Blizzard will Soon Release its Latest World of Warcraft Expansion Dragonflight

Blizzard will Soon Release its Latest World of Warcraft Expansion Dragonflight

As if there isn’t enough excitement across gaming channels about the recently announced Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, World of Warcraft fans have also been impatiently waiting for its Dragonflight expansion to be launched. While the Lich King Classic is a throwback to the golden era for many fans, the Dragonflight expansion represents a whole new territory of gaming and offers a totally new experience many have yet to have across gaming platforms. This article outlines what fans can look forward to with the newest expansion set for release at the end of 2022.

New Storylines

There’s something to be said for a new narrative to kickstart a new year. WoW aficionados have been manning the crusade from map to map since the first version existed. They’ve experienced firsthand the scourging of Lordaeron or the darkness when Dranosh Saurfang fell to the Lich King just before the treachery of Grand Apothecary Putres. Longstanding and new fans alike will enjoy new combinations that will accompany the Dragonflight release. There should be a nice blend of familiar characters and story arcs with an infusion of novel characters, game elements and stories. For starters, rather than jumping right into a sequential time zone, according to leaks, there is actually a time jump to start this expansion which should help address earlier complaints. The storyline will pick up after a royal elf wedding and perhaps more importantly, after characters have gradually been resting and recovering from their earlier exploits.

Dragons Take the Forefront

It’s not lost on Blizzard developers that dragons are cool. You don’t need to read reviews or peruse internet posts to register that. Not surprisingly (thanks to its namesake), Dragonflight promises to offer a new category of dragon lore and gaming. Though they left Cataclysm with most of their power relinquished to defeat Deathwing, the dragons have new hope as they enter Dragonflight given a refresh in many ways. Already, a soft launch is underway as a Dragonflight alpha patch introduces the Dragon riding talent system. For gamers who previously rated flying poorly because of its lack of realism, this is the answer. Using elements like inertia and momentum, this newest introduction should create an active and fully engaging flying experience with a bit more risk. And surely just as riders get comfortable, a new patch will provide a bonus challenge or seemingly insurmountable skull. It is WoW after all.

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Queen of the Ages

Classic WoW users will remember fondly dragon Queen Alexstrasza and her instrumental role in both Cata and Wrath of Lich King. The dedicated dragon queen will hold a prominent position as she reprises her role as guardian of all life in the world of Azeroth. Despite her passing her legacy onto the mortals of the world, it will be interesting to see the connection as developers extend her storyline and role in the newest expansion. What this means for WoW champions will become more clear in the coming months. Gamers can review Alexstrasza’s main roles and relive her eras of prominence on a privately hosted server found in one location at, home of the hottest WoW private servers available. If not using a specific server for a throwback, find one to explore the best bgpvp server or customizations personal to each owner.

New Take on Old Characters

Cataclysm may have signaled the end of Deathwing’s reign but a loose end in the good son Wrathion brings some intrigue to Dragonflight. The impulsive, vibrant and self-proclaimed leader of the Black Dragonflight will be a major player in this game and that should sit well with fans that loved him so much, many tried to transmog characters in his image. There’s much to be discussed and broken down here but it should lend to a great arc interconnected with Cataclysm and Lich King lore. Does he make things personal? File him away as someone to watch alongside Bronze Aspect Nozdormu. Despite coming across as relatively innocuous, those familiar with Cataclysm will remember Nozdormu is fated to try to destroy all timelines of the universe. Will he cast the universe into a perpetual night? How and if this plays out in Dragonflight is yet to be seen.

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XP Cap Adjustment

Some players like the challenging aspect of leveling alts in quick succession while others avoid it at all costs. One key development created by the Dragonflight expansion is that Blizzard significantly reduced the experience cap required to reach to level up. Those who enjoy leveling up will be able to do so faster than before while reluctant levelers can spend their extra time and go browse at the mall or more likely, play more WoW. Of course, this is all conjecture based on early leaks. How it plays out could be a different story. Currencies could have different values and relevant to this, experience gained from quests and enemy mobs could also be reduced. At first glance and for now, this selling feature boosts the new expansion’s appeal immeasurably.


This adventure on the Dragon Isles has ignited some excitement among WoW fans. Veteran fans have scaled the peaks of many different WoW mountains and with dragon flight options abound, fans are clamoring for the chance to reach new heights.

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