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AsuraScans Alternatives

AsuraScans is a scanlation group focusing on translating and publishing manga and webtoons. Asura Scans is noted for its high-quality scans and translations and its commitment to exposing lesser-known titles to a broader audience. AsuraScans is active on social media sites like Twitter and Discord and maintains a website where readers may view their releases. With AsuraScans com, users may read free manhua, manga, and manhwa comics. In addition, you may read comics from various genres on AsuraScans, including classic, fantasy, horror, action, and comedy. AsuraScans also has a search box where users can enter their favorite comics’ titles to locate them.

What Is AsuraScans?

AsuraScans presently features comics from various genres and is continually updated with new comics. The interface of AsuraScans is simple to use, so anyone from anywhere in the globe may use it. AsuraScans users may also leave comments on these manga comics to show their gratitude for the creators. Asura Scans is mobile-friendly, allowing users to watch comics on any device. The AsuraScans app is where you can read Manhwa, Manhua, and Manga online, and new episodes are regularly released. You may read manga comics online using AsuraScans and receive updates promptly. We looked into AsuraScans and other sites for quick and thorough content analysis. In the United States, Malaysia, and Turkey, AsuraScans com is a well-liked website.

An animation and comics website is called AsuraScans. Asura Scans is a well-known comic and manga website where you can read endless interesting manga comics. AsuraScans provides a large selection of high-quality manga scans in both English and Turkish. When it comes to the user interface of AsuraScans com, it’s welcoming and well-organized. You use the search bar to locate your favorite manga comic to read. Users of AsuraScans may enjoy reading manga in a comfortable environment. The AsuraScans app is good for reading and watching manga comics. Read manga comics on AsuraScans without having to register. The fact that AsuraScans is free of ads is its finest feature. As a result, you will accept intrusive adverts while reading comics at AsuraScans.

AsuraScans is active on Discord, a prominent community messaging and voice chat platform. The AsuraScans Discord server is a place where fans of their scanlations can connect and debate their favorite manga and webtoons and receive updates on new releases and initiatives. To join AsuraScans’ Discord server, look for an invite link on their website or social media accounts. In addition, Asura Scans has an active Twitter account where they frequently publish updates on their latest releases, projects, and other things relating to their group scanlation. You may discover their Twitter account by searching for “@AsuraScans” on Twitter or by visiting their website ( and clicking on the Twitter symbol in their homepage’s upper right corner.

AsuraScans Alternatives To Read Comics Online

Here are the best AsuraScans Alternatives. So, let’s watch the best free manga online on sites like AsuraScans.

1. KissManga

AsuraScans Alternatives

KissManga offers you more than ten thousand manga series, making it the most extensive directory. So, All have mangas with high graphic quality, and it gets updated every day. You will acquire the latest chapter’s notification and the manga lists. KissManga allows you to share them with your contacts. Kiss Manga enables the user to change the viewer’s reading direction from left to right or right or left. This allows you to send your valuable feedback and queries. This is the best-recommended alternatives to the AsuraScans.

2. Manga Panda

AsuraScans Alternatives

You can access the Manga Panda website using your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC. You will see comics of all genres, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller, and others. MangaPanda is entirely free and straightforward to access. Well, Despite the pros, you might find ads and pop-ups, which might cause inconveniences. The Manga Panda allows you to read comics both in English and Japanese.

3. MangaFreak

AsuraScans Alternatives

MangaFreak is one of the leading Sites Like AsuraScans in the manga comics platform. So, the user interface is slightly like JustDubs. This website provides users with a short description of the Manga and the status of the reading. Manga Freak has a library where you can search for your completed or ongoing comic. You can find various manga comics, ranging from Naruto, Boruto, Bleach, and One piece. Manga Freak site delivers comics of all genres, such as adventure, action, comedy, drama, history, horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, tragedy, etc.

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4. Manga Fox

AsuraScans Alternatives

Similar to Manga town, the Manga Fox site provides you with different genres of manga comics. So, No registration or payment is required to access MangaFox. Here comics are organized into various categories, which will facilitate easy access to the readers. You can look around for new versions and genres of Manga. This site provides you with a variety of comics.

5. MangaReader

AsuraScans Alternatives

Mangareader is an app that facilitates you to read your personal stored Manga. With this website, you can read Manga in a single page view or all pages view, move to the next or previous chapter quickly. Manga reader supports the web browser, which furthermore allows you to download all the manga pages. They give premium content in an easy layout. Similar to the AsuraScans, they offer free manga comics.

6. MangaReborn

AsuraScans Alternatives

MangaReborn is the newly launched websites, which is slowly gaining a comic lover’s attention. Manga Reborn is one of those websites which aim to disseminate unknown mangas across the globe. This facilitates you to chat with other members to get obscure titles or character data.

7. Manga Town

AsuraScans Alternatives

Manga town Gives you with comics of different genres, such as Vampire, Romance, Comedy, Shoujo, Horror, Seinen, Youkai, Adventure, and Harem. It provides all the latest comics, which are free of cost. You will be capable to browse this site’s manga list, new version, genre, and random mangas.

