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Bookfi Alternatives

Bookfi Alternatives – Free Sites Similar To Reading books have become a fashion long forgotten. We have all been so engrossed in the misuse of technology and using it for interaction purposes that we have ignored how the internet can be used for creative activities too. And when we talk about creative activities, what else can be more creative than reading. 

Books are the best treasure one can own. It helps people exercise mental faculties and have healthy habits. If you are unable to buy books or do not have enough space to keep books, online websites are always there to the rescue. You can use a website like Bookfi to download all these books you want to buy. Bookfi initially originated in bookfi, Russia, and different names have been kept for it since then. It’s considered one of the most popular eBook sharing services where you can come across thousands of books for free. The website also offers comics, poetry, academics, knowledge, fiction, and a plethora of books on different topics. 

However, gradually, Bookfi popularity started coming down amid the accusations regarding it sharing some books unlawfully on its platform. Due to this, people were unable to download books for free/ Many websites have also come to the fore and are offering books free of cost. All these alternatives also have a good collection of books, fiction, and comics. In fact, some Bookfi Alternatives even offer books on important course subjects, including mathematics, medicines, astronomy, and engineering. 

Bookfi Alternatives – Free Sites Similar To

All the mentioned Bookfi replacementsare free to use, they are safe, and they deliver content in the form of torrent or a direct PDF file. Therefore, to be able to achieve the fastest download speed, do not forget to check out the best approach to downloading torrents with IDM. The downloading manager would be a great idea, as it offers useful options like pause, resume. 

Following are some of the best Bookfi Alternatives. 

1. Open Library

Bookfi Alternatives

Open Library is the first alternative to Bookfi.It is one of the convenient ways to download books online. In fact, the app has launched a service with the help of which users will be able to get a digital copy of an open library simply by paying a small amount. The app was initially launched in 2006 and has ever since then. It offers free registration and unlimited download of many books. Most of the books available on the website are written in English. 

open library


Bookfi Alternatives is yet another name on the list of best Bookfi AlternativesIt aims at presenting new and independent authors, creative writers, and brave provocateurs. It provides you the option of previewing any e-book for about 18 pages before finally adding it to the library. app has options for both free as well as registered users. Free users can read an e-book in HTML format online, whereas the registered standard users can download 5 e-books per month on PDF and TXT formats that too for free. 

Once you become a lifetime V.I.P. member, you can freely download all the books you want. You will have the liberty to opt for any format for use with all reading devices, including iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, eReader, and tablet. Moreover, Free-Ebooks. Net can also be used as a supplement to Library Genesis. book.Net

3. Ebook3000

Bookfi Alternatives

Next up, we have Ebook3000. It is by far one of the most impressive Ebook websites so far. The website is pretty good at categorizing the content, helping you search the bookfi proxy by category, genre, and ISBN code. This sorted categorization makes the process of searching quite easier. The only drawback so far is the poor database of the website. 

4. Read-Any-Book

Bookfi Alternatives

Read-Any-Book is also one of the best websites containing many amazing options. This website is also pretty sorted and offers books in categories. The app contains a plethora of new and old books. The best thing about this Bookfi Alternative is it enables readers to check the reviews and comments of other readers. The reviews then help you to opt for a book. 

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The app also lets readers download any books in their desirable file. However, the quality of Read-Any-Book may vary according to the file one opts for. Some books have good quality, but others require some restoration. 

5. Ebookee

Bookfi Alternatives

Ebook is the best Ebook sharing website that acts as a search engine and aggregate for finding books and publications. The website contains different useful options on the website, and it also provides decent search options. 

Ebookee offers books in different genres, including comics, magazines, fiction, etc. Once you try to download books, the app will take you to third-party places. The app may contain some annoying ads, but the splendid catalog makes the app worth using. 

6. BookSee

Bookfi Alternatives

BookSee is almost similar to bookfi Russia. The app has an enormous database of books in different languages and reminds one of the hotshots from the top of the list. The app is quite easy to be moved on the hard drive. 

Although the website is based in Russia, you will experience no problem finding the search bar and typing whatever you feel like typing. You will also get the desired result

7. Bookboon

Bookfi Alternatives

Bookboon is yet another popular Bookfi Alternatives. It claims to have more than 75 million free downloads of apps and textbooks annually, and it makes it one of the biggest publishers of e-books in the world. The website mainly focuses on providing books on two major areas, including textbooks for students and business e-books. 

The website contains books from reliable sources, as word-class professors write many textbook PDFs from the world’s top universities. The best part is the textbook PDF is free of cost, and downloading it is quite simple. All you must to do is to look for the book you have been looking for, and click the Download button.

The new users may have to answer 4 basic questions relevant to your profession. After that, you will be able to get through the process. 

8. PDF Drive

Bookfi Alternatives

This Bookfi alternative claims to have over 90 million e-books in the database. You should be equipped with a search engine for free PDF books, magazines, comics, articles without any limitations. The app is quite up-to-date and constantly grows to offer a large database of PDF e-books. Moreover, you can preview the e-books before downloading them, and you can also buy a paper book and later convert PDF to EPUB. 

