Podcast Apps for Downloading and Managing your Shows

If you are Finding the best podcast apps for downloading and maintaining your shows? Compare the contenders and check for several useful features.  Discovering the best podcast app for what you want is easier said than done. You have a dizzying array of choices on the market and several features to consider, as well as subscription fees. 

Most podcast apps give a wealth of features, ranging from automatic downloads and adjustable play speeds to cross-device syncing. They are also packed with different sorts of audio tools that enhance the listening experience.  Here, you’ll find some of the most popular podcast apps for downloading and managing your shows. 

What is a Podcast?

A podcast leads to an audio program that you can download or stream online across a variation of smart devices and personal computers.

Podcast Apps for Downloading and Managing your Shows

The fastest and simplest way to jump into the world of podcasts is by using the built-in application on your smartphone. Android users have the Play Music application, while iOS users have Apple Podcasts. Nevertheless, while these apps are reliable, they don’t have the most advanced feature set. 

If you’re looking for modern discovery options, customization, and social features, there’s a variety of third-party applications out there that can take your podcast experience to the next level.  To solve the best podcast player for your requirements, let’s look at the top contenders. 


Podcast Apps

Stitcher serves personalized suggestions based on the content you listen to. It also gives you new suggestions based on mutual listeners’ preferences.  Using the application, you can listen to 100,000+ podcasts from different genres. Stitcher lists its content by Top Movers, Top Shop, and Most Shared to help you start. You can build customized playlists to get the latest episodes the time they drop. You can further download episodes so you can hear them offline. 

Sticher is obtainable on the App Store and Google Play. Because it’s supported by Amazon Echo, Sonos, and multiple car systems, you can listen to your preferred shows while you’re driving or washing the dishes.  Although you can get Stitcher for free of cost, you might need to look into its premium version, which allows ad-free content, including WF with March Maron and Office Ladies. The premium application costs $4.99 per month. If you get the yearly subscription fee, you can save a few bucks. 



Podcast Apps

Breaker adds a social perspective to the podcast experience. You can attach it to your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow other users from the app itself to get recommendations. Apart from seeing what your contacts are listening to, you can send them messages and share your opinions on new episodes from the app. You can further leave comments on every episode for others to see. 

The application lets you start custom playlists for repeat listening. Not only that, it gives you speed-up episodes to watch them at 0.5x to 3x speed. If you like hearing podcasts before bed, its timer settings will come in handy. It will automatically close playing after 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes, helping save your battery life. The breaker is obtainable on iOS as well as Android. 


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Pocket Casts

Podcast Apps

After a large redesign in 2019, Pocket Casts is now a free application with an optional premium subscription. It also has a trial version, so you can test the waters before fully committing to it. The app will help you find the content you’re interested in and help you manage everything with ease.  It allows continuous listening through its Up Next playback queue. Once an episode ends, the next 1 on the list will execute automatically.

On top of that, you can cut silence and skip the points you’re least interested in to save time.  Pocket Casts is obtainable for free on all major programs, including iOS, Android, Alexa, Siri, Chromecast, Android Auto, and CarPlay. You can upgrade to its premium plan for exclusive features and customization options, including themes, cloud storage, and Apple Watch support. You can accept it for $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year. 



Podcast Apps

Another podcast app that is created for the iOS ecosystem is Overcast. Its clean and simple interface makes navigation uncomplicated for its listeners. Whenever new episodes of your preferred shows are available, you’ll receive notifications. You can further download them for offline listening. If your storage space is low, you can fix a download limit. 

Overcast offers Voice Boost, a great trait that enhances the audio quality without increasing the volume. This makes you listen to your podcasts in noisy environments. 

All of its features are accessible for free, but you’ll get ads between episodes. For ad-free listening, you can promote to a premium subscription which requires only $10 per year. You’ll also be capable of uploading your audio files to their servers and customize the icon’s color on your home screen for a bit of personalization. 


