Top 8 Best E-Prescribing Software for Doctors in 2022

E-prescribing software

Best E-prescribing software for doctors will be discussed in this article. These days, doctors also need to handle a lot of administrative tasks. They can commit more time to the patients and spend less time on administrative work with the help of e-prescribing software.

Doctors may plan appointments, check patients’ medical histories in real-time, and receive alerts about allergies by using a reliable and potent e-prescription software programme. Additionally, their personnel will have more time to engage patients.

In this post, we’ll concentrate on the advantages and features of electronic prescribing before providing a list of the best e-prescribing programmes.

E-Prescription Software: What Is It?

The practise of writing prescriptions on an electronic device and sending them to a participating pharmacy is known as electronic prescribing, or “e-prescribing.” A tool that makes use of this technology and functions as an electronic reference manual is an e-prescription software.

How Do E-Prescriptions Operate?

Doctors type the prescription into a platform on an electronic device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone, to create an e-prescription. The software then uses a transmission network to distribute the prescription securely to pharmacies. As soon as the pharmacies receive the request, they begin filling the prescription.

Common E-Prescription Software Features

  • Easily generated prescriptions
  • Prescriptions being sent to pharmacies
  • A complete medical history
  • Numerous choices for customising
  • Individual user dashboards for patients, physicians, and pharmacists.
  • Tracker for prescription fulfilment
  • Requests for refills are quickly granted
  • Countermeasures for negative interactions
  • Therapy administration

Advantages of E-Prescription Software for Patients and Doctors

  1. Immediate Alerts for Allergies and Double-Treatments: Alerts for any potential drug interactions or allergies can be shared via e-prescribing software. Additionally, it provides information on pregnancies and other topics that can call for a doctor’s caution.
  2. Rapidly Retrieve Medical History: Before writing a prescription for medication, clinicians can quickly retrieve a patient’s medical background. It aids them in prescribing the appropriate medications in light of patient history.
  3. No More Lost Prescriptions: Patients frequently misplace paper prescriptions, which complicates matters at the subsequent doctor visit. There is no possibility of losing a prescription with e-prescriptions.
  4. Save time and money: By switching to e-prescription systems, doctors and their staff may spend more time attending to patients and less time writing prescriptions. For all parties involved, it is also a financially sensible course of action.
  5. Effective Prescribing: Prescriptions written by hand frequently need individual approval and are occasionally difficult to read. Pharmacists can refill dozens of prescriptions at once thanks to e-prescription. As a result, this effective prescription mode has a lower risk of prescription error.

Top 8 Best E-Prescribing Software for Doctors in 2022

Top 8 Best E-Prescribing Software for Doctors in 2022 are explained here.



The RXNT certified cloud-based solution was created to meet the demands of healthcare professionals of all sizes. This HIPAA-compliant e-prescribing software is an easy and cost-effective solution to save time and effort. This is another E-prescribing software alternative.

Doctors can obtain the prescription and patient history in real-time at the point of care because it integrates e-prescribing. Additionally, it has a patient portal where they can use functions like electronic referrals and patient check-in.

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RXNT makes doctors more effective and guarantees they have more time to devote to their patients. Additionally, it lowers the possibility of mistakes such allergic responses and contributes to the patients’ safety. Additionally, it makes price transparency and smooth medication renewals possible.

This software is accessible with any web browser. The service also provides iOS and Android apps that allow users to access the data instantly.

2. MDToolbox-Rx


Award-winning and feature-rich electronic prescription software is MDToolbox-Rx. It can be used by users as a standalone application or, if necessary, it can be synced with other office applications.

With the help of this e-prescribing software, you can select medications and research them. In order to find medications, doctors can search the drug database by name, generic, brand, OTC, RX, class, or indication. As a result, you can use this application to swiftly prepare prescriptions and efficiently send them to the patient.

MDToolbox-Rx is not only a simple to use tool, but it is also quite customizable. With just one click, doctors can begin writing new prescriptions and offer refills. You can rapidly review and react to the refill requests that were sent to you electronically by using its e-refill feature. This is another E-prescribing software alternative.

To get real-time interaction checking, doctors can set several alarm levels (drug-allergy, drug-drug, and drug-disease). Additionally, the software removes the potential for misinterpretation and illegibility in handwriting-related problems.

3. Rcopia


Choose Rcopia if you want to use e-prescribing software that has won awards. The most comprehensive data feed in the market is used by this e-prescribing software to provide clinicians with instant access to a patient’s 24-month prescription history.