9. Manybooks

Bookfi Alternatives

Manybook is one of the most extensive libraries offering e-books for free since 2004. The website proves to be the best resort for self-publishing authors where they can easily share and publish their qualified books. The website is open to previewing and downloading books in different formats. Those that are paid books can be purchased from platforms like Amazon, B & N, Kobo, Apple, and Google. 


Bookfi Alternatives

It is yet another best Bookfi AlternativesThe app claims to be built on high-quality and amazing research. The platform has thousands of journals and e-books available, making it one of the most extensive e-book platforms. ScienceDirect is one of the best platforms for peer-reviewed literature, helping you have an insight into your research. Moreover, similar to Library Genesis, the researchers can find answers from foundational science to new novels.


Bookfi Alternatives

CALAMEO PDF DOWNLOADER is one of the best platforms for readers who download books and publications on Calameo as Bookfi PDF download e-books. The platforms claim to have 10 publications, all specified to publications allowed by the authors only. A book having now download link is indicative of being restricted by the author. 

12. Obooko

Bookfi Alternatives

If finding contemporary books is your main concern, you are at the right place. Obooko is one of the best Bookfi alternatives for finding contemporary books. The books available can later be downloaded in formats like PDF Books, Epub, and Kindle. The books available belong to different genres, including romance, funny, and adventure, science fiction, health, travel, technical, business, and politics upon fiction. However, to be able to download these books, you have to register yourself as a member first. 

13. Gutenberg

Bookfi Alternatives

The website is named after Johannes Gutenberg, a great printer and publisher in Germany, who introduced Europe with a printing press. The app claims to have an amazing collection of over 60,000 books in the index. The figure may not be that interesting, but the collection of books certainly is. The app is great for literature students, as they can find the majority of books available on literature. Other than that, the website also has books whose licenses have expired in the US. Copyright, enabling you to have hundreds of paid titles. Lastly, the files are in HTML format, so we can easily read them online on any browser. 

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14. Lib Gen

Bookfi Alternatives

Lib.Gen was launched in 2008, and since then, it has had an extensive collection of 2 Million books, 500K comics, 2.7 million articles. The website acts as a search engine for books and articles. The website was taken down amid some legal issues in 2012; however, it again made its way to the online world with some new books and articles. 

15. Planet eBook

Bookfi Alternatives

If you are crazy about classical literature, Planet eBook is the perfect place for you. It is compatible with any device and provides free books since the app believes in spreading knowledge free. In fact, different publications are also free of cost, and most of the publications written by the Australian authors are free and can be downloaded from Planet eBook website. So, do check out this easy and user-friendly website

16. Zooqle

Bookfi Alternatives

Zooqle is quite a Competitor of BookfiIt contains free digital books. However, the site is blocked in many countries, and it will be shut down for good in the coming years. If you are keen on utilizing it, you can go for Zooqle proxies. 

17. Tech Books

Bookfi Alternatives

It is one of the best alternatives for slaking your thirst for technology. The app contains new and latest fiction and boos related to technological learning. The app contains information about Linux, Database, Security, and everything related to tech-related books is available on the website. In addition to that, the website is simple to use, and the publications are based on tutorials. It is one of the best sources for anyone learning the Operating system and Programming Language. 


Bookfi Alternatives

Torlock torrent website offers thousands of eBooks free of cost. The special thing about this app is how it keeps itself updated with fresh books, as many people keep uploading new books every day, keeping the number of books high. The website contains magazines, research, knowledgeable books, and other genres. However, the site is blocked in a few countries because of some copyright issues. 

19. Wikibooks

Bookfi Alternatives

The Wikimedia foundation founds the website, and it aims to create a portal to publish e-Books free of cost, and these can later be modified and edited. The website provides two versions—the printable and the other in bookfi PDF download. You can modify and edit the printable version and can also add your spin by incorporating some text, images, and headlines. 


Bookfi Alternatives

It is one of the renowned and best websites for academic research articles. The app is straightforward, simple to use, and it does not have any copyright issues. The website contains about 85 million articles available in its database. 

21. Quickreader

Bookfi Alternatives

Quick reading app is the perfect solution for book lovers. It is available on smartphones, and it has a customizable interface. The app is pretty good at providing access to thousands of books in an instant. All these books are downloadable and can be stored in the smartphone’s internal storage. Because of the customizable interface and reading system of Quick readers, it is easy to set different sections of the reader.

22. Universal Book Reader

Bookfi Alternatives

The last name on the list of best Bookfi alternatives is Universal Book Reader. It is a smartphone app that lets you read books from all over the world free and in any format. The app has a smart and friendly interface, and it offers multiple services. 

Final Words:

So, this brings us to the end of exploring some fantastic Bookfi Alternatives. All these alternatives contain millions of e-Books, magazines, academic publications, and comics. The website includes an amazing database, the interface is also user-friendly, and the e-Books can be downloaded in any format. 

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