How To Disable Translate Page Feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium?

Translate Page Feature

Microsoft Edge possesses the Microsoft Translator built into the browser, which assists in translating web pages. If the customer visits a page that is separate from their language, the Microsoft Edge will be automatically brought up the translator button in the Address bar. Nevertheless, this feature can be disabled for organizations like schools and colleges. It can be disabled if the user is not happy to see the translate prompts every time visiting the foreign language web pages. In this post, we will show you methods through which you can easily disable or enable the Translate Page Feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

Disabling Translate Page Feature through Browser’s Settings 

This setting for the Translate Page Feature can be found in Microsoft Edge’s settings. Well, This is the default method of disabling the offer to translate pages. This can be allowed and disabled by any user that is using the browser. You can further prevent other users from changing this setting by using the Group Policy Editor and Registry methods. Follow the below actions to check this out: 

1- Open the Microsoft Edge browser by double-clicking on the shortcut or searching it through the Windows search feature. 

2- Click on the Settings and more (three dots) icon at the top right and choose the Settings option in the list. 

3- Here, Select the Languages in the left pane & then toggle Off the “Offer to Translate Page Feature that isn’t in the language I read” option. 

4- This will disable the translate highlight in the new Microsoft Edge chromium. 

Disabling Translate Page Feature by the Registry Editor 

Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that includes all the settings for the operating system. Also, if you don’t have the policy files for the new Microsoft Edge, you can still use the Registry to modify it. Nevertheless, users will have to create the missing key and value for this setting to work. A single incorrect configuration in the Registry can cause issues in the system. Nevertheless, by following the below steps, you can safely configure the Microsoft Edge chromium setting. 

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1- Hold the Windows key and press R to open the Run dialog box. Now type “regedit” and tap the Enter key or click on Ok to open the Registry Editor. Agree on the Yes button for UAC (User Account Control) prompt. 

2- In the Registry Editor window, go to the following path: 


3- Suppose the Edge key is missing in your Registry, then right-click on the Microsoft key & select the New > Key option to create a new key. Well, Rename that key as “Edge.” 

4- Now, right-click on the right pane and choose the New > DWORD (32-bit) Value option. Name this value as “TranslateEnabled.” 

5- Double-click on the value to open it and then change the value data to 0. 

6- Now, to apply these changes, make sure to restart the system. 

7- You can always allow it back by removing this value from the Registry. You can further just change the value data of this value to 1. 

Disabling Translate Page Feature by the Local Group Policy Editor 

This policy setting for the new Microsoft Edge chromium may not be available in your system. So, You will have to download the freshest policy files from the Microsoft site. This setting will further disable the function of the toggle option in the browser’s settings. 

Well, You can first check in the “Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge” either “User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Microsoft Edge.” Suppose the same setting is available, then use that & skip downloading new policy files in the below steps. 

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Note: This Group Policy Editor isn’t available for the Windows Home Editions. 

1- Visit the Microsoft website, select the version details for Microsoft Edge, and Tap on the GET POLICY FILES to download the new policy file. 

2- Extract the zip file by using the WinRAR or any similar application. 

3- Open the folder and go to “MicrosoftEdgePolicyTemplates\windows\admx” path. 

4- Now copy the “msedge.admx” and “msedge.adml” files and paste them into the “C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions” folder. 

Notes: The language file should be copied to the language folder. 

5- These files may not appear in the Group Policy Editor until you restart your system. 

6- Press the Windows + R key on your keyboard to open a Run box. Now type “gpedit. MSc” and tap the Enter key to open the Local Group Policy Editor window. 

7- Go to the following path in the Local Group Policy Editor. 

Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Microsoft Edge 

8- Double click on the setting named “Enable Translate,” and it will open up in another window. Now here, you have to modify the toggle option from Not Configured to Disabled. 

9- Finally, click on the Apply/Ok button to save the changes. That will disable the Translate Page Feature in the Microsoft Edge chromium. 

10- You can always revert this back by changing the toggle option back to Not Configured or Enabled in the Group Policy Editor.

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Final Thought:

Today we have to Tried to show you methods through which you can easily disable or enable the Translate Page Feature in Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

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