17 JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Free Online

Who doesn’t love animated content? Animated Cartoons and movies are the best to stir up imaginations and, at the same, to transcend to another world. If you are an anime-lover, you must be familiar with JustDubs, offering the best-animated content online. The show is famous for providing a wide variety of online content, and that too for free. As the name shows, the content is dubbed in English for those who don’t know Japanese. Moreover, the website has an appealing layout, an extensive library of content, and enjoyable content. However, JustDubs is not available in many countries, as some countries have restricted the website for providing free services. This is where the need for JustDubs Alternatives is felt. And this is what the article is about. 

Best 17 JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Anime Free Online

In the article, we will present some of the best Alternatives to JustDubs. So, let’s get started.

1. FireAnime

JustDubs Alternatives

FireAnime is an app that offers a huge Japanese anime collection. Enjoy access to a variety of items and episodes seasons and
The Internet has considerably helped to the popularity of anime and manga throughout the world. Fans of this genre can enjoy movies, comics, and series in an almost inconceivable way with loads of Websites and programs like FireAnime.
A nice internet anime collection We can find a huge collection of anime in this program that is regularly updated. We can therefore view all the greatest hits from Japanese cartoons, the latest premiers, and some of the unknown titles.

2. Animania App

JustDubs Alternatives

Animania App is an application for android users. Users can easily stream and download the latest anime. It has an impressive interface. However, the only disadvantage is only on phones and not available for online browsing through its official website.

3. 9Anime

JustDubs Alternatives

Another recommended option on the list of JustDubs Alternatives is 9Anime. It is almost similar to JustDubs in its content. The website is famous for offering dubbed and subbed versions. Moreover, the website is best for people of all ages. The videos are of high quality and have vibrant colors. The best thing about the website is its immaculate classification, as the video is divided into 45 categories, including police, Yuri, samurai, vampire, comedy, fantasy, and much more. 

4. KissAnime

JustDubs Alternatives

The second JustDubs alternative is the KissAnime. It is by far the most recommended website offering movies and shows free of cost. The website is known for its consistency in its speed and optimization. The website regularly updates for latest movies and shows. Moreover, the video quality is also outstanding. Kissanime is almost identical to GoGoAnime in its interface. 

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5. AnimeHeaven

JustDubs Alternatives

The next best JustDubs alternative is the AnimeHeaven. As the name suggests, the website is heaven for anime enthusiasts. The content in this website is pretty organized into genres to avoid any confusion. All the content available online is free of cost. The website works immaculately on Windows and iOS. Moreover, it is also possible to download videos, and it also provides freedom to select the quality of the videos. Since the website offers integrated material, it does not need to redirect you to another website. 

6. GoGoAnime

JustDubs Alternatives

Another on the list of best JustDubs Alternatives is GoGoAnime. This website is famous for offering subbed and dubbed content. Moreover, the website provides subtitles for those who love watching content in the original language. The website provides both classic and modern movies, and no one has to register or create an account for watching animated videos on it. Simply visit the website, check carefully, and click on the provided link. 

7. AnimeUltima

JustDubs Alternatives

The Seventh best alternative to JustDubs is the AnimeUltima. The website is popular amongst anime lovers for streaming anime content online. The website has a straightforward yet captivating layout. Moreover, the interface is also simple and easily comprehendible. Additionally, the website also has a library containing an extensive collection of animated stuff. The site is almost similar to JustDubs, so this is for you if you are looking for something exactly or somewhat like JustDubs

8. Chia-Anime

JustDubs Alternatives

Next on the list of recommended JustDubs Alternatives is the Chia-Anime. The website is mainly famous for its extensive library with a collection of notable classics and modern shows and movies. Being the pioneer of anime-containing websites, the Chia-Anime is the most trusted and reliable. The main aim of the site is to offer professional content to its viewers. It provides different genres from adventure, fantasy to aliens. The best thing about the website is they regularly update their website to keep the users posted.

9. AnimeLand

JustDubs Alternatives

AnimeLand is the next option on the list of recommended JustDubs Alternatives. In certain areas, the website is referred to as Dubbed TV, while in many, it is called by its original name. This website, like JustDubs, offers high-quality content for free. In addition, the website is famous for having more than 20,000 videos onboard, which is quite a lot for sure. Most people come for high-quality, vibrantly colored videos. As the content is dubbed, you don’t have to read subtitles or face difficulty while watching a video in a foreign language. Lastly, the website doesn’t need any subscription. 

10. AnimeShow

JustDubs Alternatives

AnimeShow is another best replacement for JustDubs. The website is famous for having a beautiful interface, free content, and a straightforward layout. The website is categorized into sections such as trending, most popular, most-watched, etc. It decides to select the content more accessible. The website also lets users interact in the discussion section. The only setback is the advertisements. 

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11. CrunChyroll



Crunchyroll is yet another approved option on the list of JustDubs Alternatives. The website has a plethora of free animated videos for free. The videos are of higher quality and are dubbed as well as subbed. Additionally, the good style makes browsing more convenient. The website is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android. 

12. CartoonCrazy

JustDubs Alternatives

CartoonCrazy is yet another one of the recommended options on the list of JustDubs Alternatives. The website serves as a site like JustDubs for having an extensive collection of popular anime shows. CartoonCrazy is simple, and the interface is easy. It has also categorized its content into most-watched, top-rated, and Trending content. It also provides subtitles in different languages. 

13. Sidereel

JustDubs Alternatives

Sidereel is yet another reliable replacement for JustDubs. Though it is not solely devoted to creating animated content, it still has a good variety of animated shows and movies, which it recently introduced. If you are looking for older series, it is for you.

14. Anime-Planet

JustDubs Alternatives

Anime-planet is another site like JustDubs that contains a myriad of animated content. It offers online streaming of the content also. Additionally, the content is the latest, and the quality is excellent. The interface is quite friendly and vibrant, and the users can easily select the content by watching its rating.

15. AnimeToon

JustDubs Alternatives

AnimeToon is one of the most upgraded alternatives so far. The website lets one watch cartoons and other animated content for free, and all these shows are of superb quality. There are ads present, but it is natural to have them when watching content for free.

16. AnimePahe

JustDubs Alternatives

AnimePahe is one of the most recommended popular because of the easy UI. It contains several captions, copies, recordings, and free animated content. It is the medium to download animated stuff in lesser data consumption. The content is available in 720p, and this feature makes it better than other options. 

17. AnimeStreams

JustDubs Alternatives

The last option onboard is AnimeStreams. The attractive and graphic interface is what makes the website appealing. The site serves as the best alternative for working just as JustDubs. Moreover, the content is quite organized and highly optimized, and the videos are of outstanding quality.

Final Words:

Finally, It brings us to the end of today’s hunt for the best JustDubs Alternatives. All these mentioned websites are free to use, have a simple interface, and have outstanding quality. Crunchyroll is one website that has a premium plan too. Try all of them out, and then pick your favorite. 

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