list of best Anilinkz Alternatives is the Animeowl. It is also one of the oldest and the most Similar to Anilinkz. Therefore, the website is a safe spot for those looking for secure and free streaming. The feature peculiar to Animeowl is the MAL sync and save option that saves you watch history to make the watch-later option easy.

19. CartoonCrazy

Anilinkz Alternatives

Cartoon Crazy is a web-based app that allows you to watch unabridged Anime Movies and Animations at any time and from any location. The website caters primarily to anime fans. It provides a substantial data source that is regularly updated with new video clips. All of the cartoon collections and Anime Movies, in addition to the anime collection, have several classifications. Each category has its own set of titles that you can choose from and play. You can also organize claims by categories and years, which makes it much more interesting. The most amazing aspect of this website is that it uses Anime Dubbed Movies in a variety of languages.

Final Thought:

So, this marks the end of our quest for the best Anilinkz Alternatives. We have presented all websites with an easy interface, faster search options, high-quality videos, and better resolution options. But, in the end, the choice of website is solely yours. 

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