Apple Podcasts

Podcast Apps

Apple Podcasts is a built-in application on iOS devices. It has a huge library of audio content with over a million shows. You can play all episodes at a different speed using its adjustable controls. You can further set a sleep timer, so your player automatically ends after a certain time.  The application allows offline listening.

Just download episodes you desire to listen to, then you can replay them if you don’t have WiFi or cellular data. These episodes will be automatically erased 24 hours after playing them.  Your podcast library syncs over all your devices, which gives you a seamless listening experience. If you choose to pause an episode on your smartphone, then shift to your laptop, you can pick up where you left off. 



Podcast Apps

What makes Castro separate from other podcast apps is its single queue system for subscription management. Once a new episode of your preferred show airs, it will be added automatically to your queue. The rest of your shows will be computed to an inbox, which you can survey whenever you want.  The queued episodes will be downloaded when you’re attached to the internet to play them offline.

You can listen at your individual pace with Castro as the app comes with adjustable playback speeds from 0.8-3x.  Castro is available for free. Nevertheless, it has a premium plan with advanced features such as night mode and trims silence. You will be Charged a yearly fee of $18.99 to upgrade your podcast experience. 



Podcast Apps

Spotify is 1 of the most popular music streaming services in the world. If you’re previously using it to listen to music, you could use it to tune into podcasts.  You can find new shows to listen to by its curated playlists. If you’re into comedy, true crime, or politics, you’ll see something that will satisfy your taste. Now, you can make playlists of your preferred episodes. You can also add songs into the mix, which is particularly convenient for repeat listening. 

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Using Spotify, you can download or run your subscriptions on iOS and Android devices. You can further use other smart devices such as gaming consoles, speakers, TVs, and care systems.  It is accessible for free on iOS and Android. Nevertheless, without a premium account, you’ll have to listen to ads throughout the episodes. 


Google Podcasts

Podcast Apps

Google has 3 different platforms for podcast listening. Of the three, Google Podcasts is the easiest option. It is simple to use. It is further packed with standard podcast features that let you listen to quicker speeds and skip silences. On top of that, it makes you queue episodes for continued listening.  The application is home to a wide array of podcasts, ranging from education and technology to comedy.

Apart from its personalized recommendations, you can find new shows through Google Search or Google Assistant. You can further manage your history, subscriptions, and downloads with ease.  If you have a Google Home speaker, you can use the Google Podcasts application to play your audio content while doing chores, exercise, or meditating at home. 

Google Podcasts is available for free. 



Podcast Apps

1 of the best podcast players for Apple devices is Downcast. It has a one-time subscription payment that will give you lifetime access to the app. It has amazing management and customization possibilities, which suit the needs of regular podcast listeners. 

You can create and update your playlists on Downcast. Aside from adjustable playback controls, it owns chapter support, gesture support, video support, and even a sleep timer. 

If you are an Apple user searching for a relatively simple podcast app, Downcast is a good pick. It doesn’t surprise you with ads or recommendations. It further makes it easy for you to search and subscribe to new shows. What’s more, it enables you to skip all the ads and lengthy intros.  Downcast is cooperative with Apple Watch, CarPlay, iOS, and Mac. 



Podcast Apps

Featuring a single yet intuitive interface, Castbox is arguably the best podcast listening app for mobile users. It has a unique recommendation engine, making it easier for you to find, access, and listen to audio content. 

Castbox is obtainable for free on iOS and Android, though it does come with a subscription limit and many ads. You can now sign in using Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook, then sync your library over multiple devices. 

You can upgrade to premium to relish ad-free listening, advanced homepage customization, immediate access to the latest features, and priority support.

The application is compatible with Apple Watch, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, CarPlay, and Google Home, making it excellent for those who like listening to podcasts while running or driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Popular Podcast App?

Currently, In the US, Apple Podcasts is the go-to app for podcast listening. That’s because it’s built into every iOS device. It has native apps for macOS and tvOS.

Can I listen to a Podcast without WiFi?

Yeah. But, not all podcast apps are made equal. You have to take an app with offline listening functionality to be capable to enjoy your shows whenever and wherever you want.

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