8. MangaDex

AsuraScans Alternatives

MangaDex is a straightforward and easily accessible website. It has over 9300 manga comics. The inward search alternative to AsuraScans empowers you to limit your query items and locate the most suitable manga funnies. MangaDex is a much-organized website which provides you with details such as the number of followers, the number of chapters, etc.

9. VizMedia

AsuraScans Alternatives

VizMedia is a free app with in-app purchases. This is open for Android and iOS devices, but you might be required to buy the subscription plan to read them with the PC version. Well, VizMedia is a well-designed website, bringing the finest in Manga, anime, and global entertainment to English-speaking fans worldwide for over thirty years. They provide the classics such as Dragon Bal, Pokémon, and Naruto to current hits like Sailor Moon, One Punch Man, and Tokyo Ghoul. This Viz Media is considered as the e-reader and library for manga series and anime lovers.

10. Read Comics Online

AsuraScans Alternatives

The Read Comics Online does not only provide you Manga, but you can also read Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and other popular comics. All these comics are categorized under a variety of genres. Site like AsuraScans, ReadComicsOnline is entirely user-friendly, as the comics are neatly organized and subcategorized under different genres. This takes the reader back and gives them a whole new experience.

11. Mangakakalot


This Mangakakalot is another user-friendly alternative to AsuraScans. When you are unknown to Manga perusing, you will expect direction to begin, Mangakakalot is one such website where you will locate the finished mangas. Mangakakalot is well known for its speedy uploads.

12. Manga Owl


Manga Owl site has over 100 manga genres to browse, so you’re sure to find any niche series you’re searching for. This offers a large assortment to go at, especially if you’re a fan of romantic Manga, including notable series like Naruto. So, Keep in mind that there is a lot more adult-oriented Manga on this site.

13. BookWalker


This site should be used if you are seeking one of the best free Manga websites. This is a Kadokawa official bookshop, which is one of Japan’s major publishing houses. Such as AsuraScans, On BookWalker, you may read short books from well-known publishers in addition to the best Manga comics. Unfortunately, this site’s content is not fully accessible. You may, utilize the ‘FREE’ genre to receive a list of all the Manga that are available to read for free on this website.

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14. Comico


This is another Manga-centric website. You may read also all of your favorite Manga for free online. This website was initially created in Japanese. You may, however, utilize the translation to access this website in English. It offers an easy-to-use UI with a search function. In addition, all of the Manga are neatly organized by genre. On this site, you can also read Manga books for free.


MangaStream is a beautifully-designed website that displays the best and most popular manga series on the top page and a variety of genres to explore. This series’ scans are high-resolution and straightforward to read. In addition, you may join the lively community and talk about your current favorite Manga with other members. Utilize the sophisticated search, subscription notifications for new updates, and the ability to build or find manga series collections.

16. Crunchyroll


This is another popular Alternative to the AsuraScans Manga website, where you can read all your favorite manga books. You may either utilize the accessible version of this website or purchase to receive unlimited access to its collection by purchasing a subscription. On both Devices Android and iOS devices, you may download an application version of our website. This website version’s user interface is quite user-friendly.

17. MangaPark


MangaPark is a site where you can read Manga for free online. The best manga website allows users to search for their favorite online manga scans and scanlations. For more spartan searching, the manga content has been divided into genres. Shounen, Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, School Life, Supernatural, Slice of Life, and many more genres are popular here. Similarly, you may read free Manga online using any PC, Android, or iOS device using our website.



Batoto may not be the site for you if you expect something fresh every day since it only updates the data once or twice a month (depending on whether its staff finds any exciting projects). On the other hand, it might be perfect for you if monthly releases are more convenient for you. What causes them so unique? Nevertheless, they feature a user-friendly search engine, which means you won’t have to waste time going through page after page looking for anything fascinating. This can download and read complete chapters offline if necessary.

19. Mangago


Suppose the word “free” drew your interest, Mangago might not disappoint since everything on the website is free. So, Manga may be read in English or its native Japanese language. Mangago is a best service that offers English-speaking audiences free access to a vast collection of best-selling Japanese comics, making it one of the most popular webtoons applications available. Well, Other intriguing features include instructional instructions for sketching anime and floral arrangements, among others. Like AsuraScans, Mangago, on the other hand, offers users more than just access to discover new worlds and stories: it also provides free manga classes, such as how-to guidelines for creating Manga.

20. Mangakiss 


This app will locate you up to date on new releases, your favorite titles, new chapters, and more. Mangakiss is a manga-related application with a lot of promise. Similar to AsuraScans, Mangakiss contains several features that might be beneficial to everyone, from casual readers to those who have read every one. These features include:

Final Words:

These Manga comics are read by all age groups, from toddlers to grownups. So, AsuraScans played an essential role by providing thousands of comics in the English language. Though due to specific un-clarified reasons, AsuraScans was taken down. Well, here are some best Alternatives to AsuraScans.

Sites like AsuraScans might not exactly be the same as the AsuraScans, but they are indeed a close substitute. All these alternatives to AsuraScans provide you with manga comics of various genres, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thriller, and lots more and the best part about all these AsuraScans Alternatives are free (most), high quality and exclusive manga comics.

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