Guide On How To Disable The Camera On An iPhone?

Disable Camera iPhone

Do you want to know how to disable the camera on your iPhone? You may want to avoid unauthorized usage or stop spending so much time on your phone. On the other hand, you may want to prevent your youngsters from spending their free time looking at devices. Whatever the cause, iPhones are user-friendly smartphones with many ways to disable the camera feature. Continue reading to find out more.

What You Should Know Before Disabling The Camera On Your iPhone

Although you may be certain that you want to disable your iPhone’s camera, consider the following concerns.

1 – When you deactivate the camera, it becomes unavailable to your device, and apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime cannot access it.

2 – You will be unable to use FaceTime due to the unavailable app. Your iPhone will conceal the app icon and prevent you from making video or audio calls through the app.

3 – Restricting the camera disables the front and back cameras.

4 – Your iPhone’s home screen layout may change after reactivating the camera feature.

How To Disable The Camera Of Your iPhone?

Well, Disabling your iPhone camera using Screen Time is a simple process. However, before you begin, you must first enable Screen Time.

1 – Go to the Settings menu and select “Screen Time.”

2 – Select “Turn on Screen Time” and then select “Continue.”

3 – If you’ve enabled Screen Time on your device, tap “This is My iPhone.”

If you’re enabling the feature for a child or family member, select “This is My Child’s Phone.”

4 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap “Share Across Devices” to enable Screen Time on all your Apple devices.

After you’ve enabled Screen Time, you may deactivate your camera. To do so, follow the instructions below:

1 – Open the Settings app and navigate to “Screen Time.”

2 – Select “Content & Privacy Restrictions” if you’re adjusting your device’s camera settings.

3 – Click “Allowed Apps.” 

4 – Locate the “Camera” option and deactivate it.

The camera swipe shortcut on the lock screen should now be gone. Well, if you change your mind and want to use the camera again, it merely takes a few clicks to undo the activity.

1 – Open the Settings app and select “Screen Time.”

2 – If you want to enable the camera on your iPhone, select “Content & Privacy Restrictions.”

3 – Tap “Allowed Apps” and move your finger to the slider next to the “Camera” option.

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Other Ways To Disable The Camera On An iPhone

Because it entirely prevents camera access, using Screen Time to disable the camera may not work for all users. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by activating Downtime.

Setting Up Downtime

Downtime allows you to set a schedule that governs when you or your child may and cannot use the iPhone. It operates automatically from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. You may, however, change the timeframe to suit your needs. When Downtime is active, an hourglass button shows next to all app icons. If your child attempts to launch an app, they will be unable to do so, and a notification will appear informing them that Downtime is in effect. The same is true for the camera. The child can only use it outside of Downtime. What you need to do to establish Downtime for your child or another family member is as follows:

1 – On the device, open the Settings app and select “Screen Time.” Go to the “Family” section and select the family member whose camera access you wish to limit.

2 – Select “Downtime” and, if requested, enter the Screen Time code.

3 – Use the slider next to “Schedule” to choose when Downtime is active.

When you decide to deactivate Downtime, follow the instructions below.

1 – Open the Settings app and then select “Screen Time.” To restore camera access, go to the “Family” section and select the name of your child or family member.

2 – Select “Downtime” from the drop-down list.

3 – If prompted, enter your Screen Time code. Locate the “Scheduled” option and deactivate it by tapping the slider next to it.

App Limits

App Limits is another technique to disable the camera on an iPhone. It ensures that your children do not spend too much time using particular apps, such as the camera. App Limits will lock the camera, and you may open it to add the app extra user time. Setting up App Limits is a simple process. To restrict camera access, follow these steps:

1 – Launch the Settings app and tap the “Screen Time” option.

2 – Navigate to the “Family” section and select the name of the family member whose camera access you wish to disable. Select “App Limits.”

3 – Select “Creativity” and then “Camera.”

4 – Select “Next” and specify when your child or family can use their device’s camera. You can change the number of minutes, hours, or days.

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5 – Locate and toggle the “Block at End of Limit” option. You may be required to enter your Screen Time code. Then, press the “Add” button.

When you decide that App Limits are no longer necessary, deactivate them by following the instructions below.

1 – Open the Settings app and navigate to “Screen Time.”

2 – Navigate to the “Family” section and select the family member for whom you wish to remove the restrictions. Click “App Limits.”

3 – Enter your Screen Time code if necessary. To confirm your decision, tap the “Delete Limit” button in the pop-up window.


You can enable the Restrictions to feature if you don’t want to use Screen Time to disable your camera. This option prevents anyone who does not have your Restrictions password from accessing the camera. It’s useful if you don’t want people to have access to your device. Here’s how to enable this feature:

1 – Launch the Settings app and select “General.” 

2 – Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the “Restrictions” option.

3 – Click the “Enable Restrictions” button to open the “Set Passcode” window.

4 – Enter a four-digit passcode.

5 – Open the code again to bring up the “Restrictions” window.

Remember that disabling the camera disables the FaceTime app.

Camera Permissions

You can also disable camera access.

1 – Go to Settings and select “Privacy.”

2 – Choose “Camera” to get a list of all apps that can access your device’s camera.

3 – Scroll down the list of apps until you find “Camera,” then tap the slider next to it to disable it.

The lock screen will not allow you to open the camera. To rapidly reactivate it, go to “Privacy” and toggle it on.


The camera on your iPhone takes high-quality photos, but you may want to deactivate it to avoid getting distracted. Changing the “Privacy” settings on your device also allows you to change camera permissions and restrictions so that you can only access the app with a password. In addition, Screen Time restricts your camera access and assists parents in ensuring their youngsters do not overuse the “Camera” app. Finally, you can do it in under five minutes when you need to use your camera again. Have you ever turned off your iPhone’s camera? Which of the approaches listed above did you employ? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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