Most Popular Free Animation Software For Beginners

Are you looking for the finest free animation software to use to produce animated videos? These pieces of software are entirely free, but they are also frequently solid. On the other hand, professionals may not care because they have been experimenting with top-of-the-line software that comes with a hefty price tag. However, free software is more than sufficient for struggling artists, beginners, amateurs, and other people who are curious about drawing. It can even be a lifesaver for those who are just getting started.


The internet and open-source communities should be given credit for the creation of these Free Animation Software packages. 

1. BLENDER Animation Software


Blender is a well-known and divisive tool on the internet, and for a good reason. For specialists, scientists, video game enthusiasts or creators, studio artists, and other types of professionals everywhere, it’s a highly capable and completely free 3D animator software package called Blender.

There has been plenty of development and evolution in open-source software over the years, and it has evolved into quite sophisticated software. Many people say that nothing else can compete with Blender in terms of functionality. 

Once, the 3D animation software Source Film Maker (or SFM) was king, but Blender has ascended to the throne and replaced it. Blender is capable of producing not only 3D animations but also 2D animations. Alternatively, you can blend 2D and 3D elements and fully animate them.

There will be a significant learning curve. Because there are so many functions and commands to understand, the user interface (UI) can be unintuitive and difficult. Blender software can be used in conjunction with a wide range of complex and cutting-edge technology, indicating that it is far from a toy.

You should attempt to get your hands on it as soon and frequently as possible while reading community-created instructions for beginners. The community is prospering, and I would gladly assist you with your inquiries. This category covers a sizable number of experts in the animation business.

A more sophisticated user may alter Blender using Python. All aspects of the interface, including the layout, colors, size, and fonts, can be modified. Additionally, the community offers hundreds of free add-ons.

Numerous large firms, including Epic Games, Ubisoft, and numerous Japanese animation studios, have financed and promoted Blender. Blender should be the primary weapon and investment for anyone wanting to break into the profession of a 3D animator.

So, what exactly is it that is so contentious? On the other hand, Blender is extremely popular in the pornographic film industry. When you are looking for information or assistance with Blender, you can come across a few adult movie animators while doing your research. Just remember to use caution when accessing the internet at your place of employment.

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Blender is compatible with all major platforms and operating systems, and it includes tools for modeling, video post-processing, lighting, and many other tasks. The Blender will operate considerably more smoothly if your computer has OpenGL capabilities. It’s impressive that Blender is included in the list of Free Animation Programs.



PAP 4.0 is undoubtedly one of the best free 2D hand-drawn animation software packages available on the market. In addition, this is the most outstanding animation program for newcomers to the field. It was developed by animators passionate about their work as part of an independent initiative.

PAP 4.0 is a straightforward and lightweight application. It’s classic light-table animation, complete with onion skinning, layers, light setup, and blue and red pens for your planning and drafting phases for poses and scenes. It’s a great introduction to light-table animation.

Using the software itself is a breeze; it is simple to understand and navigate. Although it appears to be quite simple, it has a plethora of tools for traditional animation. For those just getting started, we recommend that you study their official tutorials on their website.

It would help if you also learned the icons and what they do in addition to the tutorial, simply because the icons are neatly placed and made in a great minimalist window around the workspace. Soon enough, you will discover that PAP 4.0 is capable of a wide range of tasks.

PAP 4.0 now supports the pressure-sensitive Wacom pen, which you can use in conjunction with the numerous shortcuts available to make your work easier and more efficient than ever before.

PAP 4.0 can be used for planning or as a rough draught with their Animation Software when it comes to pros. Line tests, scanners, and cameras can all be replaced by PAP 4.0. Animation teachers and students will find it to be beneficial as well. Almost everyone can use PAP 4.0 because it is lightweight, accessible, and does not consume many resources from your computer’s resources.

3. CREATOON Animation Software


Creatoon is another excellent 2D Animation Software for novices to consider. You can design 2D animations in a cutout manner and then add extra effects once they are finished.

However, the interface appears to be dated in part because they attempt to make it seem user-friendly and straightforward to learn or remember. It’s rather basic, but you won’t be able to change its appearance.

Creating 2D animations with Creatoon may be a lot of fun, and it can be easy to forget that it is rather challenging. Creatoon is a 2D Animation program developed explicitly for novices who want to get started with 2D animation. Creatoon can produce 2D animations in a short period with little effort. It is merely a matter of gradually assembling selected portions of the animation and repeating the pieces in their entirety. After that, you can add effects if you like. 

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You can use a hand-drawn image or painting as the basis for an animation; Creatoon supports the following file types: BMP, TGA, JPG, PNG, and TIFF. Additionally, there are capabilities such as automatic inbetweening, real-time previewing and editing, as well as the ability to merge bitmaps and vector images.

Creatoon performs an excellent job of encouraging you to practice and create animations. Because it is lightweight, it can run on any machine. Additionally, producing animations and viewing the final product is quick. Simply open it anytime the impulse to create animations strikes.



Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 is Emmy-winning Animation Software. The company has been in operation for almost 25 years. They are one of the leading developers of 2D animation software. Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 was created with students, freelancers, artists, and professionals in mind.

The software is not intuitive; there are numerous things to learn simply by navigating the UI. The more proficient you become with the software, the more proficient you will create animations.

Keep in mind that the learning curve is greater than with other free animation applications. If you feel you have hit a brick wall, do not despair; it’s difficult for everyone, especially novices and students. You are not alone in your struggles. 

Toon Boom Pro 3’s capabilities will become apparent after you get its hang. There are various options for frame-by-frame animation, including pressure-sensitive drawing, texture brushes, onion skinning, and a tool called Bone Deform.

Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 can create classic and cutting-edge animations in style. This Animation Software will appear natural, flexible, and fluid, depending on how you create them. It is a one-stop-shop for animators looking to cut down costs and time.

It’s thrilling and astounding how many different kinds of animations you can create. Anyone curious in pursuing a career as an animator should give this program a shot. It requires many resources. Thus you will need a good computer to operate it. Because professionals use it for their work, it is understandable.

You can get a free trial for 21 days to see if it’s right for you before you buy. Nothing to lose, and you may be able to persuade yourself or your employer to purchase the paid version. 

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