It will improve patient safety and facilitate the processes for medication reconciliation. The DrFirst SmartSuite’s predictive analytics technology is also used by Rcopia e-prescribing. It enables the programme to pick up prescription patterns rapidly, enabling clinicians to select medications with fewer mouse clicks.

In addition to the possessions listed above, you can also obtain features like a provider-specific favourite medications list, patient-specific formulary counselling, and warnings for drug allergies, duplicate therapies, dose, and drug-drug interactions.

The requirement for back-and-forth pharmacist clarifications was also lessened. It is a cloud-based application that can be used with both web and mobile browsers.

4. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion

A cloud-based platform called Practice Fusion offers doctors simple IT solutions. Its user-friendly e-prescribing solution enables clinicians to manage prior authorization, prescribe prohibited substances, and receive allergy notifications.

Additionally, utilising this software, one can obtain other services like patient charting and lab integration. With the help of Practice Fusion, independent practitioners can more effectively manage their workflow by handling daily administrative activities and patient interactions. This is another E-prescribing software alternative.

You may conveniently complete duties like appointment scheduling, charting, and compliance tracking using this programme. Additionally, it simplifies patient follow-up by enabling you to email medication information and supplementary educational materials.

By using this software for e-prescriptions, you’ll adhere to HIPAA and EPCS while maintaining the security and privacy of the patient’s health information. Your task is made simpler by its simple billing and invoicing feature. You can also access the most linked healthcare network thanks to this software.

5. AdvancedMD


You may do away with paper prescription pads with the help of AdvancedMD, a user-friendly e-prescribing application. This HIPAA-compliant software provides a safe way to track controlled substances and write digital prescriptions for medications. Prescriptions can be written, signed, and sent to the pharmacy all from the same electronic device.

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You can import medication histories, earlier drug submissions, and drug discontinuations to evaluate them before you start prescribing. Additionally, you can look up each patient’s complete list of allergies and current drugs.

Doctors may manage prescription requests using AdvancedMD’s mobile apps, even while they are away from the office. You can view real-time drug pricing and therapy options using its MPT feature.

6. DrChrono


With its extensive capabilities, DrChrono makes the e-prescribing process simple. By sending them via an EHR or other methods, it did away with the requirement for paper and fax prescriptions.

To identify any drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions, our eRx solution looks up the patient’s list of prescription medications. Customers can use the web, an iPhone, or an iPad to access this platform. To examine your patients’ whole prescription history, you can quickly visit the Surescript network. This is another E-prescribing software alternative.

You may submit electronic prescriptions with complete security and fraud protection because DrChrono conforms with DEA, NIST, and Surescripts regulations. The tool also enables you to save a patient’s preferred pharmacies.

7. Kareo


The cloud-based platform Kareo was created with independent medical practitioners in mind. The software makes it simple to automate routine processes like billing, front-office management, and payments.

With this cloud-based and completely integrated EHR, you should have no issue writing prescriptions, coding interactions, or managing the patients. This tool’s clinical e-prescribing workflow aims to increase patient safety, increase accuracy, and cut costs.

The software safely connects a doctor and a pharmacy for each of them. There is no chance for handwriting-related mistake regarding the medicine and quantity prescribed when doctors utilise this instrument. Additionally, it enables tracking of new prescription requests, refills, medicine modifications, and cancellation requests.

Doctors can help their patients identify the most affordable medications from nearby pharmacies by utilising the Rx Saver of Kareo in the clinical process. As a result, it also assists in lowering the cost of the patients’ medications.

8. Treat 3

Treat 3

Doctors can now experience a new level of e-prescribing simplicity with Treat 3. Now that the mobile user interface has been updated, this utility may be accessed from any device and provides advanced functionality for mobile users. This is another E-prescribing software alternative.

Based on previously documented patient allergies and outdated prescriptions, this technology provides ingredient-level notifications. You can also examine the past 12 months’ worth of prescriptions for patients sent to pharmacies all throughout the country.

With Treat 3, doctors can quickly respond to pharmacy requests for refills. Additionally, you can use this forum to verify anticipated direct costs, substitute medications, coverage information, and pharmacy dispensing channels. Additionally, it facilitates simple prescription renewals, cancellation of therapy prescriptions, and access to the drug reference database.

Summing Up

Doctors can improve patient experiences and streamline workflows by using the appropriate e-prescribing software. They can use the top e-prescribing programmes offered on the blog. To select the best option for you, you can take into account the features and pricing structures of various options.

The companies that provide remote patient monitoring might also be of interest to you.

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